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The origin and growth of OSI Group

OSI Group is the best food production company in the world. It was started by Otto Kolschowsky, a German immigrant who came to the United States in search of a better life. He settled in Chicago where he started a meat shop. After a few years, this business showed signs of becoming large since it was attracting many customers. In 1928, this business had proven to be a leading organization in the region and even made Otto include his two sons in the operations of the business so that he could effectively manage it.

OSI Group did very well even before the end of the second world war. When the war ended, and the economy started to sprout, OSI became one of the companies that benefited massively from the changes. It is at the same time that other businesses i the food industry started coming up. Among the companies that were started in the 1950s is McDonald’s. The two companies decided that they should come up with a plan to support each other. At this time, OSI was known as Otto & Sons. McDonald’s hired the services of Otto & Sons to serve as the suppliers of meat products. McDonald’s was opened as a restaurant chain establishment.

OSI Group has done perfectly well in trying to meet the food needs of the people. Since it was hired by McDonald’s as a supplier, it has managed to go beyond the expectations of the people. Both companies supported each other for many decades after even after going into the international market. The relationship between the two companies is one of the reasons that OSI Group is still a highly successful business in the world today.

OSI Group has done so well since its formation since it serves millions of customers from 17 different countries. It has expanded its operations to the extent that it is now offering employment to over 20,000 employees from these regions. OSI is under the leadership of Sheldon Lavin, the chairman and CEO. He is assisted in the management by the president and COO David McDonald. The two leaders have vowed to do everything possible to see this company reach out to more people.

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Oren Frank Views on Productivity in the World of Therapy

Through Oren Frank intervention, close to 400,000 patients have received therapy through his revolutionary platform — Talkspace. According to different health journals in the USA, Talkspace continues to redefined treatment, thanks to the platform’s structure and brilliant interface. The success of this therapy platform displays Frank as a passionate, smart, and compassionate.

To make this dream a reality, Oren Frank has worked with different professionals, developers, and therapists. He understands the value of a collective approach in an organizational setting. Working with Michael Phelps was revolutionary for him. He points out that the agreement was a win-win for both the therapy space and the celebrity. Apart from Phelps being one of the most celebrated sportspersons in the USA, the founder of this space points out that — he understood mental health from a different perspective. This qualification — of understanding mental health from a different perspective — is one of the most critical criteria of working with him and the organization. Learn more about Oren Frank at

Second, Oren Frank understands the value of technology. He is one of the few investors and founders that have invested in technology heavily. Frank also recognizes that it is only through technology that start-ups can do much more with fewer resources. Through this platform, for example, he has helped thousands of people through brilliant tech exploitation. Second, Orem Frank believes that technology should not replace humans in the therapy — but should complement their work. He is one of the few professionals that have successfully created a balance between technology and the need for a therapist in treating mental health complications.

Thirdly, he understands the value of productivity in the world of therapy. Oren Frank — through his Twitter handle — shares different tips in productivity, especially for start-ups. According to him, better approaches to productivity are the recipe for better resources management, and they are the best remedy for inconsistency. In Talkspace for example, all the available therapists — apart from being highly qualified and passionate — they are highly convenient for clients. Since the platform provides therapy all day, at any time, the number of trained therapists serves the clients well, without compromising the quality of treatment. According to Oren Frank, this approach is a game changer. For more information of Oren Frank, visit:

Bhanu Choudhrie Believes In The Power Of Continued Education

Bhanu Choudhrie founded the C&C Alpha Group and is currently their Executive Director. The company is based in the United Kingdom, where he moved after completing an internship in 1999 with JP Morgan. While he may have earned his bachelor’s in International Business and Marketing from Boston University, he continued his education at Harvard University where he completed their Owner/President Management program in order to learn more about running his own business. He completed the 3-year program in 2016 and is still committed to learning even with all of the success that he has already accomplished.

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When asked why he attended the program at Harvard, Bhanu Choudhrie stated that he wanted to continue learning as a business leader to help his business expand and continue to thrive. The global economy keeps changing and Bhanu Choudhrie wants to be prepared for anything that happens by familiarizing himself with case histories and other information that relates to C&C Alpha Group. Not only is he learning through formal education, but he is also learning through the experiences that he has every day while running his company. He chose this particular program as it matched his business schedule. It consists of separate modules that last 3 weeks over the course of 3 years. He was impressed by how diverse his classmates were and how dedicated they were to learning after getting accepted into the prestigious school.

At C&C Alpha Group, Bhanu Choudhrie has invested in many different types of companies across different business sectors. Through his leadership and investment capital, Bhanu Choudhrie and 3 other investors managed to change the airline industry in India by investing in a single plane airline known as Air Decca. In 2003, they took a chance on the company and have now helped more than 7 million passengers reach their destination by plane instead of having to travel for days on a train. This led to a boom in the airline industry in the country and it continues to grow. Along with the airline industry, C&C Alpha Group has invested in other sectors such as health care and luxury hospitality.

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Guilherme Paulus’ Interesting Voyage toward Success

Brazil has been ranked among the top countries in the world where businesses can strive with a lot of ease. However, it is not a walk in the park to be a well-known entrepreneur in the country. Several hitches may be faced in the strive to establish a good business venture. It is however surprising how Guilherme Paulus managed to be tremendous in his unique venture of the tourism industry. Guilherme Paulus has learnt over time to utilize every single opportunity that knocks on his door. With his brilliant idea of linking the tourism industry and accommodation has brought forth linkages where he interacts with individual clients as well as the government.

As a result, he has driven a very successful tourism company from scratch to its feet. He is ever open to ideas as well as advice which has made him what he is currently. His zeal to venture the tourism industry gave rise to his success. From a simple store near a movie theatre to the big company CVC is at the moment, Paulus never gave up on his dream. He knew very well the strategies he had put forward. He was aware of putting the store close to the theatre will be a breakthrough for his professional career since people would definitely notice it in their movements in and out of the theatre.

Thereafter his tourism business took shape and he then gave it a face and since then, there has been nothing but expansion. Guilherme Paulus does not know how to shun what he loves. He is always bold in all the steps he takes. This has led to his numerous connections and his interaction with his clients on a day to day basis. This has highly contributed to his outstanding success. Guilherme Paulus was born in 1949, the town Sao Paulo in Brazil. He studied business administration and later joined IBM for an internship. This opened the road for his to access a wider arena of entrepreneurship with the help of his colleague. Together they gave rise to the tourism company CVC that deals with hotels and resorts.



James Dondero Strives to Make an Impact

James Dondero has proven himself to be a great philanthropist as well as business person. After graduating college with 2 Bachelors degrees, he went on to study he went on to study accounting and finance at the University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce. In 1984 he landed his first job in finance at JPMorgan Chase & Co. James Dondero went on to found his own company in 1993, Highland Capital Management. Read more about James Dondero at

James Dondero, in addition to running a very successful business, has committed himself to bettering his Dallas community through his philanthropy. Most notably he donated $1 million dollars to the Dallas Zoo to rebuild their hippopotamus habitat which had been shutdown since 2001 after an elderly hippopotamus passed away.

James Dondero has also donated money to help the Perot Museum of Natural Science and the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Institute. He also helps out Uplift Education and the Snowball Express. James Dondero, through his work with the Highland Dallas Foundation Inc., has been able to commit more than $3 million annually to his philanthropic budget. This has allowed for grants and support to veterans, educational needs, health care concerns and various civic organizations in the North Texas Area.


More recently, he was able to provide a $1 million challenge grant to The Family Place, a shelter for men who are victims of domestic violence. He hosted a Mother’s Day Brunch at the Dallas Zoo to raise funds for The Family Place.

James Dondero has shown that not only is he committed to his business but also making the Dallas community a better place. Visit to know more about him.

Agera Energy: Stop Paying For Preventable Charges and Fees

Recuperate your cash using a free utility invoice review from Agera Energy. Service bills can frequently be confused, which can prompt to incorrect charges. You could be settling pointless expenses and charges, and probably you don’t know!

This is the place Agera Energy takes part; the company’s ability can support your business or association recoup mistakenly evaluated charges. When you agree to accept utility invoice reviews from Agera Energy, the firm audits your energy bills to make sure you always pay the right charges and charged legitimately by your utility.
The firm’s industry experience alongside its various utilities over the U.S. enables the firm to aid clients in recovering lost cash and correct the pending issues for your benefit to shield you from being cheated later on.

The underlying survey process starts by gathering your utility solicitations for as long as three years. Agera Energy audit centers on rate and tax misclassifications that have been issued to users by the service provider.

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Laser Hair Removal At Skintology MedSpa, NYC

Skintology MedSpa has been offering efficient and effective hair removal services to customers under the guidance of Dr. Jennifer Walden, one of the most notable names within the field of plastic surgery. Walden and her team are known for working closely with patients to deliver the very best results for the hair removal treatments that they are seeking. Laser hair removal has increasingly become one of the preferred solutions for those looking to take care of any unwanted hair on any part of their body. Using a specific procedure, a trained professional can get rid of the unwanted hair with absolute ease. This is an efficient method that stops the hair from coming back again.

Understanding Laser Hair Removal

If you are thinking of going in for Laser Hair Removal, it is essential to understand the process and all that it entails. During a laser hair removal procedure, a laser light is used to disintegrate strands of hair on a particular part of one’s body. The laser used in these instances targets the hair follicles while they are in their growth phase. The light breaks down the hair based on the pigment in it, thereby disallowing it from producing any kind of hair in the future. The process of laser hair removal cannot, however, be done in just one sitting. It generally takes a few weeks for the doctor to be able to effectively take out the hair from the area. Patients normally have to undergo around six to ten sessions depending on the area being worked on and the thickness of the hair. Over time, patients will see a reduction in the amount of hair in the region, which eventually becomes completely hair-free.

Can You Get Laser Hair Removal?

With the advancements in the field of cosmetic surgery, the people that can seek laser hair removal has expanded. Laser hair removal was previously not effective for those with lighter skin or hair, but with new innovations, this too has been made possible. There are of course still certain restrictions for those who want to seek laser hair removal services, and discussing your entire medical history with your doctor is important to ensure that you are a fit candidate for the procedure. Learn More.

What Led Ashley Brasier To Lightspeed Ventures

Ashley Brasier’s career before joining Lightspeed Venture Partners has been somewhat remarkable in that she’s gained a significant amount of experience in such a short amount of time. With that, in hiring Ashley Lightspeed has gotten someone who’s repeatedly been successful in all of her roles. Probably the most significant of all of her roles was when she worked as a Category Manager for Thumbtack. With this position, she mainly focused on the Events and Weddings categories and was responsible for its overall growth.

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However, Ashley Brasier was initially set for a career in architecture, after being inspired by days prototyping houses with her father when she was young. That being said, prototyping businesses rather than buildings ended up interesting Ms. Brasier more. This helped lead her to Thumbtack, where she gained a significant amount of hands-on experience helping clients grow their overall business and expand into new markets. Because of this Ms. Brasier could further enhance many of her entrepreneurial skills, as well as her customer service skills. Through this time, she also got experience in niches that she hadn’t anticipated. One of the most notable of these with Thumbtack was when she was first introduced to the world of venture capital.

This was the time when she was managing a social event raising funds at Thumbtack. Because of this exposure, Ashley Brasier wound up hypnotized by the niche. In any case, she wasn’t done with her studies and went back to college to learn at Stanford GSB. However, she kept working nonetheless, and advised a variety of companies to help fund her way through college. This is one of the characteristics in Ashley Lightspeed has seen; she’s someone devoted to helping clients build up their business in a sustainable way. Like this, the clients that she’s helped so far have seen critical accomplishment. Related:

Agera Energy: the Leading Electricity and Natural Gas Supplier

Agera Energy was established at the start of 2014. During this time, the winter had affected the budgets for clients and retail suppliers as well. As fate will have it, Agera Energy found themselves in the most opportune moment to establish a retail energy supply firm. Watch this video about Agera Energy on Youtube.

Clients needed change, protection, and guidance since the underfinanced retail suppliers were not well situated to serve clients. Besides, the retail suppliers were closing down the business or giving themselves up for grabs. Since this was the perfect time the industry was experiencing change, Agera Energy took the opportunity and dived in to be at the front line of that change.

The company offered its services to first clients via the acquisition of the leading national retail energy company, and then one after the other. As the company was in the process of doing the acquisition, they were training and sending direct sales crew into the market place. Rather than starting with energy training and sales strategies, the company trained its front lines on how to handle energy clients. Additionally, the company guides its clients through the decision making the procedure to make sure that there is transparency at every stage of the procedure from the introduction to enrollment. Agera Energy started to change the game with their first client interactions. Read more about Agera Energy on

Currently, the company boasts serving 1.8 million clients who are recognized as the company’s fan base.

Agera Energy specializes in supplying electricity and natural gas energy. This means that all the clients have an opportunity to choose what they want and the company makes easy to make a choice. Many states passed the laws to deregulate the energy industry and letting the preference of retail energy. This made the consumers to have the powers to choose.

When the company fights for your energy requirements, you will realize that your client service experience improves, billing alternatives are accessible and products are developed to make sure your energy costs are billed as required and expectations are not just attained but surpassed.

The company understands that low-cost kilowatt-hour is the one that is not used. For this reason, the company created its energy efficiency solutions to be integrated with the products offered by retail suppliers.


Sergey Petrossov Helps Digitalize Private Aviation Booking

Sergey Petrossov has modernized the way one can book a private charter plane through his innovative app JetSmarter. His company has become a billion-dollar firm with many well-known investors. Some of the company’s backers include the Saudi royal family, Jay-Z and Wayne Chang. The app was launched in March 2013.

Sergey Petrossov showed an early entrepreneurial and innovative aptitude and launched a company that imported and exported tire rims when he was in high school. He studied computer science and technology at the University of Florida. He later co-founded two innovative IT projects- a distance learning platform for educational institutions where instruction was in Russian and an online chat system for customer service in websites. His bad experience in trying to book a private jet led to the evolution of his successful company JetSmarter. His innovative idea has earned him awards including Forbes 30 Under 30 in Consumer Technology and South Florida’s Top Working Professional by the Sun Sentinel.

The app JetSmarter connects well-known private jet operators with flyers. Sergey Petrossov put together a team who were previously involved with successful projects for NASA, BMW, Uber, and Microsoft. The team consisted of individuals who had expertise and experience in private aviation, logistics, and technology. The result of their combined skills resulted in JetSmarter. Today the company has 670,000 registered users and over14,000 paid subscribers who pay $4950 to $15000 annually for services. They offer services for over 32,000 private jets. The headquarters of the company is in Fort Lauderdale in Florida. It has a global presence with offices in Moscow, Riyadh, Dubai London, and Zurich.

Sergey Petrossov, the CEO of JetSmarter has provided a new smart way to book a private jet by modernizing and improving the outdated technology that was previously used for hiring a private jet.

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