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Siteline Cabinetry Offers Affordable Custom Cabinets

Siteline Cabinetry is a product of the Corsi Group. Pat Corsi started the company in 1973. The Siteline Cabinetry line was introduced in 2015. Produced in Keysville Va. the Siteline facility employs 200.

In its West Virginia and Indiana plants the Corsi group produces it Greenfield line. The same attention to quality is given to both lines. Corsi describes Siteline as being “custom within an engineered standard.”

Siteline cabinets are full-access cabinets. If a frame is needed it can be added. Some of the components are made in advance. Within a month those components can be used to create cabinetry tailor-made to the needs and tastes of the customer.

In the last two years, Siteline has increasingly become the choice of designers for new and remodeled spaces. What makes Siteline unique is that the Corsi Group has found a way to make custom cabinets affordable.

Siteline cabinets don’t sit around pre-assembled in warehouses waiting to be sold. Made from materials including solid wood, particle board, and veneers the cabinets are assembled painted/stained as they are ordered.

Clients can request designs that harken back to another era or are ultra-modern. If something between the two is desired Siteline workers can build that also. The purchaser determines the type of wood used, style of drawers, and finish.

The only possible difficulty in dealing with Siteline Cabinetry maybe choosing a material and finish from among 289 options. Glazes, laminates, paints, and wraps are the choices for finishes. Seventy- percent of customers order painted cabinets. There is an increasing trend towards colors that emulate nature.

The cabinet doors can be either one of five types of wood or aluminum. There are 45 styles of door to consider. Whether they are going to hold pots and pans or staplers and notepads drawers can be custom made to serve a particular purpose.

The process for designing and ordering Siteline Cabinetry is computerized. The use of the most modern machines in manufacturing the cabinets benefits consumers and employees. For employees, they are safer to work with. The buyer benefits from high quality and increased longevity of use.

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