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Madison Street Capital‘s advisory role in Majority Recapitalization of Professional Pipe Inc. by KJM Capital, LLC.

Madison Street Capital is a globally recognized banking firm based in Chicago, Illinois. It is associated with the provision of various services to businesses. The services offered include; corporate financial advice, venture capital services, corporate tax scheduling services, mergers and acquisitions, valuation services among others. Its primary goal is to ensure its clients achieve success in the international marketplace. Recently, Madison Street Capital served as a chief consultant to Professional Pipe Inc. (PPI). The business deal was declared by the CEO of Madison Street Capital, Charles Botchway and headed by Lester Jay Rodgers, the senior managing director. However, the terms of the deal were not revealed. PPI is a company associated with the provision of piping installation and equipment to various industries, among them being the state’s leading poultry processors. Having been founded in 1972, its main focus initially was food processing firms. However, it later evolved to provision of piping installation, renovation, and overall facility maintenance services in its customers’ facilities. In the deal above, PPI was seeking to partner with KJM Capital, LLC for recapitalization. KJM Capital is a company whose main venture is partnering with market companies to facilitate the provision of adequate operational proficiency such as software applications and accounting. This company was founded by Kenneth Meister with a mission of forming partnerships with low to middle-level firms that serve business people.


Madison street capital‘s transaction with PPI was successful as the PPI President, John Tyson, was greatly impressed by the council and guidance provided. This successful transaction has greatly improved the Madison Street Capital reputation in the international marketplace. Kenneth Meister, the founder of KJM Capital, LLC was greatly pleased having acquired an opportunity to partner with PPI. He promised to ensure that their partnered company achieved great success aiming to be at the top. He also congratulated PPI for their undying consistency and great performance in the textile industry.


Apart from the provision of financial advisory services to companies, Madison Street Capital aims at building well-established businesses throughout the United States. Its team of professionals is greatly dedicated to individual client needs thus diligently serving clients according to their needs. It has been rated among the leading middle market banking firms.


Madison street capital has its main focus on emerging markets since this is the core part that has driven the universal growth of their clients. Their high level of professionalism in their day to day dealings has earned them the trust of their clients. This has enabled them to forge long-term relationships with clients who in turn reciprocate by giving referrals. This has greatly contributed to the overall success of Madison Street Company.


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