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What can I Expect from the OSI Food Group Services

Customers Ask Who Is OSI Industries Inc.

OSI Food Processing is a trusted and accredited food network based in Z├╝rich, Illinois. They have been proudly established since 1993 and serve many popular restaurants, delis, and eateries alike. Their priority is giving their customers the exact information on what’s in their diet and providing a nutritious meal. You can learn more about their nutritional value from the online site designed for customer interaction. In fact, their services have become very popular for being performed by the industry’s top trained food technicians and food processing professionals. They contribute significantly to the food industry with truly trusted services and features.

OSI Food Processing CEO: David McDonald

Surprisingly, OSI Industries is proudly spearheaded by professional and CEO, David McDonald. He received his degree from the University of Illinois business school. He has over 16+ years experience in the food industry with his education and experience combined. He also says, he is proud to design ideas for OSI alongside COO, Sheldon Lavin. Together they have created an initiative for international expansion and overseas portfolio growth. Their success has led to great partner deals for the OSI group and continue to stand out as industry leaders.

What Services To Expect From OSI

OSI is known for processing large quantities of food throughout their network. For example, their food services allows them to produce large quantities of food products for their customers in their EU food industry. Their highly trained professionals are able to handle a large scale food production facility. For instance, their successful bid has helped them relaunch a Tyson Chicago food plant. They have made it possible to continue processing their food products under the Tyson name including a portion of their own food products and organic vegetables.

More About OSI

Get meat patties, pies, gourmet desserts, sandwich filling, organic vegetables, hot dogs, and frozen poultry. They’re responsible for a nutrious meal that serves millions of families worldwide. You never have to guess what’s in your food or if, it’s being processes by the industry standard in governmental health standards. You can also find a great career opportunity with OSI industries with room for advancement. They offer their applicants skilled, executive, and diverse field employment. Get the most out of your diet by choosing to feed your family or customers a trade OSI Industries Inc. food selection.