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Madison Street Capital‘s advisory role in Majority Recapitalization of Professional Pipe Inc. by KJM Capital, LLC.

Madison Street Capital is a globally recognized banking firm based in Chicago, Illinois. It is associated with the provision of various services to businesses. The services offered include; corporate financial advice, venture capital services, corporate tax scheduling services, mergers and acquisitions, valuation services among others. Its primary goal is to ensure its clients achieve success in the international marketplace. Recently, Madison Street Capital served as a chief consultant to Professional Pipe Inc. (PPI). The business deal was declared by the CEO of Madison Street Capital, Charles Botchway and headed by Lester Jay Rodgers, the senior managing director. However, the terms of the deal were not revealed. PPI is a company associated with the provision of piping installation and equipment to various industries, among them being the state’s leading poultry processors. Having been founded in 1972, its main focus initially was food processing firms. However, it later evolved to provision of piping installation, renovation, and overall facility maintenance services in its customers’ facilities. In the deal above, PPI was seeking to partner with KJM Capital, LLC for recapitalization. KJM Capital is a company whose main venture is partnering with market companies to facilitate the provision of adequate operational proficiency such as software applications and accounting. This company was founded by Kenneth Meister with a mission of forming partnerships with low to middle-level firms that serve business people.


Madison street capital‘s transaction with PPI was successful as the PPI President, John Tyson, was greatly impressed by the council and guidance provided. This successful transaction has greatly improved the Madison Street Capital reputation in the international marketplace. Kenneth Meister, the founder of KJM Capital, LLC was greatly pleased having acquired an opportunity to partner with PPI. He promised to ensure that their partnered company achieved great success aiming to be at the top. He also congratulated PPI for their undying consistency and great performance in the textile industry.


Apart from the provision of financial advisory services to companies, Madison Street Capital aims at building well-established businesses throughout the United States. Its team of professionals is greatly dedicated to individual client needs thus diligently serving clients according to their needs. It has been rated among the leading middle market banking firms.


Madison street capital has its main focus on emerging markets since this is the core part that has driven the universal growth of their clients. Their high level of professionalism in their day to day dealings has earned them the trust of their clients. This has enabled them to forge long-term relationships with clients who in turn reciprocate by giving referrals. This has greatly contributed to the overall success of Madison Street Company.


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Eric Lefkofsky Could Provide Data-Driven Cures

Medical technology has been advancing rapidly, but patient data has not seen any real revolution since the implementation of electronic health records. Tempus wants to streamline patient data and make every cancer care plan data-driven. More than 14.5 million citizens of the United States had cancer in 2014, according to the National Cancer Institute. This number is expected to exceed nineteen million by 2024. Co-founded by Eric Lefkofsky, the co-counder, Chairman, and former Chief Executive Officer of Groupon, Tempus looks like a possible leader in the industry.

Tempus is not just about rearranging the piles of information that are already collected about patients, it’s about making sure this information is actually utilized and structured so it can be analyzed and cross-referenced by scientists and doctors across the globe to find personalized treatments and links between patients that could lead to cures.

Tempus also wants to revolutionize the industry by making a patient’s complete genetic information accessible and affordable. At a former cost of over one hundred million, the price is expected to reach below a few hundred due to the efforts of companies like Tempus. This information can give doctors information about their patients on a molecular level that could help personalize treatment in a way that can save lives and time.

Until Eric Lefkofsky’s wife was diagnosed with breast cancer, he had never stopped to consider the problems in patient data even with his extensive experience in the field of technology. With a focus on disruptive technology, Lefkofsky co-founded the capital vennture firm Lightbank. Tempus, hoping to disrupt the ailing medical industry, operates under this company out of Chicago where Lightbank is based.

The Lefkofsky’s are involved in several altruistic endeavors as a couple an as individuals. The Lefkofsky Foundation has assisted more than fifty causes to date that focus on initiatives for medical, human rights, education and arts and culture. Millions have been donated by the pair to cancer related causes and research.

A Well-Established Financial Carrier

David Osio has held a well-established career in the financial world. He currently resides and works in Miami Florida, however, he started in the early 1980’s after attending Catholic University Andres Bello, which is a top Latin and South American school for International Banking Law. He began as President and CEO of OPED Enterprise, a company affiliated with coffee exports. Osio reached a higher level of marketing within an executive position at Letco Commercial Companies. In the mid 1980’s, he started to dive into his banking law career, during which he worked hard to increase his customer portfolio and strengthen these banks internationally.

He pushed his education even farther at the Instituto de Estudios Superiores de Administration as well as the New York Institute of Finance. In New York he studied Shares Portfolio Management and Banking.

Osio now has uses his years of banking experience to oversee multiple companies, each motivated to sustain a a sense of social responsibility by collaborating with numerous non-profit organizations. A couple of these organizations include Miami Symphony Orchestra, Wayuu Taya Foundation, and Children’s Orthopedic Foundation. Davis Osio remains, as an individual, to support these charities, giving back even further than the financial advice he gives in his every day work.

These independent companies form what is called Davos Financial Group and have received many international awards because of their contribution to the community and banking world. Davos is one of the first businesses in Venezuela to provide financial advice, and resides in leading cities such as New York, Miami, Panama, and Geneva. This service is tailored specifically to the clientele that is brought it, achieving beyond their expectations. Davos Financial Group received recognition as Venezuela’s first financial advisory firm. Further information regarding Davos Financial Group can be found on their website.

David Osio has a broad knowledge of today’s international banking and the investment advising world. He focuses his abilities on providing the best possible service to a select clientele. Since he is well traveled and bi-lingual, he is able to connect with a wide array of clients. Aside from helping others on a daily basis, he offers his free time and assets to local charities.

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Madison Street Capital Is Prepared For New Tax Regulations According To CEO Charles Botchway

The corporate world is a connected web of profit producing entities that would do almost anything to increase their productivity and profits. A number of large corporations have merged with companies in other countries in order to avoid paying United States taxes. Corporate mergers that are designed to reduce the amount of taxes being paid to the U.S. government are not new. Tax avoiding mergers have been going on for years, but it appears President Obama is going to stop that practice, according to Charles Botchway, the CEO of the Chicago-based investment firm Madison Street Capital.

Madison Street Capital does focus on mergers and acquisitions, according to Botchway, but Madison Street doesn’t work with corporations that have assets of more than $1 billion. Botchway said Madison Street works with lower-medium size companies with assets that range from $2 million to $500 million. Most of the transaction that Botchway has put together over the years have nothing to do with avoiding taxes. The Madison Street team helps companies increase productivity and profits through mergers and acquisitions. Madison Street Capital also specializes in reorganizations, bankruptcies, and advisory services as well as mergers and acquisitions. The new tax regulations should not have an impact on Madison Street Capital’s business, according to CEO Botchway.

The new tax regulations have put a hold on other mergers, however. The $160 billion Pfizer-Allergan PLC merger is not going to happen this year, and the Halliburton-Baker Hughes deal is off the table as well. Botchway thinks more potential deals are going to be put on hold in 2016, but Madison Street Capital is in the process of putting several mergers together that won’t be affected by the new regulations. Madison Street Capital has several foreign companies lined up for mergers, and all of those companies will move to the United States not the other way around like the Pfizer deal.

The investment industry is in a difficult situation at the moment, according to Botchway. Most U.S. corporations are not producing the profits they need to satisfy investors, and foreign corporations are hampered by recessions or the threat of a global recession. Most investment companies are playing it safe and picking low-risk transactions, and Botchway said Madison Street Capital is doing the same thing.

The best way to deal with global slowdown is to find investments and mergers that will withstand the test of time. That’s what Botchway and the Madison Street Capital team are good at, according to the companies that have worked with MSC in the past. It’s a new day every day in corporations around the world, and working with Madison Street Capital helps make those days brighter, according to their clients.