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How Bruce Katzen became one of the best

Bruce Katzen is today considered among the most effective corporate attornies. He has been practicing since 1984 after he graduated from the University of Miami School of Law, with a J.D., and was awarded the magna cum laude, Salutatorian. He had always wanted to be a lawyer, and despite graduating from the Boston University summa cum laude in 1980 with a bachelors of science in Business Administration, he was still aware of that calling that drew him into doing law. He was an academically gifted student, but many attest that he was also a curious student who was willing to put in the work. At the same time, he had an interest in finance, which would see him become a Certified public accountant.

With all this education it was important for Bruce Katzen to find a way of merging them and making them work to his advantage. This he would achieve by going into finance fraud. He quickly realized that he could use his CPA skills to go through financial documents that most of his colleagues could not make out and apply his law skills to advise clients on the best way forward in any circumstance. Within this time Bruce Katzen also realized that he needed to learn corporate law a lot of what he was doing was tied to the corporate law side of things. This was his next area of specialization. Over the years he has been able to bring all these areas together and become one of the best in the said areas.

Today Bruce continues to advise clients on the said areas, even as he continues to win awards for his exemplary work in these areas. Between 2011 and 2016 he was named among the Best Lawyers in America in the Securities/Capital Markets Law category by the U.S. News and World Report.