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Securus Technologies an information-technology firm located within Dallas, Texas. The corporation is world-renowned for its work alongside the justice system within the United States, providing security and Communications solutions to inmates and justice employees. Recently it was revealed that the Better Business Bureau had accredited Securus Technologies with an A+ rating, something that is a very honorable position to be awarded with. When asked directly about the reason for this success, Senior Vice President of Operations, Danny de Hoyos, responded that Securus has a lot to thank the Better Business Bureau for, allowing it to move forward with better customer service qualities and also to evaluate itself more closely thanks to the Better Business Bureau’s rubric.


Securus Technologies is a corporation that works alongside the justice system to provide communication solutions to incarcerated individuals who had unfortunately made past mistakes and are now serving time within the prison system. These services and products as secure as provides to these inmates includes very reliable and high-quality online applications. One such application is a video chat program that functions on both Apple and Android technology, providing seamless streaming opportunities of communication between inmates and their loved ones. This technology allows communication to be open and without time delays, something that loved ones of inmates deal with on a regular basis when it comes to visitation times. By providing customers with this service Securus is allowing them to bypass these issues and allowing for virtual communication to take place which can last much longer and be less of a hassle than physical visitation.


The A+ rating that Securus Technologies received for the Better Business Bureau has labeled it not only as a high-level, even Elite company within its field, but also as a humanitarian organization throughout the United States in the world.