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William Saito Talks About Russian Tech’s Future Potential

Who Is William Saito?

William Saito is an entrepreneur and consultant in the tech sector. He has worked in Silicon Valley and served as an adviser to the governments in Japan and Russia in technology matters. Saito was invited as a guest to Russia by Russian tech giant, Renovo. His insight into the future of technology has helped Russia establish its own version of Silicon Valley called Skolkovo. Mr. Saito is also the author of a memoir book called An Unprogrammed Life: Adventures of an Incurable Entrepreneur.


What Does William Saito Think About Russian Technology And Its Future?


Saito says that Russia has a strong history in scientific and technological developments. He points out that the periodic table of elements and the radio were created in Russia. Who can also forget the first satellite launched in space called Sputnik? This was done in Russia and helped start the space age and space race between the United States and Russia. The Russians have also sent the first animal and person in space. This is a feat that will stand in the echelons of history forever.


Today, Russia is a leader in cybersecurity. Its most famous technology company is called Kaspersky Labs. Eugene Kaspersky founded the firm.


Despite being world-renowned for its cybersecurity, Kaspersky Labs is now seeing plummeting sales in the United States and across the world. This is due to political events which are resulting in renowned tension between the United States, Western Europe, and Russia. William Saito says that politics has often disrupted the development and spread of Russian scientific and technological developments to the rest of the world.


Saito warns that Russia must not persecute its own green tech founders such as Dmitri Trubitsyn for internal political reasons. Trubitsyn was jailed for posing a possible threat to the government in charge at the time in Russia. The United States States and West must also keep an open mind when it comes to Russian tech innovation. If the West blocks out Russian technology and science, then they might find themselves losing out on significant new developments. They may even find themselves lagging behind the Russian bear in technology and science in the future.