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Jed McCaleb Venture in Stellar and His Secrets in a Successful Business

McCaleb is well known American Programmer and a cryptocurrency expert. His contribution to the cryptocurrency includes starting of the Mt. Gox which was the first Bitcoin exchange on the planet. He is also involved in founding various projects that include eDonkey, which was the first ever network to achieve multisource downloading.

In 2014, McCaleb ventured into Stellar which is a financial network that focuses on increasing the economic participation. He is a co-founder of the venture and works as the CTO in this foundation. He spearheads the technological improvement of Stellar.

Jed plays two technical development roles. He is either coding as well as building on Stellar technical features or is occupied responding to factors associated with the running of the business.

The supports stellar network. The organization also contributes to the open source software. McCaleb has spent most of his time and resources in figuring out how to improve the current technology and coming up with the ways of solving various issues in the world.

McCaleb developed the stellar idea after understanding Bitcoin and what can be solved employing the technology behind the cryptocurrency. He had the insight past creating a new digital currency, an idea that resulted in the establishment of Stellar. McCaleb had an insight that technology behind Bitcoin would be transformational. McCaleb chose to come up with an open financial network which can connect financial institutions rather than creating a currency.

Apart from business activities, Jed McCaleb also has other interests. For instance, he spends time researching on Artificial Intelligence on free time. Jed believes that AI has the potential to solve most of the problems affecting people currently, therefore, making life better in future than today. He holds the view that AI will do much more than what Blockchain has done.

He attributes his success to the time he spends coming up with sound strategies and plans. He focuses on planning as according to him you cannot succeed if you come up with wrong goals no matter how hardworking you are.

Avoid distractions is another attribute to his success. Jed understands that entrepreneurs face various challenges. He only focuses on critical issues. He also says overcoming obstacles as opposed to letting them hinder you is key to your success.