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Todd Levine: Award-winning commercial litigator

Todd Levine is an award-winning commercial litigator based in Miami, United States. He has built an excellent reputation after handling numerous business disputes. He focuses on investors in real estate, property buyers and legal business disputes in the sports industry. He has also built an excellent reputation in the entertainment industry. He is also the co-founder of Kluger Kaplan.


Kluger Kaplan has handled many complex commercial litigations for many years. They believe in hard work and working as a family. Todd Levine boasts of winning many commercial dispute cases for over twenty-five years. He accords his success as an Attorney to his ability to combine creative thinking, love of science and art with his law practice. He believes that there are so many ways of solving disputes in businesses. Consulting a commercial attorney with vast experience is a sure way to go about it.


As an accomplished Attorney, Todd Levine believes in five nuggets of wisdom which have helped him to succeed. Vast Experience, ability to adapt fast to situations and doing extensive research are sure ways of getting ahead of other Attorneys. Also, having a good relationship with customers and taking precaution to avoid future disputes come in handy.


Todd Levine schooled at the University of Florida. He finished in 1988 attaining High Honors in Finance. He also attended the Levin College in 1991 and finished with a degree in law. He is a recipient of numerous awards such as Super Lawyers Business Edition and South Florida Business Journal. Also, he won Martindale-Hubbell, Florida Trend Magazine and South Florida Legal Guide awards.

At age 10, Todd Levine practiced how to play the guitar. His love for music saw him learn how to play other musical instruments like the bass guitar and keyboard. He is also a lover of art.