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Aloha Construction CEO Creates Foundation to Help Children

The Dave Farbaky Foundation is planning on doing a lot of charitable work for the community. It was created by Dave Farbaky, the CEO of Aloha Construction. The first thing that they did was hold a shopping spree for four children who came from families that were not privileged to be able to afford the toys by themselves.

Rick Derr, head of Learning Express Toys, also participated with the CEO of Aloha Construction by offering the toys at a 40 percent discount. According to the Chicago Tribune, after the girls picked out the toys, he thanked them for shopping there. The girls were just around seven years old, but one looked him in the eye and said, “No, we should thank YOU.” the girls were very humble and gracious, he said. They thanked their parents too.

Dave Farbaky, according to the Chicago Tribune, started the foundation when he decided that he wanted to do charitable acts on a larger scale. He previously was donating a lot of money to specific charities, but he wanted to start hosting events like the shopping spree. He said that he loves giving and providing the community with new opportunities. Communities That Care and Omni Youth Services were both contacted by the Dave Farbaky Foundation to help find children who would qualify for the shopping spree.

Dave Farbaky,CEO of Aloha Construction, said his goal with the Dave Farbaky Foundation was to do random acts of charity for children. He wants to help out children and bestow a spirit of generosity into the community. He wants to inspire a spirit of giving.

The CEO of Aloha Construction said that he wants to give the children the type of enjoyment and fun they need the most. They will host future shopping sprees, give away free tickets to places like bowling alleys and Six Flags.

The girls were given shopping bags and sixty seconds each to grab as many toys as they could. They were then given an extra thirty seconds. They were very respectful of the store, and they filled eight to ten shopping bags each and more