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Plastic Bottle DIY Projects With Wengie


They’re an object that many of us have just laying around our house. Plastic bottles. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and most of us just toss these in our garbage or recycling. Beauty blogger Wengie has put together a list of 10 life hacks that are possible with plastic bottles.


In her YouTube video, she shows us a whole variety of things we can recreate with just a plastic bottle, some creativity, and a few materials. In her first hack, Wengie shows us that we can keep and store candy or any other sort of treat with a plastic bottle. All you have to do is cut the top off and pull it down over the bag that it’s in. This helps keep in freshness and stop others from stealing your food!


Another great hack is by making a garden hose sprayer out of a bottle! All you have to do is cut holes facing the same way in the bottle. Then insert your hose, duct tape the top, and you’re ready to go! It’s super simple and even free to make as long as you have the bottle! Garden hose sprayers can get expensive so this is a cheaper and resourceful hack.


Wengie also shows us that we can make our own nozzle with a plastic bottle. All you have to do is hold a candle to the lid until it’s hot then push up from below with a skewer to form a nozzle. Once it’s cooled, snip the top off to create a small hole. Now you can use it for any sort of sauce! It makes dispensing a lot easier.


A final hack that Wengie shows us is that we can create toothbrush holders! All you have to do is take three bottle caps and use safe tape to stick them to your bathroom wall. Your toothbrushes can rest in-between. The bottle caps can even be painted to match your decor! It’s super simple and super cute.


Overall, Wengie is full of a variety of life hacks and she wants to help make everyone’s lives easier with things that we can find around our home! DIY has never been easier!