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Rocketship Education: A Short Overview

A nonprofit educational program is quickly becoming a star among nonprofit charter schools. The innovative group of elementary schools making such an impact is called Rocketship Education. They have taken the concept of personal education and ran with it, showing just how effective community and involvement can be to a students success. Founded in 2006 the school’s mission is to create a sustainable school model that prioritizes student success and eliminates the achievement gap among underserved communities. They seek to achieve this by involving families in their child’s success. They also work to create parents that understand the need for advocating and prioritizing education throughout the child’s life.

The process begins with finding quality staff. Rocketship only hires instructors well versed in core stem fields and the humanities. From there they promote child-specific educational methods. This is done by getting to know the child and their unique learning habits as well as their challenges. Instructors are required to meet with the family of students in their homes in order to get a more comprehensive idea of what challenges they may face as well as to encourage the parents to aid them in overcoming it. From there the instructors develop a learning plan catered to these needs teach each student in a way that’s accessible to them.

Rocketship Education maintains involvement in the community in several ways. The first is that they encourage their student’s attachment to school and community. They do so by advocating that students think of themselves as rocketeers at school, home and in the community. Additionally, the organization hopes to relieve the stressors associated with lower income communities. An example of disproportional burdens is exemplified by the difficulties after a natural disaster. Often lower income populations suffer the most as vital necessities lost are not easily replaced. Families are unable to purchase things as simple as new clothes, new deposits or even insurance deductibles. Without these things, families can become unable to continue to work and provide a stable home for students. Rocketship Education noticed this threat and quickly stepped in, raising over $60,000 to distribute in relief efforts.