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An Overview of Serge Belamant

Serge Belamant is a renowned entrepreneur who was born in France, 1953. He later relocated from France to South Africa when he was 14 years old together with his family. His father was a tile by profession. About Serge Belamant went ahead to study in the North High School where he learned how to converse and write in English. He was also a fan of sports specifically chess and rugby.

About Serge Belamant

While at school, Belamant held positions such as the Head Prefect in 1972. He was also accorded awards since he excelled in athletics as well as academics. Belamant was also a member of the science and bridge club, and he participated in events such as the South African Chess school championship in 1972 and was ranked 6th position at the end of the competition. His academic excellence also earned him a university pass, and he enrolled at the Witwatersrand University and was privileged to study engineering. During his second year of study, Serge Belamant switched to computer science and applied mathematics. He then dropped out during his third year of studies and undertook third-year courses through UNISA.

Belamant’s Career

Belamant started working at Matrix, a civil engineering firm. His main task was to handle IBM computers within the company. He also developed computer applications that were used to analyze dam levels in RSA. The applications could even predict a drought occurrence, and dam levels were also optimized in the process. Belamant also joined the Center for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) where he was the head of the computer department in the Pretoria, Witwatersrand, and Vereeniging (PWV) project. He would then use road network analysis, digital mapping, statistical methods to develop graphical user interfaces.

Serge Belamant would also earn some extra income by assisting Control Data engineers since they valued his assistance when it came to performing benchmarking exercises when dealing with the various codes from computer manufacturers such as IBM and BURROUGHS. Cybernet also offered him a job, and his main tasks involved the debugging of codes and offering his assistance when it came to dealing with scientific packages in linear programming and structural engineering. Belamant has also received many awards over the years courtesy of his excellent performance when executing his duties.



Jason Hope Helping The Medical Industry With Technology

The medical industry is booming with new opportunities. As costs rise, many patients are willing to try experimental treatments to cure various diseases.

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur who is passionate about using technology to improve the lives of others. He has developed a reputation as a philanthropist in his community. He has lived in Scottsdale for many years, and he plans to stay in the area for the immediate future.

Investment Opportunities

As an investor, Jason is continuously looking for new investment opportunities. He enjoys investing in small companies that have a chance to explode with growth. Although he loses money on some of his investment choices, he has made some excellent decisions during his investing career.

Jason Hope uses a specific set of criteria to determine the best investing options. He prefers to invest in business ideas with companies that have minimal debt. Jason has avoided debt for most of his business career. He also likes to invest in companies that offer solutions in the medical industry. Jason believes that the pharmaceutical industry provides an excellent opportunity to make money.

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Jason Hope continually looks for new technology options in his company. He likes to read about the latest technological developments for multiple reasons. Not only does this information help him as a business owner, but it also allows him to teach others about the power of technology.

Jason believes that all devices will eventually be connected to the internet. He has donated money to multiple companies focused on making technology more accessible to everyone.

Giving to Charities

Although Jason has a successful business, he still spends time helping less fortunate people in the local community. Jason Hope wants to help all children have a chance in the future. He thinks that the government should do more to provide educational options to children in Arizona. There are thousands of children who live in poverty.

Sagacious Advice From Someone Interested In Guiding Others

A quick look at Chris Burch’s posts on his account leads a person to believe that they can likely learn something from him. In one of his most recent posts, he states that New York City is #2 in the business startup ecosystem. New York has a grossly inflated economy causing a start up to have an even harder time getting going. To this point, in this most recent article, he does differentiate between venture capitalists and angel investors.

Angel investors are affluent individuals who have some extra funds that they want to put to use by investing in a company looking for seed money. Venture capitalists, however, are much wealthier, and are normally able, and interested, in donating more money. New York City is a mecca for venture capitalists. In this article, he also discusses the venerated “7 Second Rule.” The thought is that you must capture someone’s attention in the first 7 seconds of a presentation. This rule is likely not more applicable than in the hotter-than-hot New York City market.

A few days before Mr. Burch posted this about the New York City startup climate, he posted about how to survive the heavily competitive market. In this piece, he does advise those looking to launch a startup to be prepared for stiff competition and that a trick to getting around this is to find those that have successfully gone before you in your space, and make friends with these crucial contacts. These people can be invaluable mentors and help your business thrive.

His advice is to always take every meeting, no matter how seemingly insignificant, quite seriously because the seeds of support for your venture may well be planted. He also reminds readers that starting up a company is crucially important in a neighborhood where it can thrive. New York is a very large city, riddled with delineations of eclectic neighborhoods that aren’t exactly clear to outsiders. Researching your location so as to create maximum opportunity for growth and exposure is best.

Finally, and this might be the most important piece of advice he offers, and that is to always make the final decisions for your startup. Mentor relationships, he says, are great, but they likely have a limit to their vision. An owner of a startup should always have a vision, hold clear to that vision, and accept guidance as it pertains to a particular facet of the company.  More views on

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Knowing More About Chris Burch

Chris Burch has managed to provide innovation in the field of resorts, and hotels, and such other alternative living spaces.

He is known for his business endeavors. His investments include ED by Ellen DeGeneres, besides Poppin, and Coccoon9. Chris Burch is the co-founder of Tory Burch, which is a fashion label. He is a highly successful businessman as he knows all about marketing and branding. His intuitive skill tells him what consumers would want. His recent project is Nihi Sumba Island which is an exotic resort in South East Asia and is highly impressive.

Chris Burch had started moving on his path to success while he was in his college itself. He attended the Ithaca College. Before completing his graduation, he invested $2000 along with his brother and launched Eagle Eye Apparel.  Hop over to for more reading.

They used to go door to door on their college campus as well as nearby areas to sell sweaters. Very soon, the company was selling for an estimated $60 million. This also helped Chris Burch to learn how to develop plans for direct to consumer marketing and to find efficient sources for production. This helped him to develop his entrepreneurial skills that led him to be successful today.  For updates on his recent timeline activities, click

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The Nihi Sumba Island is located in Indonesia. It is in a remote area. This was developed by Chris Burch in 2012 along with hotelier James McBride. It is a luxury resort that has 27 villas. All of these blend into the natural features of this region. Hence the jungle and beach scenery of the island seem to integrate into the interiors of the villas seamlessly. This way the visitors get a unique experience.  Read more about this awesome destination, check

These are teak wood villas. They are nestled in between vines, palm trees, and forest shrubbery beside offering hill top views. He is providing elegance in this place while keeping the natural surroundings undisturbed.

This beach has a large rock formation on its edge. It allows people to lounge around and relax at this resort. Visitors can even take a safari ride across both the ends of the island. There is a 90-minute hike to a waterfall in which people can dive. There are several other options like a boat ride for exploring the island.

There are several kinds of villas available here. These include one bedroom villas, besides duplexes, as well as estates. Each villa provides an amazing view of this island’s coastline. There is a private pool where visitors can enjoy. Related article here.

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