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“Paul Saunders, the principal of James River Capital advice employers on burnout “

Work is very stressful for many people especially in western society and the invention of mobile devices. Employees have social issues that they may transfer to the workplace. These issues negatively affect the whole outcome of the workforce. Stats show that burnout is among the many factors that lower the productivity of the workforce. Paul Saunders addresses this issue below.


Paul Sounders is the principal of James River Capital Corp. he is highly experienced in the employment matters. He advises the employers to treat their employee well. The employees’ success is the overall success of the entire firm. He talks about burnouts in the employees.


Outline the daily objectives every morning


Time management is essential in every aspect of life. Paul Sounders advised the bosses to let their employee make it a routine to prepare their time plan every morning before going to work. When one lacks proper time management, there is a high chance of developing burnout. The burnout sets in when one has to do several tasks at the same time.


Be transparent


When you are promoting some employees or just reaching a serious decision, it is essential to be transparent. Tell the rest of the employees what you considered before reaching that decision. When your subjects lack confidence in you, there is a high chance that they will develop burnout. Compensate your employees appropriately and motivate them frequently besides being very transparent in your decisions.


Offer solutions where necessary


Sometimes employees become stressed up and very emotional. These factors can lead to burnouts. It is advisable to talk to your employees and offer reasonable solutions. Tell them to do office work in the office and do something in their leisure time. They can do their hobbies to ease their tensions.


Sometime they may tend to lose confidence in their work. As an employer, advice your employees to set small goals that they can achieve. The broad goals can be broken into small achievable ones. If they break the goals into small manageable ones, they will ease the stress and become as productive as earlier on.


Who is Paul Saunders?


Paul Saunders is the principal and founder of James River Capital Corp. he is also the CEO and chairperson of James River Financial and James River Capital Corp.

He has worked in other financial companies since his graduation from the universities of Virginia in1977 and Chicago in 1979. He advises people on matters of finance and employment.


James River Capital


This company is based in Richmond Virginia. It began as KP Futures Management Corp in 1986. It served as kidder’s alternative investment department.

In 1995, Paul Saunders and Kevin Brandt plus other officials bought the company from the Kidder. James River Capital is now a registered company that offers investment advice in the USA. Learn more: