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Brace yourselves for 2019, Paul Mampilly tells businesses

While most hedge fund managers lose their credibility and spark when they ditch Wall Street, Paul Mampilly remains a finance house power even after walking away from Wall Street in favor of the main street. In the more than two decades that Mampilly worked in Wall Street, he built a solid reputation as one of the most productive hedge fund managers and also worked for several high profile institutions such as ING, Kinetics Asset Management, and Deutsche Bank.

Today, Paul Mampilly helps the common main street folks to get good returns from their investments and also advise people on the best investment portfolios out there. Mampilly also offers his insight on business and the financial market on popular platforms such as Fox Business News, Bloomberg TV, and CNBC.

According to Mampilly, the year 2019 will witness major changes in business that will disrupt and improve the way business is conducted.

For starters, Paul Mampilly says that more companies will have access to crucial data that will improve their business. Mampilly says that this will be a major shift from the current trend where the cost of accessing data is prohibitive; a scenario that limits small companies and startups to utilize the data to their advantage. With consumer data having become the primary product that sustains businesses in the modern economy, this predicted data revolution will level the playing field for big and small companies to compete fairly.

Paul Mampilly also says that big companies will have to reevaluate their marketing strategies in order to remain relevant to the modern consumer. This is because small companies have revolutionized marketing, inspiring a change from the traditional one-size-fits-all strategy, to a more personalized and consumer-centric marketing strategy. Mampilly adds that big companies will also have to be more innovative in their product manufacturing and tailor the products to cater to individual consumer’s needs.

Paul Mampilly sees the stable political climate to be of favor to most businesses. The current regime is pro-business and has seen many business-friendly tax reforms come into effect, hence, boosting productivity and profits. For this reason, Mampilly says that it is wise for investors to pump their money in local businesses, as they are more likely to get better returns from their investments. Paul Mampilly Has Struck Gold Again

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