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People Are Priority Always

Traveling for weeks to big cities like Dallas, Detroit, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Atlanta was a mission Steve Ritchie diligently followed out. Although the locations may have made for an interesting sightseeing trip, business was the forefront of Ritchie’s mind. He set out to find new ways to improve the company. The new CEO has recently been trying to effect change on the Papa Johns’ brand by visiting franchisees and team members to hear their honest opinions about the company that they work for. In an article published at, it says that being a CEO is vastly different than being a delivery driver or pizza maker. It can be hard to remember the daily challenges of a team member position when you are in charge of a major business. Leaders often have to make decisions that may be for the good of the company at the cost of losing relationships with the center of the business, the employees.

Steve Ritchie Papa John’s wants to improve the brand by taking into consideration how his employees feel and what they need. While constructive criticism can be hard to swallow, he believes that it will have a positive impact on future business practices. Firsthand conversations between Steve Ritchie and employees, from donating to local charities and schools to difficult situations with customers, have opened his eyes to the reality of the average experiences of his employees. After making that connection he is optimistic about the company’s future. He is planning to earn the compromised trust of customers back by supporting the communities where the franchises are located. Communities and businesses that share common goals creates a better quality of life for everyone involved. People Are Priority Always (P.A.P.A) is becoming a more integrated part of the Papa Johns’ brand. This innovative leadership may have a significant impact on team members and customers in the oncoming future.

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The 3 Pillars Of Richard Dwayne Blair

Financial planning is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. On the other hand, there are those who live for this kind of thing. One of those who lives for it is Richard Dwayne Blair. He is an executive at Wealth Solutions Inc. and believes that anyone can have the kind of financial life that they want to have if they follow his principle of three simple pillars to help get them there. We take a look at these now.

Start With A Roadmap

You are trying to determine the journey that your financial life will take, so you are going to need a roadmap for how that is going to work out for you. You are probably going to do best with this if you figure out exactly what you want out of your financial life. It makes a lot of sense that you would bring this plan in to your advisor to figure out step 2.

Get Investments That Make Those Goals Realistic

The more realistic your plan is in your own mind, the better. Investments play a huge role in making this happen. Your advisor can help you figure out exactly what kind of investments make the most sense for you and your set of circumstances. Most likely they will choose a basket of options based on what you have told them are your overarching goals.

Watch It All Play Out

The most fun part comes when you get to watch everything play out. You have set up your investments with your advisor and now you just wait to see what happens. With any luck you will manage to score big with the choices that you have made. Keep positive about it and wait to see how things end up working out.


GreenSky Credit’s Financial Technology

Greensky Credit was established in the year 2006. Its headquarters are located in Atlanta, Georgia in the United States. The company also has a call center in Covington, Kentucky. It was founded by David Zalik who is a genius in nature. He managed to start his company at the age of 14. The company serves as a middleman. It provides technical assistance to merchants and banks in making loans. Unlike other credit companies, GreenSky Credit programs are supplied by state-chartered, federal and federally-insured financial institutions. GreenSky Credit works with over 17,000 retailers. The retailers utilize the loans in home improvement, healthcare and for solar solutions. Home improvements endeavors include roofing and window repair. From the year 2012 to 2016, over $5 billion has been lent through GreenSky credit’s program.

The company is managed by David Zalik, who serves as the CEO. In an interview, he admitted that GreenSky credit is not well-known firm as compared to other credit companies. This is because the organization doesn’t make loans using its capital. GreenSky Credit has partnered with various banks in this project. Some of these banks include SunTrust and Regions Financial Corporate. These banks have made several loans through the GreenSky mobile app to many consumers. These consumers range from merchants and retailers like the Home Depot. Moreover, the company signs up all merchants that purchase and sell home improvement items like aluminium siding, roofing and window replacement. GreenSky is also planning to expand its services to bring on board all elective medical personnel such as doctors nurses and veterinary officials.

GreenSky is comprised of a very hardworking team. It has contributed to providing solutions for all the consumers who visit them. In turn, they have played a part in improving the lives of their customers. The company has also been critical in transforming all small-sized businesses into middle-sized corporates. The team is much dedicated to steer the company forward and achieve more. In the year 2016, the organization recorded the highest profits. However, as a privately owned firm, they are not required to disclose their financial information to the public. With the companies’ penetration into the financial marketplace, it’s going to change the face of the financial industry.

Sahm Adrangi Has Recently Cautioned Investors Regarding a Pair of Problematic Companies:

Kerrisdale Capital Management founder and Chief Investment Officer Sahm Adrangi has a long and successful career in the financial industry. Before he founded Kerrisdale he worked for Deutsche Bank, Chanin Capital Partners and Longacre Fund Management. Investment management outfit Kerrisdale Capital is based in New York and focuses on making investments that have a lot of value in the area of public securities. Along with the Sam Adrangi, the firm also enjoys the expert executive leadership of Chief Financial Officer Edward Gu and Head of Marketing and Investor Relations Peter Baer. Sahm Adrangi has recently had the duty of reporting some negative findings regarding several different companies. The first was real estate development operation the St. Joe Company and the second one was marketing firm QuinStreet.

Sahm Adrangi’s negative position regarding the St. Joe Company revolves around the company making exaggerated claims about the market value of a major development project in Florida. The St. Joe Company has placed a valuation of $1 billion in regard to its development project in remote and swampy areas of Panama City Beach, Florida. The project has been ongoing for years and yet there has been little accomplished. Sahm Adrangi points out the fact that St. Joe’s investors have suffered under what is hard to describe as anything other than a debacle and they will in all likelihood be waiting a lot longer still.

Sahm Adrangi has also recently put out another negative report, this time in regard to marketing outfit QuinStreet. Sahm’s criticism largely revolves around a very suspect pattern of fake traffic that has been present on QuinStreet’s proprietary network. QuinStreet’s investors have recently been energized by the idea that the outfit is moving towards an advantageous position but Sahm Adrangi cautions against this and paints a picture of QuinStreet being an organization that is lacking in many areas.

Tony Petrello: Touching Lives Through Philanthropic Initiatives

Tony Petrello is among the best philanthropists know in Texas together with his wife. He contributes generously to the community and towards any project that is meant to benefit the community. Tony is strongly involved in projects that major in relief, medical, and education support. One of the most prominent aid is helping the individuals in Houston recover after the Hurricane Harvey affected them. Tony Petrello gave donations to enable the people to begin afresh after the ruins and took part in building them new homes. Tony Petrello understands the depths of giving because he has been a beneficiary of such acts. His studies were out of a scholarship awarded by the university to attend Yale University for his course.

Recently, Tony Petrello hosted a renowned Texas legend, Tommy Tune. He is one of the multitalented artists who was born in Houston and raised in the same location. Tommy was on a mission to put up a show for his followers and fans where more than 5000 fans showed up in the Miller Outdoor Theater for the performance.

Tony Petrello is the president and chief executive officer of Nabors Industries. Nabors Industries is a leading company that distributes and produces natural gas and oil. Most of the success in the company is associated with the excellent leadership of Tony Petrello. Some of his contributions range from his visionary leadership and strategic planning alongside positively affecting the lives of the people living in Houston. His wife Cynthia accompanies Tony in his philanthropic moves. Tony Petrello was born and raised in Newark, New Jersey. Through Yale University public school scholarships, Tony was lucky to proceed and complete his studies as well as achieve his dreams. In school, Tony showed a lot of hard work and excellence in mathematics. He graduated with the same and continued to Harvard School of Law to do a degree in law. After graduating from Harvard University, Tony began working in the law firm Baker & McKenzie. Alongside his leadership at Nabors Industries, the loudest things about Tony Petrello is his philanthropic dedications. He helped to fund Neurological Research Institute at Texas Children’s Hospital that is near his home in Houston, Texas. He donated $50 million to the institute in 2010 and this opened many doors for the institution for more research and medical attention. Moving, Tony Petrello gave out of $150,000 as an annual prize to Yale University, which would aid students in the field of mathematics further and study comfortably.

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Doe Deere is Interviewed About the Success of Lime Crime

Doe Deere is affectionately known as the Queen of the Unicorns. Her company, Lime Crime, has the mascot of a beautiful unicorn. The goal of the unicorn expresses how dearly Doe Deere wishes for Lime Crime fans to feel comfortable standing out in a crowd. Her makeup was designed to allow people to express themselves through the power of cosmetics. The goal of the company is that beauty should make you feel wonderful about yourself.


Doe Deere has always seen the power of self-expression. She has always had a flair for the outlandish in terms of her style. In fact, she is best known for her wonderfully dyed hair that varies wildly. She has been seen rocking blue hair, orange hair, red hair and her signature blonde hair. She expresses herself through the power of cosmetics and had since she was very young.


She founded Lime Crime in 2008 with those very same goals in mind. She founded the company during an era when nude makeup was all the rage. Doe Deere has always liked to express herself through makeup and she had trouble in locating the bright shades she wanted such as blue and crimson red. She prides herself on using only the highest quality of ingredients and did not want to wear a brand that did not confirm with her ideals of what cosmetics should be. That is how she came up with the idea to found Lime Crime.


Ironically, at the time when she founded Lime Crime she was studying to work in the world of the highest of high fashion. She was studying at a school for fashion. However, she found herself routinely questioning whether the fashion and clothing design world was the path she should take in life and with her career. She ultimately realized, after much thought, that cosmetic design was the path she would take. She stated in a recent interview with Inspirey (an online publication) that she realized Lime Crime was meant to be a cosmetic company rather than a producer of clothing. It was right then that she decided to drop out of school for fashion and start her own company.


Lime Crime was born out of her true and deep passion to express herself through cosmetics. She knew it was her life’s calling shortly after she started the company. She transitioned Lime Crime’s website to promote her small collection of beauty products. The small line offered lipsticks, eyeshadows and a few other items. She also had an eBay store where she sold her cosmetics.


She used the good, old-fashioned power of referrals to slowly grow Lime Crime over the first year. She also launched a fun line of video tutorials on makeup application that allowed fans to engage with her and learn more about her personality. The videos were hugely successful and also helped build her base of customers. Today, Lime Crime has over 3 million Instagram followers and does business all over the world. The company’s growth is unprecedented and it will be great to follow the continued growth. Learn more:


Jed McCaleb Venture in Stellar and His Secrets in a Successful Business

McCaleb is well known American Programmer and a cryptocurrency expert. His contribution to the cryptocurrency includes starting of the Mt. Gox which was the first Bitcoin exchange on the planet. He is also involved in founding various projects that include eDonkey, which was the first ever network to achieve multisource downloading.

In 2014, McCaleb ventured into Stellar which is a financial network that focuses on increasing the economic participation. He is a co-founder of the venture and works as the CTO in this foundation. He spearheads the technological improvement of Stellar.

Jed plays two technical development roles. He is either coding as well as building on Stellar technical features or is occupied responding to factors associated with the running of the business.

The supports stellar network. The organization also contributes to the open source software. McCaleb has spent most of his time and resources in figuring out how to improve the current technology and coming up with the ways of solving various issues in the world.

McCaleb developed the stellar idea after understanding Bitcoin and what can be solved employing the technology behind the cryptocurrency. He had the insight past creating a new digital currency, an idea that resulted in the establishment of Stellar. McCaleb had an insight that technology behind Bitcoin would be transformational. McCaleb chose to come up with an open financial network which can connect financial institutions rather than creating a currency.

Apart from business activities, Jed McCaleb also has other interests. For instance, he spends time researching on Artificial Intelligence on free time. Jed believes that AI has the potential to solve most of the problems affecting people currently, therefore, making life better in future than today. He holds the view that AI will do much more than what Blockchain has done.

He attributes his success to the time he spends coming up with sound strategies and plans. He focuses on planning as according to him you cannot succeed if you come up with wrong goals no matter how hardworking you are.

Avoid distractions is another attribute to his success. Jed understands that entrepreneurs face various challenges. He only focuses on critical issues. He also says overcoming obstacles as opposed to letting them hinder you is key to your success.

Joel Friant: Behind the Habanero Shaker

Most people do not know Joel Friant as a successful entrepreneur, or an expert in product creation and branding. In fact, most people have no idea that he owns a mortgage lending firm or hosts online seminars in professional development. They have never read his articles or heard of revolutionary concepts like the “Income Thermostat” that Friant created. They probably have no idea that at one time he was known as the “Thai Guy” and developed the first fast food Thai concept. This is because Friant is known mostly for inventing a little plastic shaker with real Habanero flakes in it.

The Habanero Shaker came to be in 1995. Most shakers at that time contained only small amounts of actual Habanero, the rest of the mix consisting of additives and salt. A lover of the pepper, Friant set out to create a shaker that would be 100% Habanero. What he ended up with was a revolutionary product. It was healthy, contained no additives or salt, use real Habanero flakes, and met the requirements of a vegan diet. Its introduction revolutionized the industry as other companies wanted to capitalize on its success. The first two years saw the product gain a wider distribution, and that is when Friant was crowed a “foodpreneur”.

Despite moving on to other successful endeavors, the Habanero Shaker always held a special place in Joel’s heart. In 2003 he returned to the real estate world to create his successful mortgage lending firm. He started by rehabilitating and selling old houses. A process that came to be known as flipping. When the financial woes of 2008 occurred, he returned to product branding and creation. Observing trends in business at that time Joel developed his business concepts, like the “Income Thermostat”.

Despite all this success he never got past the sensation of the Habanero Shaker. In the wake of digital technology blossoming Friant changed fields again. In 2010 he learned the online selling trade. He used the success to bring his Habanero Shaker back into production. Proving that Friant will always be the Habanero guy.

Business Legacies Left by Louis Chenevert

Louis Chenevert has left a legacy in business. From the time he was born to the time he stepped down as CEO of United Technologies Corporation, he ate, slept, dreamed breathed, and made profit.

Chenevert is a Canadian, born in the province of Quebec, and residing in Montreal. Being a Montreal native, Chenevert always had his eyes set on attending the University of Montreal, or possible one of its affiliates. That is exactly what he did when he began pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in the profit making center of Production Management.

After graduating, Chenevert would apply and secure a job as a General Production Manager at General Motors. Here he was in charge of securing efficiency and lowering costs. During his fourteenth year working for General Motors, he was approached by Platt & Whitney to come work for the aircraft manufacturer.

Chenevert would leave General Motors and arrive at Platt & Whitney. Working here came with its own prize. After 6 years of service, the board met and decided that they wanted Chenevert as their next president. Chenevert would go on to serve there for another seven years. Soon though, the business that would become his legacy came calling. United Technologies Corporation came offering a job; a lucrative job at that.

Chenevert would work at the United Technologies Corporation for many years. During his time, the company would do the unthinkable, they would purchase the aerospace company Goodrich. This they did for $16.3 billion. From there Chenevert would also acquire Otis, the largest elevator company in the world. This is why the stocks rose from $37 to $117.

Because of his accomplishments, the Executive Committee of Business Council would elect him as Vice Chairman for the years 2011-2012. In 2015, one year after Chenevert stepped down from the United Technologies Corporation, Goldman Sachs would offer him the role in the area of Merchant Banking as an Executive Adviser for that division.

Doe Deere – An Inspiring Female Entrepreneur.

Starting a new business can be a challenge but if successful can be rewarding as well. When initiating a business, there are a lot of things that a person needs to take care because as per research, not all the entrepreneur business can be successful and rewarding. There are few things before starting a business; a person needs to take care of are finances, business tactics, administration strategies and passion for business. Following the proper footsteps and taking experience from others would certainly ensure success in the business, every new business will face some problems in the start as the start of anything isn’t easy but if the work is done with loyalty and hard work, the hard work will definitely pay off sooner or later, and the capabilities of the owner is also factor which will decide how fast the business will grow. Learn more:

Doe Deere the founder and owner of lime crime and is also one of the leading entrepreneurs in the field of beauty and cosmetic. Lime Crime is a line of beauty products and is also a source of inspiration to many entrepreneurs out there. Deo Deere has always been into beauty products and is well reputed in this field because of her hard work and passion about all makeup things. It’s because of her passion she started the business in beauty line which has to grasp a lot of attention from the public. Some of the products lime crime sell includes lipsticks, eye shadows, nail polishes and more. Lime crime is famous because of its environmentally friendly and cruelty-free products and also for its bright and beautiful colors, which has become popular among the youth. In 2004 lime crime was established and since the company is getting better and better. The success she has made in this field and how responsibly she handles her company all alone is truly an inspiring story for all of us. Learn more:

Deo Deere believes that one should be passionate about the product or field they are going to start a business in. However, she says that with the passion one should know the business tactics and proper administration strategies and how to get quality products for success in business. She also says that at the start of your business one should be really patient and calm as the results won’t show immediately, you need to work harder each day to reach your goals. You need to have all the information about the field you are getting in to have better results, and so that your business can grow. Learn more:

She is also named as one of the Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs by the famous Self-Made Magazine. She was born in Russia and then moved to New York, USA. Even after being so much successful she isn’t satisfied and still working tirelessly day and night to get better and reach her targets and finding new ways to meet expectations, her customers have from her beauty line. Learn more: