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Doe Deere is Interviewed About the Success of Lime Crime

Doe Deere is affectionately known as the Queen of the Unicorns. Her company, Lime Crime, has the mascot of a beautiful unicorn. The goal of the unicorn expresses how dearly Doe Deere wishes for Lime Crime fans to feel comfortable standing out in a crowd. Her makeup was designed to allow people to express themselves through the power of cosmetics. The goal of the company is that beauty should make you feel wonderful about yourself.


Doe Deere has always seen the power of self-expression. She has always had a flair for the outlandish in terms of her style. In fact, she is best known for her wonderfully dyed hair that varies wildly. She has been seen rocking blue hair, orange hair, red hair and her signature blonde hair. She expresses herself through the power of cosmetics and had since she was very young.


She founded Lime Crime in 2008 with those very same goals in mind. She founded the company during an era when nude makeup was all the rage. Doe Deere has always liked to express herself through makeup and she had trouble in locating the bright shades she wanted such as blue and crimson red. She prides herself on using only the highest quality of ingredients and did not want to wear a brand that did not confirm with her ideals of what cosmetics should be. That is how she came up with the idea to found Lime Crime.


Ironically, at the time when she founded Lime Crime she was studying to work in the world of the highest of high fashion. She was studying at a school for fashion. However, she found herself routinely questioning whether the fashion and clothing design world was the path she should take in life and with her career. She ultimately realized, after much thought, that cosmetic design was the path she would take. She stated in a recent interview with Inspirey (an online publication) that she realized Lime Crime was meant to be a cosmetic company rather than a producer of clothing. It was right then that she decided to drop out of school for fashion and start her own company.


Lime Crime was born out of her true and deep passion to express herself through cosmetics. She knew it was her life’s calling shortly after she started the company. She transitioned Lime Crime’s website to promote her small collection of beauty products. The small line offered lipsticks, eyeshadows and a few other items. She also had an eBay store where she sold her cosmetics.


She used the good, old-fashioned power of referrals to slowly grow Lime Crime over the first year. She also launched a fun line of video tutorials on makeup application that allowed fans to engage with her and learn more about her personality. The videos were hugely successful and also helped build her base of customers. Today, Lime Crime has over 3 million Instagram followers and does business all over the world. The company’s growth is unprecedented and it will be great to follow the continued growth. Learn more: