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What can I Expect from the OSI Food Group Services

Customers Ask Who Is OSI Industries Inc.

OSI Food Processing is a trusted and accredited food network based in Zürich, Illinois. They have been proudly established since 1993 and serve many popular restaurants, delis, and eateries alike. Their priority is giving their customers the exact information on what’s in their diet and providing a nutritious meal. You can learn more about their nutritional value from the online site designed for customer interaction. In fact, their services have become very popular for being performed by the industry’s top trained food technicians and food processing professionals. They contribute significantly to the food industry with truly trusted services and features.

OSI Food Processing CEO: David McDonald

Surprisingly, OSI Industries is proudly spearheaded by professional and CEO, David McDonald. He received his degree from the University of Illinois business school. He has over 16+ years experience in the food industry with his education and experience combined. He also says, he is proud to design ideas for OSI alongside COO, Sheldon Lavin. Together they have created an initiative for international expansion and overseas portfolio growth. Their success has led to great partner deals for the OSI group and continue to stand out as industry leaders.

What Services To Expect From OSI

OSI is known for processing large quantities of food throughout their network. For example, their food services allows them to produce large quantities of food products for their customers in their EU food industry. Their highly trained professionals are able to handle a large scale food production facility. For instance, their successful bid has helped them relaunch a Tyson Chicago food plant. They have made it possible to continue processing their food products under the Tyson name including a portion of their own food products and organic vegetables.

More About OSI

Get meat patties, pies, gourmet desserts, sandwich filling, organic vegetables, hot dogs, and frozen poultry. They’re responsible for a nutrious meal that serves millions of families worldwide. You never have to guess what’s in your food or if, it’s being processes by the industry standard in governmental health standards. You can also find a great career opportunity with OSI industries with room for advancement. They offer their applicants skilled, executive, and diverse field employment. Get the most out of your diet by choosing to feed your family or customers a trade OSI Industries Inc. food selection.

Jed McCaleb Venture in Stellar and His Secrets in a Successful Business

McCaleb is well known American Programmer and a cryptocurrency expert. His contribution to the cryptocurrency includes starting of the Mt. Gox which was the first Bitcoin exchange on the planet. He is also involved in founding various projects that include eDonkey, which was the first ever network to achieve multisource downloading.

In 2014, McCaleb ventured into Stellar which is a financial network that focuses on increasing the economic participation. He is a co-founder of the venture and works as the CTO in this foundation. He spearheads the technological improvement of Stellar.

Jed plays two technical development roles. He is either coding as well as building on Stellar technical features or is occupied responding to factors associated with the running of the business.

The supports stellar network. The organization also contributes to the open source software. McCaleb has spent most of his time and resources in figuring out how to improve the current technology and coming up with the ways of solving various issues in the world.

McCaleb developed the stellar idea after understanding Bitcoin and what can be solved employing the technology behind the cryptocurrency. He had the insight past creating a new digital currency, an idea that resulted in the establishment of Stellar. McCaleb had an insight that technology behind Bitcoin would be transformational. McCaleb chose to come up with an open financial network which can connect financial institutions rather than creating a currency.

Apart from business activities, Jed McCaleb also has other interests. For instance, he spends time researching on Artificial Intelligence on free time. Jed believes that AI has the potential to solve most of the problems affecting people currently, therefore, making life better in future than today. He holds the view that AI will do much more than what Blockchain has done.

He attributes his success to the time he spends coming up with sound strategies and plans. He focuses on planning as according to him you cannot succeed if you come up with wrong goals no matter how hardworking you are.

Avoid distractions is another attribute to his success. Jed understands that entrepreneurs face various challenges. He only focuses on critical issues. He also says overcoming obstacles as opposed to letting them hinder you is key to your success.

Joel Friant: Behind the Habanero Shaker

Most people do not know Joel Friant as a successful entrepreneur, or an expert in product creation and branding. In fact, most people have no idea that he owns a mortgage lending firm or hosts online seminars in professional development. They have never read his articles or heard of revolutionary concepts like the “Income Thermostat” that Friant created. They probably have no idea that at one time he was known as the “Thai Guy” and developed the first fast food Thai concept. This is because Friant is known mostly for inventing a little plastic shaker with real Habanero flakes in it.

The Habanero Shaker came to be in 1995. Most shakers at that time contained only small amounts of actual Habanero, the rest of the mix consisting of additives and salt. A lover of the pepper, Friant set out to create a shaker that would be 100% Habanero. What he ended up with was a revolutionary product. It was healthy, contained no additives or salt, use real Habanero flakes, and met the requirements of a vegan diet. Its introduction revolutionized the industry as other companies wanted to capitalize on its success. The first two years saw the product gain a wider distribution, and that is when Friant was crowed a “foodpreneur”.

Despite moving on to other successful endeavors, the Habanero Shaker always held a special place in Joel’s heart. In 2003 he returned to the real estate world to create his successful mortgage lending firm. He started by rehabilitating and selling old houses. A process that came to be known as flipping. When the financial woes of 2008 occurred, he returned to product branding and creation. Observing trends in business at that time Joel developed his business concepts, like the “Income Thermostat”.

Despite all this success he never got past the sensation of the Habanero Shaker. In the wake of digital technology blossoming Friant changed fields again. In 2010 he learned the online selling trade. He used the success to bring his Habanero Shaker back into production. Proving that Friant will always be the Habanero guy.

A Comprehensive AvaTrade Review for you to Read

AvaTrade is an online forex broker platform that began is operations as AvaFX IN 2006. It is located in Dublin Ireland providing trading services such as equities, Bitcoin, Exchange Funds, market indices, commodities and bonds. It also has other offices in countries and cities such as South Africa, Nigeria, Paris, Shanghai among others. Here is a detailed AvaTrade review.

Since it began its operations, AvaTrade has managed to serve more than two hundred thousand accounts worldwide. Monthly it executes over two million transactions. AvaTrade has a strong financial status and focused on ensuring that clients get the best from their trade.

By providing the different products and services, it has managed to attract more clients than most other platforms. Its 24/5 multilingual customer support also makes it a choice of most new traders.


What makes AvaTrade genuine is that it meets all the requirements set by the Central Bank of Ireland and other relevant authorities. Thus, when you trade, you have peace of might you are not falling victim to a scam.

Highly reliable

The level of reliability offered by AvaTrade is exceptional. With the many years that AvaTrade has been in operation, there has never been an issue with the clients. It has a good reputation with traders, not only because of its reliability but integrity too. By complying with all the stringent requirements, it means that you also feel safe when you trade.

Wide range of trading platforms

One thing that makes AvaTrade attract thousands of clients is available of several trading platforms. There are eight main platforms that you can choose from. The choice is yours, but you will get advice from the experts regarding the one you can choose.

 Availability of a mobile platform 

If you use a mobile device, you can still access the different AvaTrade platforms. Thus, you have flexibility as you can trade because you are not limited on the devices you can use.

Interested in learning more about AvaTrade? Visit their website:

4 Solid Investment Advice From Oxford Club

Let’s face it; there’s a thin line between investing and gambling. Even if you are “investing” in the stock markets, but if you don’t know what you are doing, then you might as well play some Black Jack at the local casino. Not only the casino is more exciting, you also get free drinks. Most importantly, you are probably getting better odds at the casino than “investing” in the stock markets without having any education. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways you can educate yourself and increase your odds of winning. In this article, we are going to cover Oxford Club’s top four investment advice.

Have A Balanced Portfolio

Oxford Club suggests that you keep a balanced portfolio. For the club, a balanced portfolio means keeping a portfolio with different risk levels from low-risk, low reward to high-risk, high reward. They also suggest that your portfolio should employ a form of pyramiding in which the base should consist more slow but safe investments. The Oxford Club also recommends that you diversify your portfolio in many asset classes like stocks, bonds, commodities and options for protection.

Exit Strategy

The best investors are not the ones who can buy the right time, but it’s the investors that can buy AND sell at the right time. Oxford Club suggests that before you even think of buying, you already have a formulated exit strategy.

Position Sizing

Another critical aspect of investing that is often ignored is the position sizing. Even if you have a “buy” signal, not all of your “buy” signals have the same quality. It’s only smart that your position size should reflect the quality level of your buy signal.

Investment Costs

Most investors focus too much on the price and charts that they forget about the fees. Oxford Club suggests that never skip research on the different ways of bringing your broker and administrative fees down as it can easily eat through your profits.

Oxford Clubs is a network of entrepreneurs, traders, and investors. The main headquarters is in Baltimore, Maryland. The club has more than 80,000 members spread across 100 countries.

Siteline Cabinetry Offers Affordable Custom Cabinets

Siteline Cabinetry is a product of the Corsi Group. Pat Corsi started the company in 1973. The Siteline Cabinetry line was introduced in 2015. Produced in Keysville Va. the Siteline facility employs 200.

In its West Virginia and Indiana plants the Corsi group produces it Greenfield line. The same attention to quality is given to both lines. Corsi describes Siteline as being “custom within an engineered standard.”

Siteline cabinets are full-access cabinets. If a frame is needed it can be added. Some of the components are made in advance. Within a month those components can be used to create cabinetry tailor-made to the needs and tastes of the customer.

In the last two years, Siteline has increasingly become the choice of designers for new and remodeled spaces. What makes Siteline unique is that the Corsi Group has found a way to make custom cabinets affordable.

Siteline cabinets don’t sit around pre-assembled in warehouses waiting to be sold. Made from materials including solid wood, particle board, and veneers the cabinets are assembled painted/stained as they are ordered.

Clients can request designs that harken back to another era or are ultra-modern. If something between the two is desired Siteline workers can build that also. The purchaser determines the type of wood used, style of drawers, and finish.

The only possible difficulty in dealing with Siteline Cabinetry maybe choosing a material and finish from among 289 options. Glazes, laminates, paints, and wraps are the choices for finishes. Seventy- percent of customers order painted cabinets. There is an increasing trend towards colors that emulate nature.

The cabinet doors can be either one of five types of wood or aluminum. There are 45 styles of door to consider. Whether they are going to hold pots and pans or staplers and notepads drawers can be custom made to serve a particular purpose.

The process for designing and ordering Siteline Cabinetry is computerized. The use of the most modern machines in manufacturing the cabinets benefits consumers and employees. For employees, they are safer to work with. The buyer benefits from high quality and increased longevity of use.

More on Siteline Cabinetry:

Jason Hope Has New Focus On Aging

Jason Hope has already shown he has the talent and drive to do what’s needed for the world of tech. His ability to give Arizona the success it has enjoyed in the tech industry has certainly been appreciated by those who want to expand the reach of the industry, but he has greater ambitions than that. Hope is a big believer in anti aging research and he is now doing what he can to help bring about a new wave of medicine and technology that will change the way we think about our lives and how we live them.

The anti aging research he’s focusing on is going to change the way that we think about so many of the things held to be dear to use. We value our lives but we don’t think of them in the same context we will when we can finally prolong our lives routinely into the 10th decade. That’s going to add so much to the mix and it’s going to create an entirely new dynamic. People are going to start approaching things they wouldn’t have in the past. We will realize we have the time to do everything that we want to.

The need for this is something that many people understand and are willing to participate in the efforts to bring it about. The SENS Institute shares his interest and his desire to see the technology come to life. They are actively working on ways to bring it about and to give people a practical way to enjoy it. The efforts to bring this technology to life are some of the most amazing of our time and they are ongoing. Technology isn’t an easy thing to develop or research. It certainly takes some time to get things going the right way.

The possibility of this technology is going to change a lot of things. It’s going to make our world very different and Hope wants to invest in the possible beginnings of that. He’s had lots of things going for him the past and he certainly understands when a trend is about to start. Anti aging research is still in its early stages but we have plenty to look at and see promise in. It’s just a matter of making sure that we leave no possibility unexplored. That’s what makes Hope and his interest in this research so important even before we see the results.

Contact Jason Hope:

Sussex Healthcare Is Offering Quality Services

The medical profession has experienced a lot of changes in the modern times. People from all walks of life have received the help they need because of the advancements that have been brought into the world. People living with dangerous diseases such as cancer have been cured. Others are struggling with medical conditions such as diabetes, but they are getting medical care that enables them to enjoy life like all other people. Medical experts have been instrumental in this change. Several years ago, Shafik Sachedina, a philanthropist and dental surgeon discovered that there was a special group that was being ignored in the society.

After working as a dental surgeon for a very long time, Shafik Sachedina discovered that the people who had mental disabilities were being given poor medical care at most of the medical facilities in the United Kingdom. Most of the hospitals were only focusing with treating diseases that can be cured, and they did not get too much attention to the people who were getting old with mental challenges. Younger people with these challenges were also being treated and taken home where they could not access the kind of care they were looking for. This discovery motivated the businessman to introduce an organization called Sussex Health Care for the special group.


Sussex Health Care has not been into the market for a long time. However, it is impacting many lives because of the high quality services it is giving the consumers. The professionals who have been given employment opportunities at this organization, led by Shafik Sachedina have been very vital in the success the company has experienced. Shafik Sachedina knows that the elderly people and those with deformities have great challenges, and their needs should never be ignored. Sussex Healthcare gives priority to the professionals who are experienced when hiring.

Not long ago, Sussex Healthcare announced to the people in the nation that it was looking for several professionals who will assist the patients to get the medical care they need to enjoy life. According to the company website, the individuals who work for the medical facility will enjoy several benefits. First of all, they will be given uniforms and great wages every month because of their hard work. Sussex Health gives all its workers transport to and from work, and this makes it an ideal working environment for the people who are looking for employment. These people must, however, be trained so that they can be entrusted with the lives of the patients.

Find more about Sussex Healthcare:

Write About Entrepreneur Jason Hope

Jason Hope is a successful entrepreneur that resides in Scottsdale, Arizona. Jason Hope is involved with the anti-aging movement and the rejuvenation biotechnology, scientists at the SENS Foundation. Hope has supported the SENS Foundation for several years. In fact, this very enterprising entrepreneur has given over 1 million dollars to the organization through the last several years. SENS or “Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence refers to the absence of aging symptoms that are attributed to certain animals. For example, the tortoise and the hydra.

The Aging Factor

Jason Hope was attracted to supporting anti-aging research because he would like the scientific world to focus on preventive medicine, instead of focusing on treating the patient after the disease has arisen. Jason firmly believes that treating the disease after it strikes is the wrong way to cure diseases like Alzheimer’s, Heart Disease, Parkinson’s and many cancers, which are age related diseases. Now, this forward thinking entrepreneur is investing in Age Breakers research. These are waste substances that are found in the body. They build up and cause aging and disease. Jason Hope is very enthusiastic and excited by the research that is performed by the SENS Foundation and plans to keep supporting their research.

About Jason Hope

Jason Hope is a high tech futurist and strongly believes in the power of the Internet. The Arizona native grew up in Tempe, Arizona. He received a degree in finance from Arizona State University. In addition, Hope received an MBA from from ASU’s W.P. Carey School of Business. Jason Hope states that he does not get involved with any project unless he strongly believes in their purpose. He also believes that the key to stopping aging is at the cellular level. The SENS Research Foundation, is an organization that he has donated heavily to over the last few years, and they are covering new research on aging at the cellular level.Jason also shares that the key to success for the young entrepreneur’s trying to follow in his footsteps is to stay focused on one project at a time. Do not scatter your interest. Focus directly on the primary project and don’t just jump on any little opportunity that occurs, until you’ve completed your main project. He also believes that it is important to connect with the right people. In addition, the young entrepreneur must learn to network early on in their career to really gain success.

Building and Expanding With Market America

One thing that business owners and entrepreneurs understand is the need to expand as it depends on the business. Market America is one of the companies that have expanded so that it can reach other customers in other markets and territories. The need for expansion depends on the type of business and vision the individual is running. One thing about the internet is that it has changed the styles of business.

These days, businesses do not have to be large enterprises in order to be successful. As a matter of fact, some people may choose to just be entrepreneurs with passive income and run a one person show. Instead of expanding through building of locations, they may decide to expand their social circle through different marketing techniques. One thing they may do is build some income streams using brands from the Market America network. Often times, there are people who just want to live a social life. One good way to do this is sign up with unfranchise businesses like Market America and use social marketing skills in order to sell some products.

One of the best ways to market for people who rather not run a traditional business is to just engage and even offer promotions. There are many people who are just becoming famous by doing things they love and getting paid for it through selling items that they recommend. One of the best things for people in this case is to find their own business style.

Market America is one of the companies that are helping people wake up to a new type of economy. This is going to be the type of work that is more fulfilling. This will also bring forth a new mindset where people are actually enjoying the work that they do. This type of world does not involve as much complaining.