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Roseann Bennett On Millennials And Mental Health

Roseann Bennett is an experienced mental health therapist who is a graduate of Seton Hall University. In 2009, she co-founded the Center For Assessment and Treatment located in Hackettstown, NJ. Her goal is to help those who need counseling regardless of their ability to pay.

In a recent article, Roseann Bennett detailed the major mental health issues that she is seeing among those of the Millennial generation. Among the mental health problems facing this group is anxiety. Ms. Bennett believes that social media is one of the major factors causing the increase in anxiety among Millennials. According to Ms. Bennett, Millennials are using social media to constantly compare themselves to one another. When they don’t think they are measuring up to others, anxiety increases to perform at a higher level.

A second mental health issue occurring among Millennials is an increase in the level of depression. Roseann Bennett believes that there are two factors leading to this increase. The level of independence within society has increased, and this leads to social isolation. She also believes that Millennials are focusing on money and fame too much, and this leads them to possess unrealistic expectations regarding the outcomes in their lives.

Finally, Roseann Bennett has seen an increase in eating disorders among those of the Millennial generation. Once again, Ms. Bennett sees social media and the comparisons that is produces as a cause of the rise in eating disorders. She also believes that the negative body images given to young people contribute to eating disorders and other related mental health conditions.

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