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Diversity Is The Future With Steve Ritchie

As it stands, Papa John’s sales have seen a steady decline in the last five months. According to QSR Magazine, in July alone, sales had declined 10.5 percent, and Papa John’s expected sales to continue to decline into the fiscal year. Steve Ritchie, Papa John’s new Chief Executive Officer, has taken on the challenge of bringing the once household name, back to its former glory. Early in the acceptance of his position as CEO, Steve Ritchie made a public proposal, that addressed many of the apprehensions that are plaguing the general public. Steve Ritchie, along with other members of Papa John’s leadership team are presently touring the U.S. listening to the anxiety of current employees and franchise owners.

The company appeared intensely apologetic and determined to put their customers first, but foremost, there needs to be a restoration of trust. Papa John is seeking to be more transparent going onward with its customers. The assemblage of an advisory panel in the works. This panel is expected to be compromised of nationally recognized business leaders, focused on reforming Papa John’s business plan to include both equity and diversity. Steve Ritchie says that he is committed as a leader to safeguard to future of company his loves, but also in the future, to produce a company leadership team that is evocative of individuals of varied backgrounds and nationalities. Steve Ritchie is motivated to promote a campaign of equity; he pledges that in order to achieve this feat, Papa John’s is going to need employees that are zealous and well-informed of Papa John’s values.

Papa John has two long-term objectives; to approve a minority-owned franchise growth and development program, and implement community-driven roots that work to bring people closer together. Steve Ritchie has worked in the Pizza industry for 25 years, and he says that throughout his career, he has found Papa John’s to be a nurturing environment. Papa John would be nothing without the employees, says Steve Ritchie and wishes to make that fact known and to direct his appreciation towards the staff and customers.