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OSI Group: Fruits of years of innovation and management

The OSI Group is currently perhaps the largest food processing and logistics company in the world employing over 20,000 employees and with 65 facilities scattered in 17 countries globally. The company’s rise to its current position in the food logistics industry is owed to a series of numerous innovations and management decisions that have helped expedite its growth in the competitive world. Tracing its roots back to the 20th century in Illinois, Chicago, the company started off with a meat outlet shop from where demand shot up, fronting the management to increase production and expand its presence in the United States.

Since then, the family-based company has managed to weather significant hurdles in the corporate world and establish itself as a major supplier of food ingredients. One of the milestone achievements that the company has managed to make was its association and partnership with the McDonald’s Company. The association between McDonald’s and the OSI Group propelled the company into a suitable stage from where growth tremendously shot up.

As demand for meat supplies and other vegetable ingredients increased round-the-world, the company targeted expanding its business globally through franchises as well as mergers and takeovers which proved to be categorically helpful. To meet the global demand, the company also invested in cutting-edge technology by building modernized food processing and handling plants capable of storing and processing large quantities of meat. One of the concepts that the company invested in was the process of food storage for which flash freezing and cryogenic food processing methods came in handy.

In this regard, the OSI Group was able to meet customer demands while conquering food processing-related challenges such as food spoilage and the tight schedule of logistics required to maintain the supply chains in the food industry.

For the last one decade, the OSI Group has achieved tremendous development and growth as far as product diversification, consolidation, and expansion is concerned. The company has acquired new facilities at strategic locations around the globe such as in Spain to target particular markets that remain untapped. The new facilities have also been incorporated with new food processing technology through the incorporation of nutrition concepts that have enabled the OSI Group to develop food products fit for both meat lovers and vegetarians.

Also, the company has also maintained its dominance in the market by making numerous business decisions such as aligning its operations with the environmental demands that the modern day world craves for. The company’s progress, growth, and development in this regard have been featured and recognized in numerous awards that it has earned over the years.