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Agera Energy: the Leading Electricity and Natural Gas Supplier

Agera Energy was established at the start of 2014. During this time, the winter had affected the budgets for clients and retail suppliers as well. As fate will have it, Agera Energy found themselves in the most opportune moment to establish a retail energy supply firm. Watch this video about Agera Energy on Youtube.

Clients needed change, protection, and guidance since the underfinanced retail suppliers were not well situated to serve clients. Besides, the retail suppliers were closing down the business or giving themselves up for grabs. Since this was the perfect time the industry was experiencing change, Agera Energy took the opportunity and dived in to be at the front line of that change.

The company offered its services to first clients via the acquisition of the leading national retail energy company, and then one after the other. As the company was in the process of doing the acquisition, they were training and sending direct sales crew into the market place. Rather than starting with energy training and sales strategies, the company trained its front lines on how to handle energy clients. Additionally, the company guides its clients through the decision making the procedure to make sure that there is transparency at every stage of the procedure from the introduction to enrollment. Agera Energy started to change the game with their first client interactions. Read more about Agera Energy on

Currently, the company boasts serving 1.8 million clients who are recognized as the company’s fan base.

Agera Energy specializes in supplying electricity and natural gas energy. This means that all the clients have an opportunity to choose what they want and the company makes easy to make a choice. Many states passed the laws to deregulate the energy industry and letting the preference of retail energy. This made the consumers to have the powers to choose.

When the company fights for your energy requirements, you will realize that your client service experience improves, billing alternatives are accessible and products are developed to make sure your energy costs are billed as required and expectations are not just attained but surpassed.

The company understands that low-cost kilowatt-hour is the one that is not used. For this reason, the company created its energy efficiency solutions to be integrated with the products offered by retail suppliers.