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A Recap of Steve Ritchie

Steve Ritchie is the CEO and the president of Papa John’s International Inc. He became a Papa John’s franchise operator and owner in the year 2006. In 2010 Steve Ritchie started serving in the increasing positions of the company’s leadership until his promotion to the Chief Operating Officer in the year 2014. After his nomination as the Chief Operating Officer of the company, Steve Ritchie provided a smart move as the CEO and the president of Papa John’s company.

What He Addressed Through the Letter

Steve Ritchie in the letter said that the week before was the hardest in his career and he knew what the company’s customers were going through at the moment. In article from, it mentioned that he also said that the company is larger than anybody else and it is committed to providing better services to the community. In the letter, he provided an outline of what the company is going to do in order to restore the trust of its customers. Steve Ritchie said that the company is in the process of hiring new professionals from outside to help it in the auditing of its diversity, culture and other practices.

As per, this was a good move for the company since it will help it in identifying the weakness and strengths. Also, the company’s management experts will be on their way listening to the company’s employees, customers, and franchisees while obtaining their feedback about the issue and how to move forward. Steve Ritchie will also be part of the team that will be collecting the feedback since he knows there is nothing essential for the company at the moment. He finally said that he will do his best to regain the trust of the customers.

The Importance of the Letter to the Customers

Through the letter, Steve Ritchie offered a direct apology to the customers on behalf of the company, and he said that they should know that Papa John’s is larger than anybody else. He also pointed out unique actions they will be using to address the inclusion and diversity that is in the company at the moment. Steve Ritchie will personally lead the efforts to achieve these values. See the latest from Papa John’s on Facebook.

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