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Jaime Garcia Dias, Brazilian Writer and Painter

Covering more than one topic, Jaime Garcia Dias writes about traveling, economics, and daily life in South America. He has the ability to inform you on what you need to know about special events and places to see as well as how to manage a successful business in a hard economy.

A Practical Writer

On his website, Jaime Garcia Dias discusses everything from how to avoid real estate problems in Sao Paulo, Brazil, to knowing the differences in the wine industry. He also reviews free courses provided by colleges not only in Brazil but also around the world and writes about the music scene in Brazil, including big music festivals.

No topic is off limits for him, and his articles and blog posts are thorough and full of information. Several of his pieces include detailed reviews on apps that can help people:

• Learn a new language
• Access their e-mail
• Control various home electronics
• Manage multiple schedules

He also covers health and daily living as he has written a handful of articles regarding habits to assist folks with financial savings and spending, memory stimulation and well-being, and productivity and procrastination.  He’s also got a popular YouTube account where he’s covered these same topics as well.

A Well-Rounded Blogger

Jaime Garcia Dias does strike up articles on harder topics regarding global situations. For example, his article on food waste hits on facts and numbers with advice on how to reduce personal household waste. Well-versed and well-written, the pieces on his blog are a testimony to his ability as a skilled and knowledgeable writer who is concerned about everything from local life to worldwide news.