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People Are Priority Always

Traveling for weeks to big cities like Dallas, Detroit, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Atlanta was a mission Steve Ritchie diligently followed out. Although the locations may have made for an interesting sightseeing trip, business was the forefront of Ritchie’s mind. He set out to find new ways to improve the company. The new CEO has recently been trying to effect change on the Papa Johns’ brand by visiting franchisees and team members to hear their honest opinions about the company that they work for. In an article published at, it says that being a CEO is vastly different than being a delivery driver or pizza maker. It can be hard to remember the daily challenges of a team member position when you are in charge of a major business. Leaders often have to make decisions that may be for the good of the company at the cost of losing relationships with the center of the business, the employees.

Steve Ritchie Papa John’s wants to improve the brand by taking into consideration how his employees feel and what they need. While constructive criticism can be hard to swallow, he believes that it will have a positive impact on future business practices. Firsthand conversations between Steve Ritchie and employees, from donating to local charities and schools to difficult situations with customers, have opened his eyes to the reality of the average experiences of his employees. After making that connection he is optimistic about the company’s future. He is planning to earn the compromised trust of customers back by supporting the communities where the franchises are located. Communities and businesses that share common goals creates a better quality of life for everyone involved. People Are Priority Always (P.A.P.A) is becoming a more integrated part of the Papa Johns’ brand. This innovative leadership may have a significant impact on team members and customers in the oncoming future.

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Doe Deere’s Creativity Is Unmatched In Cosmetics

Doe Deere is a huge success in the cosmetics industry today as the founder of Lime Crime as well as Poppy Angeloff. Unfortunately for Doe, there were many hardships to get through in order to find her success, but she was made all the better for it. Doe and her parents are originally from Russia and while she was still just a small child, her family moved to the United States. While they were hoping for opportunity when they got to the states, instead they were left without jobs for more than six months. Because of this, Doe Deere and her family were staying in homeless shelters for quite some time.

Doe’s family was helped by a social worker to get a place to live, which started off a better beginning for the family. Not long after, Doe’s parents were able to find work and make a good living, which is why they always told Doe to pursue her dreams above all else. As many of her fans know, Doe has quite the quirky personality and loves to use makeup with vibrant colors, which was her inspiration for her own company. Doe has successfully started up businesses in cosmetics and clothing and her brands have become widely popular all over the country. Lime Crime is a makeup company that is focused on high-quality products without any animal cruelty involved. They also have a wide variety of unique and bright colors that are of Doe’s own creation.

Doe Deere has remained a position inspiration for millions of women and she has put a lot of effort into supporting women empowerment through her companies. Doe has had to go through tough times herself, so she knows the struggle that many people are facing today. Doe Deere was made stronger and independent throughout her journey and she believes others can take on the same path she did.

Ryan Seacrest Is Happy With How His Career Is Going But Still Holds Himself To A High Standard

Ryan Seacrest is a name that virtually anyone would recognize today. Not only is he famous as the host of the world famous talent competition American Idol but he is also well known for a number of other media activities. These activities include hosting a radio show that is one of the most popular going today and syndicated nationally. The name of this program is On Air with Ryan. Ryan Seacrest is also known for spending a large amount of his time working in the area of charity. He has his own foundation to this tune that is called the Ryan Secrest Foundation. This critical charity organization dramatically improves the lives of hospitalized children. If these things weren’t enough, Ryan Seacrest is also a player in the fashion industry and has his own men’s fashion range called Ryan Seacrest Distinction. The line pairs with his men’s skin care products that go under the label Ryan Seacrest Polish.

Then there is Ryan Seacrest’s newest project – Live With Kelly and Ryan. This great morning show is the latest instalment of one of the longest-running programs in the business. TV host Ryan Seacrest has become very confident that he made the right decision when he chose to join the show’s co-host, Kelly Ripa. For her part, Kelly seems to be having a great time working with Ryan and getting to play off of his outgoing personality. Ryan Seacrest is happy with how the first season went with Live With Ryan and Kelly but he is equally excited and obsessed with the second season. Ryan Seacrest is known for his high standards and he expects plenty out of himself for season two. There are some major stars slotted to appear on the upcoming season and Ryan Seacrest (@ryanseacrest) plans to be ready. He has proven over the years that he is always out to out-do himself. Connect with Ryan Seacrest on Facebook.

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How Stream Energy is Practicing Corporate Social Responsibility in Dallas, Texas

How Stream Energy is Practicing Corporate Social Responsibility in Dallas, Texas

Corporate social responsibility has always been part of a self-indulging business model that assists a corporation to be socially accountable to the public, stakeholders, and its management. Through participating in corporate social responsibility, companies win client’s hearts because more often than not, it has been proven that millennials like to be part of a business that supports the community. Lately, one company that has indulged in corporate social responsibility is Stream Energy.

About Stream Energy

In 2005, Rob Snyder joined Pierre Koshakji to establish Stream Energy. At first, the firm provided energy services strictly in Texas. This was during the deregulation of electricity in the area. After three years, the firm expanded to Georgia then Northeast. It also started selling electric as well as gas energy services across ten states. Washington, DC was one of the states. In 2015, the company began providing mobile phone services. This unit of services was known as Stream Wireless.

Growth and Development 

In 2017, Stream shifted its office to Tollway Center. Since then, the company has signed up with different independent investors including those who are interested in joining the multi-level marketing branch to supply energy services and products to the community. Aside from that, Stream indulges in community projects. If you remember Hurricane Harvey, then you are probably aware of the damages it caused to the people of Dallas. Not only did some lose their loved ones but also property. While some companies came forward to support victims, Stream Energy’s contribution stood out from the rest. The firm called upon its management to rally contributions from employees and business associates.


In an article posted on Patch, Stream stands out as a philanthropic company that cares for the society. In the past, it founded an organization called Stream Cares. Through this firm, the management has offered useful charitable services to those who need physical and emotional support. Typically, corporate giving is part of Stream Energy’s DNA. The company dedicates part of its income to creating programs that support the less fortunate. Through these programs, the firm has attracted clients and stakeholders from different walks of life.

The Positive Growth Curve of OSI Group

Embracing change comes in handy at times. Well, speaking if change, OSI Group has been in the food manufacturing industry for more than a century. For a company to stay afloat for more than a century, there must have been various strategies that were put in place among other things.

Background Information

Well, many know that OSI Group was once a butcher shop. The shop was solely owned by Otto Kolschowsky whose roots can be traced back to Germany. Kolschowsky among other immigrants decided to settle in Chicago, Illinois. From the look of things, the population was huge enough to form a community. Far from that, a community always brings about a vacuum that needs to be filled in terms of growth. In this case, Otto contemplated about the suitable business that he would establish in order to sustain himself and his family while residing in Chicago.

Otto decided to settle for the retail meat market as his business of choice. With time, the business was experiencing some form of growth since Otto was also able to launch a branch in a Chicago Suburb known as Maywood. Business went on smoothly, and Otto even introduced his sons into the business thereby changing the entity name to Otto & Sons.

Additional Information

The McDonald’s restaurant was a renowned fast food joint that dealt with products such as hamburgers. Well, since the restaurant was in need of massive quantities for fresh meat, Otto & Sons became the company’s supplier. Business was flowing smoothly thanks to the relationship between the two enterprises. Nevertheless, some challenges come about at inappropriate times but finding a solution is the only way forward. As for Otto & Sons, they were not able to transport processed meat to some of the McDonald’s joints since the distance was the main issue.

Fortunately, Otto & Sons found a solution to the problem. The solution involved the use of liquid nitrogen to keep the meat products in a frozen state. While the meat was in that state, it was easy to deliver to the various McDonald’s restaurants regardless of the distance. Far from that, the company was still growing, and to a certain point, the sons of Otto had to let go of the company’s leadership. Before handing over the leadership of Otto & Sons, the company’s name was changed to OSI Group.


OSI Group is currently a company that is operational internationally. The company has been headed by leaders such as Sheldon Lavin among other individuals who have a positive vision for the company. Well, Sheldon Lavin has been the CEO of the company for more than four decades, and under his watch, the OSI Group has been able to embrace various changes that have even brought about a more positive impact.


Anil Chaturvedi Encourages India Investment With Smart Pricing and Branding

Anil Chaturvedi a seasoned banker with over 40 years of extremely skilled and insightful banking expertise encourages investment in India with smart pricing and branding that is a skill set that is truly lacking in the Indian business culture. In fact, in India, businesses are catering more to discounting and cheap or low priced retail strategies that make it difficult to fully reap the highest rates of return on investment in their product and service sales. Great leadership and guidance are needed to continue the advancement of the retail and e-commerce consumer corporate guidelines for selling within the Indian culture. Anil Chaturvedi has a tremendous background in Indian culture and global financial banking from various career opportunities he has experienced over the last 40 years as a banker. His perspectives have been developed from various positions including his current position at Hinduja Bank where he serves as Managing Director in this global bank headquartered in Geneva Switzerland. Anil Chaturvedi serves Hinduja Bank by providing banking insight and perspective on mergers and acquisitions and sale and restructuring of distressed assets across geographical borders including Europe, Asia, India, and the US. Anil also provides capital raising for institutional investors and international organizations and credit syndication for the Hinduja Bank located in Geneva, Switzerland. Anil Chaturvedi has a strong perspective and insight on the Indian consumer dynamics as a resident specialist from his background and upbringing in the Indian culture. The India population is seeking opportunities to purchase goods from a global perspective which is creating opportunities for great profits in those corporations that are able to penetrate the cultural dynamics. Anil Chaturvedi was educated at Delhi University in 1973 where he graduated with a Bachelor of Economics and Arts. He also attended FMS Delhi University where he received his Masters of Business Administration and Financial Management Degree. Anil Chaturvedi has continued over the years to provide strategic intellectual and analytical guidance and perspective for some of the most successful banks and financial institutions on the planet with a high degree of intellectual understanding and perspective on the Indian financial market and culture. As a result, Anil Chaturvedi is continuing to encourage Indian investment with smart pricing and branding that can be leveraged to reap profits and tremendous success within the business market of India.

AvaTrade Review: Top-notch Customer Service

AvaTrade broker review today is one of the greatest online brokers for bitcoins, metals, forex, and many more. Are you satisfied with your online forex broker? AvaTrade, or as it once went by, AvaFX broker, is the well-known online forex trader and stock company. It is one of the best, as according to a recent financial report it’s monthly trading turn over reaches to about US$60 million. The broker of this company is Irish and the company has its headquarters in Dublin, Ireland, but also has other department representative agencies located in Milan, Paris, Sydney, and Tokyo. The Irish broker of this company is regulated by, as well as supported by the Irish Central Bank, anyway is one of the major regulators of many local financial brokers and institutions. In addition to the Irish Central Bank, another regulation organization that maintains this company, AvaTrade’s safety is the ASIC. The Irish broker on the AvaTrade website is a trustworthy online broker, as he has been doing this since early 2006. Additionally, the company received additional regulation support from The internationally-known regulator, the British Virgin Islands Financial Services Commision, also known as: BVI FSC.

Also, AvaTrade has top-notch customer service should you need it. If a user has any need or questions, the AvaTrade team Provides professional service on its website 24 seven in various languages, such as Arabic, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Dutch, as well as Chinese. As a customer, you can also call their phone number for customer service, send an email, or if short on time, can use the modern live chat to get your question or need answered. All of this customer support is free with your account at AvaTrade.

No, if you are curious as to what type of trading software the company uses, this paragraph is for you. The company uses its own personal software, called AvaTrader, dad assist customers in making forex or CFD trades Buy one click, and offers other grades, not to mention convenient features for both beginner and more advanced clients. In addition, AvaTrade also can be used through a Mac computer, as well as on smart phone devices, and other iOS and android users.

No, if you are ready to start your account on AvaTrade, The first steps you’ll need to take our, choosing your currency type, which you can choose from: AUD, EUR, USD, GBP, and JPN. Then, input the most convenient way for you to deposit your money, this can either be your credit card, debit card, Bank wire transfer, PayPal, WebMoney, Skrill, Or Neteller, which will also be used for any of your withdrawals. No, there is a minimum first deposit of $250. If you feel that you are a beginner traitor, the demo account would be most suitable for you, as you can learn and practice as you go. In the demo account, as a client you can make treats for free, without winning or losing anything for some first time practice.

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GreenSky Credit’s Financial Technology

Greensky Credit was established in the year 2006. Its headquarters are located in Atlanta, Georgia in the United States. The company also has a call center in Covington, Kentucky. It was founded by David Zalik who is a genius in nature. He managed to start his company at the age of 14. The company serves as a middleman. It provides technical assistance to merchants and banks in making loans. Unlike other credit companies, GreenSky Credit programs are supplied by state-chartered, federal and federally-insured financial institutions. GreenSky Credit works with over 17,000 retailers. The retailers utilize the loans in home improvement, healthcare and for solar solutions. Home improvements endeavors include roofing and window repair. From the year 2012 to 2016, over $5 billion has been lent through GreenSky credit’s program.

The company is managed by David Zalik, who serves as the CEO. In an interview, he admitted that GreenSky credit is not well-known firm as compared to other credit companies. This is because the organization doesn’t make loans using its capital. GreenSky Credit has partnered with various banks in this project. Some of these banks include SunTrust and Regions Financial Corporate. These banks have made several loans through the GreenSky mobile app to many consumers. These consumers range from merchants and retailers like the Home Depot. Moreover, the company signs up all merchants that purchase and sell home improvement items like aluminium siding, roofing and window replacement. GreenSky is also planning to expand its services to bring on board all elective medical personnel such as doctors nurses and veterinary officials.

GreenSky is comprised of a very hardworking team. It has contributed to providing solutions for all the consumers who visit them. In turn, they have played a part in improving the lives of their customers. The company has also been critical in transforming all small-sized businesses into middle-sized corporates. The team is much dedicated to steer the company forward and achieve more. In the year 2016, the organization recorded the highest profits. However, as a privately owned firm, they are not required to disclose their financial information to the public. With the companies’ penetration into the financial marketplace, it’s going to change the face of the financial industry.

Mike Baur Shares Important Tips on Succeeding in Startups

Mike Baur is an entrepreneur who hails from Switzerland. He has accomplished a lot as a startup entrepreneur and business professional who applies his skills to develop other business ideas into long-term business ventures. For him, challenges in businesses come across as stepping stones to better ventures. As an entrepreneur, he is also the co-founder of one Swiss Startup Factory, a business accelerator.


Mike Baur’s tips for company founders

Mike Baur states that when it comes to business, an entrepreneur identifies the available market opportunities when there is an idea. That way, all the high-risks associated with the business can be avoided by all means. Also, the implementation process begins immediately after the main objectives have been addressed. Among other questions that emerging entrepreneurs should ask are if the idea is viable and if there are impending challenges appended to it.


More into the Startups

Without a doubt, having a business idea is one aspect and then implementing it is another aspect altogether. At times, someone can have many ideas. This is highly advisable as it helps you to gauge the possibilities of implementing it. Other times, an individual has only one idea. This is risky for business as it has long-term impacts like failure and eventually, loss. Identifying all loops holes allows an individual to prepare for the worst even when there is hope to do well in the business.


Succeeding With Mike Baur

Baur further breaks the business details down into the stage of implementing business ideas according to how critical they are. All you need, he says, is a proper marketing strategy that is in line with the current target population. For example, you can use a website as the current generation is pretty much tech-savvy.


Requirements for startup entrepreneurs

Baur has always worked hard to come up with some of the best business strategies for startups. He says that first; self-trust is a leading aspect in dealing with startups. This is because the positive energy empowers an individual to achieve the best ever. He also adds that it is of value to share some of these ideas and thoughts with friends as they can assist you to identify possible challenges that can crop up in future.


The Conclusion

Mike Baur is without a doubt a successful entrepreneur and business leader. He provides first –hand information on how to succeed in business as an individual and as a team. All too often, he provides emerging entrepreneurs with critical information on how to succeed in their businesses.


Sahm Adrangi Has Recently Cautioned Investors Regarding a Pair of Problematic Companies:

Kerrisdale Capital Management founder and Chief Investment Officer Sahm Adrangi has a long and successful career in the financial industry. Before he founded Kerrisdale he worked for Deutsche Bank, Chanin Capital Partners and Longacre Fund Management. Investment management outfit Kerrisdale Capital is based in New York and focuses on making investments that have a lot of value in the area of public securities. Along with the Sam Adrangi, the firm also enjoys the expert executive leadership of Chief Financial Officer Edward Gu and Head of Marketing and Investor Relations Peter Baer. Sahm Adrangi has recently had the duty of reporting some negative findings regarding several different companies. The first was real estate development operation the St. Joe Company and the second one was marketing firm QuinStreet.

Sahm Adrangi’s negative position regarding the St. Joe Company revolves around the company making exaggerated claims about the market value of a major development project in Florida. The St. Joe Company has placed a valuation of $1 billion in regard to its development project in remote and swampy areas of Panama City Beach, Florida. The project has been ongoing for years and yet there has been little accomplished. Sahm Adrangi points out the fact that St. Joe’s investors have suffered under what is hard to describe as anything other than a debacle and they will in all likelihood be waiting a lot longer still.

Sahm Adrangi has also recently put out another negative report, this time in regard to marketing outfit QuinStreet. Sahm’s criticism largely revolves around a very suspect pattern of fake traffic that has been present on QuinStreet’s proprietary network. QuinStreet’s investors have recently been energized by the idea that the outfit is moving towards an advantageous position but Sahm Adrangi cautions against this and paints a picture of QuinStreet being an organization that is lacking in many areas.