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PSI Pay Leading the Way in the Contactless Payments Industry

The payments industry has been transforming in the past few years, especially with the advent of the internet and online payments. The use of cash has been decreasing drastically in the past few years and most of the countries globally, cashless payments are encouraged. A sizeable portion of the annual transactions done across the globe is done through cars and online payments. Taking the payments industry forward is PSI Pay that is one of the pioneering companies involved with taking forward the technology of contactless payments.


The companies are trying their best to provide the smartest way to shop and transact to the customers and PSI Pay is the company that is developing technology to facilitate it. PSI-Pay along with its affiliate company named Kerv Wearables is developing a smart ring that would make the entire process of payment contactless. It is for this reason PSI Pay is known as the pioneers in the field of contactless payments. More and more companies are trying to adapt to the technology of contactless payments. Gone are the days when you have to dig into your purse every time you need to purchase anything as you can wave and pay with your smart ring.


The Kerv Wearable rings are designed to pay with ease and comes in twelve different sizes. PSI Pay is making all the efforts and investments necessary to take contactless payments industry to new heights. The contactless payments made through the smart rings or wearable technology uses NFC or RFID that also helps in making the entire contactless method secure. There are ongoing researches taking place to make contactless payments more secure and widespread across the globe. As the majority of the world population is using credit and debits cards to pay for goods and services, it is also apt for contactless payments to be the next big thing in the payments industry.


In the United Kingdom, over 108 million contactless payments took place last year, and the figure is going to increase in the next few years drastically. It is because more and more people are adopting the new market trends and shifting towards the contactless payments. PSI Pay started its operations in the year 2007, and in a concise period, the company has become a market leader in the alternative payment solutions. More and more companies are reaching out to PSI Pay for providing customized payments solutions that would ease their workload as well as improve efficiency and transparency.



Anil Chaturvedi Encourages India Investment With Smart Pricing and Branding

Anil Chaturvedi a seasoned banker with over 40 years of extremely skilled and insightful banking expertise encourages investment in India with smart pricing and branding that is a skill set that is truly lacking in the Indian business culture. In fact, in India, businesses are catering more to discounting and cheap or low priced retail strategies that make it difficult to fully reap the highest rates of return on investment in their product and service sales. Great leadership and guidance are needed to continue the advancement of the retail and e-commerce consumer corporate guidelines for selling within the Indian culture. Anil Chaturvedi has a tremendous background in Indian culture and global financial banking from various career opportunities he has experienced over the last 40 years as a banker. His perspectives have been developed from various positions including his current position at Hinduja Bank where he serves as Managing Director in this global bank headquartered in Geneva Switzerland. Anil Chaturvedi serves Hinduja Bank by providing banking insight and perspective on mergers and acquisitions and sale and restructuring of distressed assets across geographical borders including Europe, Asia, India, and the US. Anil also provides capital raising for institutional investors and international organizations and credit syndication for the Hinduja Bank located in Geneva, Switzerland. Anil Chaturvedi has a strong perspective and insight on the Indian consumer dynamics as a resident specialist from his background and upbringing in the Indian culture. The India population is seeking opportunities to purchase goods from a global perspective which is creating opportunities for great profits in those corporations that are able to penetrate the cultural dynamics. Anil Chaturvedi was educated at Delhi University in 1973 where he graduated with a Bachelor of Economics and Arts. He also attended FMS Delhi University where he received his Masters of Business Administration and Financial Management Degree. Anil Chaturvedi has continued over the years to provide strategic intellectual and analytical guidance and perspective for some of the most successful banks and financial institutions on the planet with a high degree of intellectual understanding and perspective on the Indian financial market and culture. As a result, Anil Chaturvedi is continuing to encourage Indian investment with smart pricing and branding that can be leveraged to reap profits and tremendous success within the business market of India.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi’s Fulfilling Career Journey With Bradesco

Being the president of Brazil’s largest insurer requires a level of professionalism that is combined wisdom and persistence to give positive results. Such qualities can only be found in one man, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, the Banco Bradesco’s deputy president and Bradesco Group of Insurance and Pension Plans’ president. Being in the organization for close to 38 years, he has gathered valuable banking experience and has applied it to insurance fronting broker channels in insurance sale.

Forecasting into the future, Carlos Trabuco Cappi is optimistic about growth in insurance saying it serves as an extended arm of the government in enhancement and maintenance of social welfare. He says that the stability and growth of the Brazilian economy prove that the insurance market will flourish.

He graduated from the University of São Paulo (USP) with a degree in Philosophy and later postgraduate studies in Socio-psychology at the School of Sociology and Politics of São Paulo. This is unlike other business professionals who graduated with accounting, business administration or engineering.

He succeeded former Bradesco President, Márcio Cypriano when his term expired in 2009. Since taking over, he has led by example progressing Bradesco into success. For instance, he got the board’s approval in purchasing the HSBC Brazilian branch for $ 5.2 billion in 2015. The combined market shares of Bradesco and HSBC ensure they are ahead of their rival in three areas; a network of branches, account holders and total investment fund with proximity to their deposits, loans granted and assets.

Though he was taunted to become the Minister of Finance, he turned down President Dilma Rousseff’s offer opting to work for Bradesco. As the president of Bradesco, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was keen on market professionals urging them to have a message to send, a plan of action and a strategy. Bradesco has acquired ten banks in the last years such as Spanish BBVA, Boavista, and BMC using aggressive investments in opening more branches. This has seen its credit volumes increase by two times.

His working relationship with Bradesco began in 1969, where he was employed as a clerk at its Marília’s branch. He went to work at Bradesco’s headquarters in São Paulo two years later working hard and being promoted to the position of director of marketing 1984. During this time he modernized Bradesco’s publicity and changed the bank’s averse relationship with the media to one of openness. From 1992-1998, he was the executive director and president of Bradesco’s private pension firm and later in 1999, Carlos was appointed the executive deputy president.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi served on Bradesco bank’s board of directors between 1999 and 2005. He continued to rise among the ranks, and in 2003 he started serving as the insurance firm’s president before rising to become Bradesco’s President in 2009. When he was the head of the insurance, he helped them to double their assets and took the lead in Brazil’s market with a 25% stake in the market share, the largest in Latin America.

Amid harsh opposition, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi fiercely fought for segmentation of customers which was essential for Bradesco to counter its competitor’s similar efforts. He implemented it satisfactorily. Currently, the bank offers a unique check including services with differentiated agencies for its high-income customers.

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Is PSI’s PayPass safe?

Every customer that has gone to a bank has had to wait in a long line and fill out a check slip to deposit money. Every customer has had to wait in a line and shuffle their exact change to get a cup of coffee. PSI Pay has come up with a revolutionary process to save customers time and the hassle that you get with an ordinary banks. PSI Pay is a bank that is located in the United Kingdom. Their main office is located in Horsham, United Kingdom. The company was founded in 2007 and have had Electronic Money Institution License since 2011. One of the most notable products that PSI offer, is a contractless program called PayPass. This program is changing the way that customers can access their money online without the hassle of going to a bank or atm. Customers might have many a couple of questions.

How does it work? Is it safe?

PayPass allows customer to access money through their smartphone app, a card, smart watch or a key fod. When a customer wants to make a purchase, the customer will open the app or using a device and tap it on a machine to complete the transaction. How does information get from your device to the machine? The device has a antenna that transmits encrypted radio signals to the machine, where it is read. After the information is processed, it is sent to PSI Pay and the bank makes the transaction of funds from your account with them. It is quick, fast and easy.

PSI Pay Ltd is a company that can be trusted with a customers’ money. They are affiliated with Mastercard Worldwide. Customers can feel confident that they will not close their doors anytime soon. The company is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Any transaction made through Paypass uses a encrypted radio signal, so thieves will have a very hard time to steal your information. PSI Pay is dedicated to keep the accounts in their bank safe and secure as well. To further protect customers, Paypass requires a signature for purchases over 40 dollars. PayPass recommends that customers keep their devices safe and on you at all time. In case, a device is stolen or lost, the customer to report it to PSI-Pay Ltd., so a new device can be sent and the misplaced device deactivated. Paypass has become one of the biggest financial in the United Kingdom due to their dedication to keeping their customers’ money secure and safe.

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