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Jorge Moll – Bringing Understanding With Brain Imaging and Research

Jorge Moll, MD, Ph.D. is the prestigious Founder and President of the D’Or Institute of Research and Education in Rio de Janeiro. He also heads the Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience Unit. His main topics of neuroscientific research are in the field of mental, intellectual, and social actions or non-actions. In this neuroscience field is a myriad of research subjects that Dr. Moll is globally known for, which includes pro/anti-social behaviors, decision-making, neural bases moral emotions, MRI imaging, and many other aspects of neuroscience (ReginaDiass). He is a member of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences and a member of the International Neuromodulation Society Board.


Dr. Moll has achieved grandeur acclaimed in the field of neuroscience. His educational background is just as impressive. In 1994 he attended the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and in 1997 at the same school he completed his Neurology residency. In 2003, Dr. Moll received his Ph.D. in Experimental Pathophysiology at Sao Paulo University. Between 2004 – 2007, he became a post-doctorate research fellow at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland in the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke Unit within the Cognitive Neuroscience Department.


Dr. Jorge Moll believes in medical imaging and clinical studies that show there are regions of the brain that is involved in moral cognitive thinking. These neuro findings are interpreting how mankind reacts to social and individual situations. There is also new research information on brain dysfunctions or psychiatric disorders and how patients can be helped. Dr. Moll conducts research in areas of moral conductivity for cognition, emotions, and social values. Neuroscience developments effects related fields within marketing, economics, and medical research.


Dr. Moll travels throughout the world in a forum that encourages exchanging ideas, speaking on a variety of medical topics as he appears before researchers, students, entrepreneurs, and associates. He also enjoys the collaborative idea of artificial intelligence and the human brain matched together ( Dr. Moll said he is also excited about the developments in regenerative medicine and gene therapy. Dr. Jorge Moll states that the basis of his studies and research is to help others and keeping things simple is how he runs his company.

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