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Building and Expanding With Market America

One thing that business owners and entrepreneurs understand is the need to expand as it depends on the business. Market America is one of the companies that have expanded so that it can reach other customers in other markets and territories. The need for expansion depends on the type of business and vision the individual is running. One thing about the internet is that it has changed the styles of business.

These days, businesses do not have to be large enterprises in order to be successful. As a matter of fact, some people may choose to just be entrepreneurs with passive income and run a one person show. Instead of expanding through building of locations, they may decide to expand their social circle through different marketing techniques. One thing they may do is build some income streams using brands from the Market America network. Often times, there are people who just want to live a social life. One good way to do this is sign up with unfranchise businesses like Market America and use social marketing skills in order to sell some products.

One of the best ways to market for people who rather not run a traditional business is to just engage and even offer promotions. There are many people who are just becoming famous by doing things they love and getting paid for it through selling items that they recommend. One of the best things for people in this case is to find their own business style.

Market America is one of the companies that are helping people wake up to a new type of economy. This is going to be the type of work that is more fulfilling. This will also bring forth a new mindset where people are actually enjoying the work that they do. This type of world does not involve as much complaining.

Adam Milstein: Being Enlightened with Property Development

Adam Milstein is an Israeli-American managing director and philanthropist, who currently manage the Hager Pacific Properties. He is also having active participation with philanthropic works, especially those which are directed for the benefit of the Jewish people.

Adam Milstein was born from two Latino parents who went to Israel for a better opportunity during the 1940s. His parents married in the 1950s, and he was the first born. They lived in a city north of Haifa, and life was not easy for him. During his teenage years, he was conscripted by the IDF and trained him to become a soldier. He was sent to battle the Egyptians during the Yom Kippur War, and he managed to return home safe. The war taught him so many lessons about life, and he started to enjoy it by enrolling himself at a university and finishing a degree in business and economics. He knew that these degrees would help his father with his business, and it is the reason why he selected it.

Adam Milstein assisted his father in managing their real estate business, and in just a short period, he successful transformed their small real estate business into a large one. A lot of clients are amazed to his skills in managing their real estate business, and after fulfilling his duty for his parents, he decided to leave Israel with his wife and chose to live in the United States. It was not easy for him to settle in a foreign land, but he faced all of the challenges and triumphed in living as an immigrant. He would, later on, receive his MBA from a well-known university in California, and then he would be working as a sales agent for a property development company.

Unsatisfied with the rates being presented to him, Adam Milstein decided to leave the company and chose to stay at the Hager Pacific Properties. He has been promoted ever since, and he now has the title of a Managing Director or someone who would oversee all of the activities of the company, and make sure that no one would be able to leave those circuits open.


Business Legacies Left by Louis Chenevert

Louis Chenevert has left a legacy in business. From the time he was born to the time he stepped down as CEO of United Technologies Corporation, he ate, slept, dreamed breathed, and made profit.

Chenevert is a Canadian, born in the province of Quebec, and residing in Montreal. Being a Montreal native, Chenevert always had his eyes set on attending the University of Montreal, or possible one of its affiliates. That is exactly what he did when he began pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in the profit making center of Production Management.

After graduating, Chenevert would apply and secure a job as a General Production Manager at General Motors. Here he was in charge of securing efficiency and lowering costs. During his fourteenth year working for General Motors, he was approached by Platt & Whitney to come work for the aircraft manufacturer.

Chenevert would leave General Motors and arrive at Platt & Whitney. Working here came with its own prize. After 6 years of service, the board met and decided that they wanted Chenevert as their next president. Chenevert would go on to serve there for another seven years. Soon though, the business that would become his legacy came calling. United Technologies Corporation came offering a job; a lucrative job at that.

Chenevert would work at the United Technologies Corporation for many years. During his time, the company would do the unthinkable, they would purchase the aerospace company Goodrich. This they did for $16.3 billion. From there Chenevert would also acquire Otis, the largest elevator company in the world. This is why the stocks rose from $37 to $117.

Because of his accomplishments, the Executive Committee of Business Council would elect him as Vice Chairman for the years 2011-2012. In 2015, one year after Chenevert stepped down from the United Technologies Corporation, Goldman Sachs would offer him the role in the area of Merchant Banking as an Executive Adviser for that division.

Glen Wakeman Makes Huge Contributions To The Financial Services Market

Glen Wakeman is an established businessman that holds many titles. He is an executive of financial services, a small business owner, a board member and the chief executive officer of a variety of companies. He has an extensive background, with 21 years of management experience from GE Capital. His roles involved business development as well as profit & loss positions. He is now the chief executive officer and founder of LaunchPad Holdings. It is a software service that helps new entrepreneurs during the early stages by turning their ideas into a plan that’s attainable. The LaunchPad Toolkit contains a collection of tips and advice in order to lead entrepreneurs through the process of starting a business. It is backed by capital providers and experts. Glen Wakeman was chief executive officer and president of a finance company with services such as mortgage banking, retail banking, insurance firm operations, commercial banking and institutional security performances. He was also an integral part of the Board as the chairman. While serving in his positions, Wakeman turned the company around and made it into an efficient community banking institute. The transformation included the creation of a $2.7 billion United States operation from the headquarters of Puerto Rico. Glen Wakeman has received a huge amount of awards from all over the world for his leadership contributions and his commitment to C&S responsibility. Glen Wakeman worked with GE Capital for a long period of time. He was involved in a variety of leadership positions, such as operational and general management and business development (SlideShare). Glen Wakeman served as the chief executive officer of GE Money Latin America. During his time there, Wakeman built a business of 9 countries. The company gained more than $12 billion in profit, annual earnings of $100 million, and had a staff of 17,000 employees. Over the course of his career, Glen Wakeman has created a network of over 1000 agencies, signed a number of partnerships, and produced many different products. He has been in charge of companies in more than 30 countries. Glen Wakeman graduated from the University of Chicago with an M.B.A. degree and received a B.S. in Economics and Finance from the University of Scranton.

Jason hope tech career

Over the years he has been offering different reviews of products being rendered in the segment. By so doing he gained a lot of followers in various platforms. This has made him very influential in the sector. A number of dealers are now promoting their goods using the platform created by Jason. There is a broad range of factors he considers when reviewing the commodity.

One of the key thing which is being considered is the quality of utility being offered by the product. The product being reviewed should provide the quality of service needed. Apart from that, it has to be reliable to the user of that facility. Goods which are not reliable can be quite demanding to the user since he will have to fix it more often. That will increase the cost of operation by a significant margin.If you want to visit his Facebook profile : Click Here.

Apart from Jason Hope reviewing the goods being rendered in the market, he has also been investing in a number of firms all over the globe. This is one of the ways in which he has been supporting people with business ideas. A good fraction of the institutions he has invested in are now doing great. Due to that, he has been making a huge sum of money out of his investments. See More:

Jason Hope’s Career has been very vocal about the internet of things. This technology is still new in the market, and thus most persons are not well versed with it. Internet of things refers to interconnection of different hard wares. They have been synchronized so as to share the available information. By sharing the data, the goods will provide better utility to the user. Apart from that, the user will learn a lot about what is taking place and thus being in a better state of preparing for its outcome.A number of entities have now invested in the technology. The returns which will be realized by the institutions will be high in the near future mainly because it will gain popularity among many people in various regions of this globe. The technology will help a lot in the reduction of operation cost being incurred by many firms.

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A Review Of Brad Reifler’s Financial Career

The shrewd entrepreneur has rendered his services for various successful companies in the United States. After graduating from college, Brad Reifler spent most of his time gaining experience in different positions, as he climbed the corporate ladder. Today, he focuses his attention to his revered company, Forefront Capital.

Brad’s independent career started in 1980’s when he incorporated a successful company, Reifler Trading Company (RTC). This corporation engaged in managing millions of clients’ dollars is safe discretionary accounts. According to Bloomberg, with the passage of time, Brad Reifler felt the need to evolve the company’s operations.

To this end, he started offering institutional research services, engaging in information dissemination and providing sound derivative and executor services. Under his leadership, RTC grew to become a large independent futures company. However, the largest futures corporation in the planet, Refco Inc., bought RTC in 2000.

During that period, Reifler was heavily involved in expanding his professional knowledge in financial services to earn the trust of clients around the globe. In 1995, Brad founded Pali Capital. This corporation offered various services in the equity markets. Particularly, Reifler expanded to hedge funds by using an innovative and differentiated strategy.

Even though he did not advice funds on the appropriate stocks to purchase or sell, he used top research, derivative structure and credit analysis to teach sales traders on how to execute the packaged strategy. During his 13 years with the firm, Brad Reifler ensured that Pali Capital was always on a growth trajectory.

Notably, the company’s commission income was more than $1 billion. In addition, Reifler employed more than 300 people. With the increased demand of their services and products, Pali Capital opened offices in four continents.

Today, Brad Reifler is more focused on the success of Forefront Capital, LLC. The company takes pride in owning various successful subsidiaries, which include Forefront Advisory and Forefront Partners.

As the chief executive officer and founder of the corporation, Brad has been working to provide clients with highly different product offering. The success of the large corporation has attracted many registered investment advisers, entrepreneurs and renowned investment bankers to Forefront Capital. Brad Reifler provides his employees with a favorable environment to undertake their duties.

The Business Journey of Mike Baur

Most people have known Mike Baur as a philanthropist and entrepreneur based in the U.S. However that’s not all about him. Baur is one of the people who have led to great developments in the banking and finance industries. Mike was not only born in Switzerland but was also raised there. Throughout his career, he has been traveling across the globe empowering young and old individuals to achieve their dreams.


How Mike gets his business idea

Mr. Baur invested into the banking and finance industry while still a teenager. Since his childhood, Mike has had great passion and interest in this subject which made him pursue it as his career. To him, working for the finance and banking industries satisfies his desires entirely.


Mr. Baur working for the Swiss Private Banking

After completing his studies, Mike managed to work with various firms. One of the companies he used to work for is Swiss Private Banking. At Swiss Private Banking, Mike Baur worked for more than 20 years. Baur has always shown signs of hard work and dedication in his responsibilities while working for the firm. Due to this, he was appointed as one of the executive directors in the board of the company. The institution significantly developed thanking him for the successes.


Mike Baur in Swiss Start-up Factory

After being an employee for a long time, Mr. Mike Baur opted to start his firm. He had gained a lot of leadership skills and experience being a worker in different institutions. After partnering with two other individuals, Mr. Baur founded an organization referred to as Swiss Start-up Factory in 2014. Together, they developed the firm to its current state as the largest as well as top global private accelerator institutions. The company is based in Zurich, and it focuses on ensuring that the modern times’ entrepreneur is equipped enough for different opportunities. The firm created secure and reliable networks not only in Switzerland but also in the whole world to achieve this dream. The company uses these networks to build opportunities for the future entrepreneurs.


Mike’s firm runs a start-up program that involves new investors. During the program, the entrepreneurs are mentored and coached to prepare them for the world of investment. At the end of the program, each investor is given an office space in an ideal location for starting his venture. The firm also provides them with reliable business networks to ensure that all the businessmen excel in their endeavors.


Copa Star Hospital Offering Five Star Services

Technology is changing things so fast. In the past, people had to move across the room to switch on lights and adjust curtains. Today, things have changed, and people can do many things while seated. You can even adjust the temperature of your room with a remote control or a system designed specifically for you. While these services may be associated with the healthy, a hospital in Brazil is bringing these services to its customers. The Copa Star Hospital in Brazil is offering five-star services to its customers. According to a recent article, the hospital is owned by the D’Or Network, and the group is said to have more than 22 hospitals in the region offering the same services. The hospital is located in the Brazil city of Rio de Janeiro and is threatening to run other hospitals in the area out of business. The group executives say that there are plans to expand the hospital services to other areas such as Sao Paulo and Brasilia.

The idea of a five-star hospital was inspired by the world cup in the year 2014 when the need for comfort and hospitality arose. The hospital has a natural environment that is accommodating and warm, and this tends to attract patients. Some of the most notable areas within the facility is a lobby, a dining area, and even a patient’s recovery suite. Copa Star Hospital has also emphasized on privacy as most of their clients are high profile celebrities in the country. Privacy has been achieved by a well-crafted entrance and exit. The main aim here is to reduce movements as much as possible. To ensure that the patients receive the best medical care, the staff of this hospital receives extra training. The hospital acquires its customers from those who would have flown out of the country to seek medical attention abroad. The hospital is reputed for handling complex cardiac and neurological conditions. Visit their profile page on Facebook

To handle the critics, the hospital emphasizes that the amenities are just secondary considerations while the primary goal remains to offer quality healthcare. The hospital has over 55 ICUs and more than 150 hospital beds. Copa Star Hospital has implemented state of the art facilities to ensure that the patients are not isolated.

There is an app that can be installed on the iPad offered to the patients. The app allows the patients to control the immediate environment such as lighting, temperature, and curtains. To ensure patients are not bored, the hospital has installed cameras to broadcast the surrounding environment to the patients. This means that the patients get to see a live footage of what is happening in the nearby oceans. The chief executive officer of this facility is Rodrigo Gavina. The hospital has social media pages to respond to any query.

Read more at SSC Magazine about Copa Star.

FreedomPop is Taking Over the Mobile Game

Consumers are looking for a cheaper mobile option to the usual contract that most cellular phone companies offer. In comes FreedomPop, a company with a totally free voice, text and data plan. After a year of free service, users have various phone and data plans to choose from. Whether they want a voice and data plan or just a mobile internet plan, FreedomPop offers flexibility without the hassle of lengthy and unpredictable costs and fees. Now customers have a better option that promises freedom.

FredomPop is a Los Angelos based business that started in 2012. They currently serve the United States and the United Kingdom but do plan to expand to other countries. The goal of FreedomPop is to provide free mobile plans in the way current apps like Skype and Spotify does. They’ve received praise from Tech Crunch and Fortune. They’ve received over $100 million in funding from various corporation venture segments including Intel Capital and Atomico.


PT Money reviewed the services and gave an updated opinion on the services FreedomPop offer. The author rated their website, plans and customer service. Their first option is the free plan, which includes up to 200 minutes of talk and text and 500 MB of data. This plan is only good for one year. Once the year is up, it costs $10.99 for the same plan. In addition to phone plans, customers are able to get a data only plan. They must pay a down payment on a hotspot or MiFi device, which is available through their website. All of their plans range from $10 to $20. They also have an unlimited plan that offers 1 GB of data.


Once a customer goes over their data and voice limit, there is a charge of 0.02 per MB used. There is an automatic top-up for $10.99, which is a more cost effective plan, which customers can opt out of. Despite these small charges, FreedomPop is still an offer that is the advantage of people who want a simple and flexible phone and data plan. When managed correctly, according to the author, the service is still affordable compared to those of other mobile phone and data companies. They even sell devices or let you bring your own.


FreedomPop has many plans, their best and most popular feature, though, is the 100 percent free plan. They also have affordable options which rival many of the popular phone companies out there. This is the ideal cellular phone and data company to choose when a cellular phone is needed without the surprise fees and increasing costs.



Queen D: Desiree Perez, the Queen of Tidal

People commonly refer to Jay-Z’s wife as “Queen Bey”, but he actually has several queens in his life. Desiree Perez is one of these queens. She is an executive for Tidal, a music streaming service owned by Jay-Z and a slew of other big name artists. Many internet sources credit Perez with helping to revive Tidal and make it what it is today. According to those sources, she has a long history with Jay-Z and Roc Nation, and has earned her stripes in the industry over the years.

Perez is known to have strong business and negotiation skills. She has been able to put these skills to use for almost twenty years in various ways. She has negotiated and organized tours like Beyonce’s “Formation” stadium tour, and has also been able to negotiate huge business deals for other big artists. Perez has also learned a lot from working closely with her husband, “OG” Juan Perez, the man who runs Roc Nation Sports. She is a member of what some call “Hova Circle”, a group of the most influential people behind Roc Nation and Tidal.

She is the behind-the-scenes, go-to person when it comes to landing big deals. She is everything that Tidal needs in order remain successful. Her name may not be as widely known as the names of the co-owners of Tidal, but without her the company would not be gaining success in the way it is. Big names can only do so much to draw subscribers in, that is where people like Perez step in to make the magic happen. She has been making that magic happen for years, and the end does not seem to be anywhere in sight.

In a world where other long-standing streaming services exist, penetrating the industry could prove challenging. Tidal, with the help of Perez, has been able to permeate the industry in a tremendous way. The service has over 4 million subscribers now, and will continue to grow exponentially as long as executives like Desiree Perez stick around. She may not be “Queen Bey”, but she is definitely worthy of her own title as “Queen D”.