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Rocketship Education and Its High Test Scores are Drawing Some Attention

As one of the country’s most famous networks of charter schools, the Rocketship Education System needs no introduction.

If you are a parent living in the Bay Area, Milwaukee, Nashville or Washington D.C. regions, or an educator anywhere in the country, there are high chances that you may have heard of the Rocketship Education system.

It’s because the popular nonprofit network of public charter schools is famous for maintaining some of the highest test scores throughout the United States. The fiercely loyal parents who swear by its efficacy only add to the credibility of the Rocketship Education System.

The Rocketship Education System achieves this feat through the dedication of its highly proficient teachers and administrative staff, who focus on delivering the best in education practices to the schools’ students.

Rocketship Education and Its Revered Practices are Drawing Attention Now

Considering these practices, it was quite baffling to see NPR publishing a troubling profile of the Rocketship Education System.

The profile, which went on to highlight the account of an unhappy parent whose child has left the school, mentioned that the schools that operated under the Rocketship Education name seemed to have strict practices in place in accordance to retesting, bathroom breaks, and discipline.

While the alleged findings were concerning, the rifts between their credibility soon started to appear to those who read the piece with even the minutest attention and the slightest familiarity with the Rocketship Education System.

For once, the NPR profile didn’t mention if said retesting or bathroom breaks were a standard practice across other schools or not.

With that, it also failed to mention that the high staff turnover at the Rocketship Education System pointed out that it was considered a revered organization amongst education experts who wanted to join it in order to educate young minds more efficiently.

The further unavailability of credible sources went on to show that the profile wasn’t very fair on the Rocketship Education System – and that those who are considering the system for their young ones should do their due diligence and reach to parents still associated with the school before making a decision.

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