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Diversity Is The Future With Steve Ritchie

As it stands, Papa John’s sales have seen a steady decline in the last five months. According to QSR Magazine, in July alone, sales had declined 10.5 percent, and Papa John’s expected sales to continue to decline into the fiscal year. Steve Ritchie, Papa John’s new Chief Executive Officer, has taken on the challenge of bringing the once household name, back to its former glory. Early in the acceptance of his position as CEO, Steve Ritchie made a public proposal, that addressed many of the apprehensions that are plaguing the general public. Steve Ritchie, along with other members of Papa John’s leadership team are presently touring the U.S. listening to the anxiety of current employees and franchise owners.

The company appeared intensely apologetic and determined to put their customers first, but foremost, there needs to be a restoration of trust. Papa John is seeking to be more transparent going onward with its customers. The assemblage of an advisory panel in the works. This panel is expected to be compromised of nationally recognized business leaders, focused on reforming Papa John’s business plan to include both equity and diversity. Steve Ritchie says that he is committed as a leader to safeguard to future of company his loves, but also in the future, to produce a company leadership team that is evocative of individuals of varied backgrounds and nationalities. Steve Ritchie is motivated to promote a campaign of equity; he pledges that in order to achieve this feat, Papa John’s is going to need employees that are zealous and well-informed of Papa John’s values.

Papa John has two long-term objectives; to approve a minority-owned franchise growth and development program, and implement community-driven roots that work to bring people closer together. Steve Ritchie has worked in the Pizza industry for 25 years, and he says that throughout his career, he has found Papa John’s to be a nurturing environment. Papa John would be nothing without the employees, says Steve Ritchie and wishes to make that fact known and to direct his appreciation towards the staff and customers.

Neutralize Your Hair With Wen By Chaz

Wen by Chaz neutralizes your hair with all natural ingredients. WEN clients have been able to get stronger longer hair after just one wash. They pride themselves in being dedicated to each strand. You have an opportunity to build great hair with the use of all natural ingredients that continue to be safe for all hair types. Do you suffer from thin hair? The Wen by Chaz formula offers unique coverage that guarantees to protect your hair from the threat of UV rays and other elements. Give your hair the opportunity to breath by deep cleaning your scalp after each wash.

The Wen by Chaz formula is rich in antioxidants and vitamin E. They’re proud to give you an opportunity to choose from a unique blend of shampoo, conditioner, and other hair care products. Their fortifying hair care formula will stop breakage in its tracks with completely organic ingredients. Removing excess oil and dirt will also promote healthy hair growth. Get the benefits of using a wonderfully formulated line of hair care products that work. You’re invited to visit Amazon or their website for exclusive products that are guaranteed to give you results. Your hair will win with Wen by Chaz hair care products.

View the WEN company profile on and on Crunchbase. Follow Wen on Twitter @wenhaircare.

Neurocore and the Functionality of the Brain

Our brains are the most incredible organs. They are the most flexible and elastic structures in our bodies. The brain of a human is the one in charge of our emotions, thoughts, perceptions, and behaviors. The brain is consists of microscopic neurons that are numerous. The microscopic neurons employ chemical signals to manage electrical activities that take place in the brain. The neurons allow people to function, think, and feel as well as manufacturing complicated information. People have been able to study the brain through the use of the brain itself. There is a lot that people know when it comes to the use of the brain, but researchers and scientist still have a long to go to uncover all the brain’s mysteries. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

Advances in neurofeedback, EEG technology, and brain mapping have taken an impressive rate when it comes to their development. In addition to this, this development has given the scientist a great understanding of the brain functions and what can be done to make it work even better. Organizations such as Neurocore have come up with applicable knowledge on how to enhance mental acuity as well as treating brain disorders like depression, anxiety, ADHD, and ASD. All these neurotherapeutic advancements have been offered to the world recently, most of their history can be traced back to the 20th century. Neurocore has dedicated its time to study more about the brain as well as the activities that can make the brain to become stronger. Read more about Neurocore at


Neurofeedback sometimes referred to as Neurotherapy, is the exercise of using electrical brain waves t to enable the brain to control itself. Neurofeedback is the process of the brain to reward itself. According to Neurocore, the brain can regulate its functions if it goes through practice. In addition to this, these activities can make the brain to minimize or eradicate negative brain activities. The brain can power off if trained. For instance, with the Neurocore centers, the brain is trained to power off regardless of the activities that the individual has undergone during the day. The company is brain performance centers offer brain training as well as using Neurotherapy to treat some brain disorders.


Jason Hope Helping The Medical Industry With Technology

The medical industry is booming with new opportunities. As costs rise, many patients are willing to try experimental treatments to cure various diseases.

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur who is passionate about using technology to improve the lives of others. He has developed a reputation as a philanthropist in his community. He has lived in Scottsdale for many years, and he plans to stay in the area for the immediate future.

Investment Opportunities

As an investor, Jason is continuously looking for new investment opportunities. He enjoys investing in small companies that have a chance to explode with growth. Although he loses money on some of his investment choices, he has made some excellent decisions during his investing career.

Jason Hope uses a specific set of criteria to determine the best investing options. He prefers to invest in business ideas with companies that have minimal debt. Jason has avoided debt for most of his business career. He also likes to invest in companies that offer solutions in the medical industry. Jason believes that the pharmaceutical industry provides an excellent opportunity to make money.

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Jason Hope continually looks for new technology options in his company. He likes to read about the latest technological developments for multiple reasons. Not only does this information help him as a business owner, but it also allows him to teach others about the power of technology.

Jason believes that all devices will eventually be connected to the internet. He has donated money to multiple companies focused on making technology more accessible to everyone.

Giving to Charities

Although Jason has a successful business, he still spends time helping less fortunate people in the local community. Jason Hope wants to help all children have a chance in the future. He thinks that the government should do more to provide educational options to children in Arizona. There are thousands of children who live in poverty.

The RealReal Is Now On Instagram

Would you consider selling your gently used luxury goods to make some extra cash? Or, perhaps you would prefer to purchase luxury goods at a deeply discounted price. Well, welcome to the world of The RealReal. The RealReal is an online consignment shop that proudly sells authenticated designer goods to interested parties. This luxury consignment shop discovered an interesting niche to fill. Their success is based on offering authenticated merchandise at a deeply discounted price. In addition, they sell each piece of goods with an authenticy guarantee and returns are allowed.

Huge Success Story

The huge success story of The RealReal has led to developing an application to gain entry to their online shop. This makes the site even more attractive to millions of women across the country and Internationally. The site always has a number of great deals that are easy to access through the application or visiting the website. More and more women are searching for a way to save money, while still looking stylish. The RealReal provides this unique opportunity.

The RealReal Is On Instagram

Of course, most would love to get a view of the fabulous merchandise that is offered up by The RealReal. Their Instagram pages allowed interested luxury lovers to get a look at the luxury items on their site. Do you love Gucci? Well, the RealReal gives you a great deal on Gucci luxury clothing. They even provide tips on authenticating Gucci clothing. Perhaps, retro Chanel sneakers are on your wish list. You’ll find them on their Instagram page. A Cartier Tank watch is the ultimate of style and luxury. You’ll find an original Cartier Tank watch in silver on their Instagram page along with tips to make sure that it is the real deal. Vintage Chanel belts are all the rage. Check out the gold piece with flat links that includes the Chanel logo on The RealReal Instagram page.

Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade and CAOA

Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade is the founder of CAOA, which is the largest manufacturing and distribution conglomerate for automobiles in Brazil. In 2012, he was interviewed by Brazilian automotive industry journalist Boris Feldman, a magazine writer and television producer, and stated that he had hopes of manufacturing cars directly in Brazil. Today, six years later, he has realized this goal and then some.

When Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade spoke with Feldman in 2012, he stated that he planned to copy the Korean model of manufacturing Japanese vehicles in their own company, and later did so very successfully. For one, he took over the Brazilian operation of the Chinese Chery Brand of vehicle, which had not been doing well in Brazil, and turned it into a successful and solid line. While doing so, he retained the Chinese as trading partners and build up a successful business relationship with them.

Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade is known for having experience in virtually all aspects of the automobile industry, from assembly line to dealership, and this gives him great credibility. His experience goes back decades, and he represented foreign brands like Renault and Ford in Brazil before they had factories there. He has earned praise for his effectiveness from the Koreans he works with in particular.

About CAOA

CAOA has a presence in all regions of Brazil and operates Subara, Hyundai and Ford dealerships. In the nearly four decades since Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade founded CAOA, it has sold approximately one million vehicles in Brazil.

Furthermore, the conglomerate manufactures Tucson vehicles at its Anápolis factory and is the lone importer of Subaru and Hyundai automobiles in the country. The Anápolis factory is notable because because so many other large automobile manufacturing centers in Brazil have failed; whereas, it has thrived.

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Aloha Restoration: The Licensed Experts

My family and I normally take vacations at our lake house on Lake Zurich. One day we arrived and found a pipe in one of the bathrooms to be leaking. Apparently, it had been leaking for quite some time that the entire house smelt of mold. The water damage was also extensive. It looked as if the area around the bathroom had gone through a flood.


I asked my neighbor if he knew any reputable companies. He highly recommended Aloha Restoration. They were experts in mold removal and water removal. I asked if they were trust-worthy and he said they are family owned and licensed. I went online to get further information about their company. They offered a wide range of services. They even had carpet cleaning as a service. They were definitely the kind of company I was looking for. I scheduled a free in-home estimate and found that they were very professional and friendly. Aloha Restoration is also part of Aloha Construction Inc. Not only were they experts in mold removal and water removal, but they were also experts in roofing. He handed me a brochure and it appears they also serve the cities of Arlington Heights, Schaumburg, and Crystal Lake, to just name a few.


Apparently, Aloha Restoration is a well-known company. They serve many locations and are an accredited company by the Better Business Bureau since May of 2017 but have been in business for three years (2014). They have been given an A-plus rating by the BBB, as well. The Aloha Restoration representative assured me that what had happened to my bathroom wasn’t the worst they’ve ever seen. He told me a story of a time a big storm came through and caused a lot of destruction. They were very familiar with all types of damages resulting from weather disasters, giving them extensive experience and knowledge in providing a high-quality service.


I was given an estimate, and I was eager for them to get started. I requested for the mold and water removal, as well as the carpet cleaning services. I chose Aloha Restoration because they were licensed. I chose them because they were experts. Talking with them gave me a sense that they took pride in their work. Their extensive knowledge and experience gave me no doubt of the quality of service they provide.


People Are Priority Always

Traveling for weeks to big cities like Dallas, Detroit, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Atlanta was a mission Steve Ritchie diligently followed out. Although the locations may have made for an interesting sightseeing trip, business was the forefront of Ritchie’s mind. He set out to find new ways to improve the company. The new CEO has recently been trying to effect change on the Papa Johns’ brand by visiting franchisees and team members to hear their honest opinions about the company that they work for. In an article published at, it says that being a CEO is vastly different than being a delivery driver or pizza maker. It can be hard to remember the daily challenges of a team member position when you are in charge of a major business. Leaders often have to make decisions that may be for the good of the company at the cost of losing relationships with the center of the business, the employees.

Steve Ritchie Papa John’s wants to improve the brand by taking into consideration how his employees feel and what they need. While constructive criticism can be hard to swallow, he believes that it will have a positive impact on future business practices. Firsthand conversations between Steve Ritchie and employees, from donating to local charities and schools to difficult situations with customers, have opened his eyes to the reality of the average experiences of his employees. After making that connection he is optimistic about the company’s future. He is planning to earn the compromised trust of customers back by supporting the communities where the franchises are located. Communities and businesses that share common goals creates a better quality of life for everyone involved. People Are Priority Always (P.A.P.A) is becoming a more integrated part of the Papa Johns’ brand. This innovative leadership may have a significant impact on team members and customers in the oncoming future.

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Doe Deere’s Creativity Is Unmatched In Cosmetics

Doe Deere is a huge success in the cosmetics industry today as the founder of Lime Crime as well as Poppy Angeloff. Unfortunately for Doe, there were many hardships to get through in order to find her success, but she was made all the better for it. Doe and her parents are originally from Russia and while she was still just a small child, her family moved to the United States. While they were hoping for opportunity when they got to the states, instead they were left without jobs for more than six months. Because of this, Doe Deere and her family were staying in homeless shelters for quite some time.

Doe’s family was helped by a social worker to get a place to live, which started off a better beginning for the family. Not long after, Doe’s parents were able to find work and make a good living, which is why they always told Doe to pursue her dreams above all else. As many of her fans know, Doe has quite the quirky personality and loves to use makeup with vibrant colors, which was her inspiration for her own company. Doe has successfully started up businesses in cosmetics and clothing and her brands have become widely popular all over the country. Lime Crime is a makeup company that is focused on high-quality products without any animal cruelty involved. They also have a wide variety of unique and bright colors that are of Doe’s own creation.

Doe Deere has remained a position inspiration for millions of women and she has put a lot of effort into supporting women empowerment through her companies. Doe has had to go through tough times herself, so she knows the struggle that many people are facing today. Doe Deere was made stronger and independent throughout her journey and she believes others can take on the same path she did.

Up-Close with Sujit Choudhry and His Immense Role in Promoting Legal Justice in the U.S and Beyond

Sujit Choudhry is widely considered to be a seasoned legal maverick with an acute focus on comparative constitutional law. As a reliable expert in his field, Sujit Choudhry is credited with serving as an advisor to multiple constitution building initiatives, governance strategies, and lawmaking processes for over two decades in countries such as Tunisia, Yemen, Ukraine, South Africa and much more. Sujit Choudhry’s remarkable expertise has also come in handy when settling ceasefires and unprecedented conditions characterized by political violence while also offering unrivaled legal guidance to civil society groups and leading stakeholder forums.


Expounding on President Trump, Twitter, and the First Amendment

More recently, Sujit Choudhry grabbed the headlines by shedding essential insight on social media and its unique role U.S politics and beyond. With President Trump moving into the White House, Twitter has undoubtedly become the President’s favorite site. Not only does he use it to share his unfiltered opinions on various national and international issues but also as an efficient tool to reigning in disruptive foreign leaders, get info on (

With the President tweeting more than ever before, the former White House Press Secretary quickly reassured the public that the President’s tweets should be considered to be official statements by the Commander-In-Chief of the United States, source ( Not only that, but the President’s tweets have also been referenced in various court rulings associated with blacklisting transgender citizens in the U.S military and the infamous travel ban. Suffice to say, Foreign Leaders have not taken kindly to the President’s tweets.

A controversial debate sprung up in recent weeks highlighting the legality of blacklisting Twitter users with regard to the U.S Constitution. From the ensuing debate, the Knight First Amendment Institute of Colombia expeditiously filed a lawsuit to challenge the legality of seven individuals banned from the site.


A Sneak-Peek into the First Amendment

The United States Supreme Court categorically states that the First Amendment applies to the entire federal government as opposed to Parliament alone. The law essentially states that Congress is not entitled to make any law that infringes on the freedom of the press or public to exercise free speech or appeal to the government for legal redress, based on