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A Comprehensive AvaTrade Review for you to Read

AvaTrade is an online forex broker platform that began is operations as AvaFX IN 2006. It is located in Dublin Ireland providing trading services such as equities, Bitcoin, Exchange Funds, market indices, commodities and bonds. It also has other offices in countries and cities such as South Africa, Nigeria, Paris, Shanghai among others. Here is a detailed AvaTrade review.

Since it began its operations, AvaTrade has managed to serve more than two hundred thousand accounts worldwide. Monthly it executes over two million transactions. AvaTrade has a strong financial status and focused on ensuring that clients get the best from their trade.

By providing the different products and services, it has managed to attract more clients than most other platforms. Its 24/5 multilingual customer support also makes it a choice of most new traders.


What makes AvaTrade genuine is that it meets all the requirements set by the Central Bank of Ireland and other relevant authorities. Thus, when you trade, you have peace of might you are not falling victim to a scam.

Highly reliable

The level of reliability offered by AvaTrade is exceptional. With the many years that AvaTrade has been in operation, there has never been an issue with the clients. It has a good reputation with traders, not only because of its reliability but integrity too. By complying with all the stringent requirements, it means that you also feel safe when you trade.

Wide range of trading platforms

One thing that makes AvaTrade attract thousands of clients is available of several trading platforms. There are eight main platforms that you can choose from. The choice is yours, but you will get advice from the experts regarding the one you can choose.

 Availability of a mobile platform 

If you use a mobile device, you can still access the different AvaTrade platforms. Thus, you have flexibility as you can trade because you are not limited on the devices you can use.

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