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How the Richest Woman in Africa, Isabel dos Santos, is Striving to Improve the Country

Isabel dos Santos made an address to the European Parliament several days ago regarding the technology emerging in Africa and the significance of technological development in connection to the diversification of the economy and the improvement of sectors like Agriculture and Banking.

A tremendous hurdle for Africa is to know how it’s going to become digitalized. We still do not know this answer. To be ambitious, we must use this technology and we must teach people to use this technology, Isabel dos Santos said.


The chairwoman of a top leading mobile servicer in Angola, Unitel, was asked to address the Africa Summit for 2019. This event is now taking place in Brussels with the goal of extending collaboration and deepening contacts to explore the partnership opportunities among the African Nations and the European Union (Alivenewspaper).


Addressing the panel focused on “Africa and Emerging Technology”, Isabel mentioned that “the ensuing revolution in Africa after the mobile one is going to be the digital revolution. There will soon be much more transactions and sales made using e-commerce than with regular stores. Many Africans will now own a bank account for the first time. This is all thanks to the coming shift toward digital banking”, according to Isabel dos Santos. The surging population expansion and the African Megacities are a huge hurdle. The businesswoman said that “safe, affordable and comfortable public transportation continues to be an unsolved issue for the majority of African cities.”

“It’s crucial to utilize urban planning and technology to create smart cities that enhance the quality of life for our residents and lower costs,” Dos Santos seeks the implementation of wise planning to construct cities that are nice living spaces. “They should be equipped with proper public transport operations. Technology should also be applied where it contributes to the enhancement of the quality of life, better management of environmental supplies, lower living expenses and the best use of our soil,”  she mentioned.

Isabel dos Santos also emphasized in her speech that there are fundamental aspects of Africa like stabilizing the legal framework that should be focused on to attract job investment and creation.

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