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Stream Energy Empowers their Female Employees with an Annual Retreat

All companies know how important it is to keep good relations with their employees. Stream Energy also understands how valuable the female members of their workforce are to their operations. Stream Women of Power is an organization within this company is a special group that has been created to honor the females within this organization.


The Women of Power retreat takes place every year in Washington D.C. for the female members of Stream Energy’s staff. The retreat lasts for three days. The women in attendance are treated to workshops, education and training sessions (Facebook). They are also given a luncheon, breakfast, and dinner. Special guest speakers are in attendance. The event organizers even allow the attendees enough time to do some sightseeing around the D.C. area. They even encourage shopping for the females as well.


Most of the women who are scheduled to speak at this event are highly influential and very successful business women. These individuals have proven themselves as competent business women. They pass on their rich legacy and secrets of success to the females at the Stream Women of Power meeting. All of these different speakers help to make the event a true success.


Stream Energy knows that good employee can go a long way to benefit their organization. So, this is just one way that they help their employees to excel and to be at their best. They also have other programs that help their employees to be productive members of the team.


All of Stream’s employees are not direct workers for their company ( They have many female affiliates that are a part of their team as well. Since Stream Energy is a direct sales company, they have females who are affiliates that work for their business.


These women do not work directly for the organization but as independent salespeople who promote Stream’s services. Even they can attend the Women of Power meeting. Ultimately, Stream Energy is a great company that does a lot of great things in support of their workers.