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What Led Ashley Brasier To Lightspeed Ventures

Ashley Brasier’s career before joining Lightspeed Venture Partners has been somewhat remarkable in that she’s gained a significant amount of experience in such a short amount of time. With that, in hiring Ashley Lightspeed has gotten someone who’s repeatedly been successful in all of her roles. Probably the most significant of all of her roles was when she worked as a Category Manager for Thumbtack. With this position, she mainly focused on the Events and Weddings categories and was responsible for its overall growth.

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However, Ashley Brasier was initially set for a career in architecture, after being inspired by days prototyping houses with her father when she was young. That being said, prototyping businesses rather than buildings ended up interesting Ms. Brasier more. This helped lead her to Thumbtack, where she gained a significant amount of hands-on experience helping clients grow their overall business and expand into new markets. Because of this Ms. Brasier could further enhance many of her entrepreneurial skills, as well as her customer service skills. Through this time, she also got experience in niches that she hadn’t anticipated. One of the most notable of these with Thumbtack was when she was first introduced to the world of venture capital.

This was the time when she was managing a social event raising funds at Thumbtack. Because of this exposure, Ashley Brasier wound up hypnotized by the niche. In any case, she wasn’t done with her studies and went back to college to learn at Stanford GSB. However, she kept working nonetheless, and advised a variety of companies to help fund her way through college. This is one of the characteristics in Ashley Lightspeed has seen; she’s someone devoted to helping clients build up their business in a sustainable way. Like this, the clients that she’s helped so far have seen critical accomplishment. Related: