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Securus Technologies Exceeds Customer Service Satisfaction And Wins Prestigious Gold Stevie Award

How stable is your inmate communications network provider? Securus Technologies is chosen 10 to 1, over other network providers for great prices and keeping inmates connected to their loved ones. They have interactive features that eliminate your commute to a correctional facility or visit their love ones over the internet. Their website has each of their features clearly listed for their customers to decide what features work best for them. If you have a valid credit or debit card, you can register for services exclusively on their website. You must be eighteen years of age or older to register for features with Securus Technologies.


Securus Technologies Wins Gold Stevie Award


Securus Technologies has won the prestigious Gold Stevie Award for having a superior customer resolution team of over 12,000+ IT professionals. Their high level of customer service has allowed them to win the Gold Stevie Award. The Gold Stevie Award is one of the highest honors in the industry for customer service and is awarded by a panel of over seventy-five judges. They ensure that their customers are communicating over a stable network that guarantees every minute allotted under their contractual service agreement. There are a number of providers that have been nominated for the superior award, but Securus Technologies outranked them all.


Securus Technologies Features


Inmate Voicemail


Leave your love ones a message in a correctional facility through their personalized access account. They have the option of receiving and retrieving their messages at their leisure.


Online Inmate Photos


You can send inmates photos through their online account with a single processing fee that allows them to also print their pictures out. They can follow the growth of their love ones, friends, and children. You’re invited to learn more about their service features, and promotional offers by visiting the Securus Technologies website.