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An Overview of Serge Belamant

Serge Belamant is a renowned entrepreneur who was born in France, 1953. He later relocated from France to South Africa when he was 14 years old together with his family. His father was a tile by profession. About Serge Belamant went ahead to study in the North High School where he learned how to converse and write in English. He was also a fan of sports specifically chess and rugby.

About Serge Belamant

While at school, Belamant held positions such as the Head Prefect in 1972. He was also accorded awards since he excelled in athletics as well as academics. Belamant was also a member of the science and bridge club, and he participated in events such as the South African Chess school championship in 1972 and was ranked 6th position at the end of the competition. His academic excellence also earned him a university pass, and he enrolled at the Witwatersrand University and was privileged to study engineering. During his second year of study, Serge Belamant switched to computer science and applied mathematics. He then dropped out during his third year of studies and undertook third-year courses through UNISA.

Belamant’s Career

Belamant started working at Matrix, a civil engineering firm. His main task was to handle IBM computers within the company. He also developed computer applications that were used to analyze dam levels in RSA. The applications could even predict a drought occurrence, and dam levels were also optimized in the process. Belamant also joined the Center for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) where he was the head of the computer department in the Pretoria, Witwatersrand, and Vereeniging (PWV) project. He would then use road network analysis, digital mapping, statistical methods to develop graphical user interfaces.

Serge Belamant would also earn some extra income by assisting Control Data engineers since they valued his assistance when it came to performing benchmarking exercises when dealing with the various codes from computer manufacturers such as IBM and BURROUGHS. Cybernet also offered him a job, and his main tasks involved the debugging of codes and offering his assistance when it came to dealing with scientific packages in linear programming and structural engineering. Belamant has also received many awards over the years courtesy of his excellent performance when executing his duties.



Chris Burch Provides Travelers With Luxury Paradise On Sumba Island

Fashion mogul Chris Burch raised more than just a few eyebrows with his decision in 2015 to purchase real estate on a remote Indonesian island and rehabilitate the property into a 5-star restaurant. The raised eyebrows have mostly become grins, however, as the Nihi resort, located on the island of Sumba, that is the result of Burch’s vision, has been rated by Travel and Leisure Magazine readers as the top hotel on the planet for both 2016 and 2017.

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The island of Sumba, which was once known as Sandalwood Island, has an area of slightly more than 4000 square miles, making it twice the size of Bali. Sumba was a major destination for surfers since the 1980’s who traveled long distances to Nihiwatu, the island’s only resort in order to experience the 20-foot waves at the that occur off the left-handed break.

The literal definition of Nihiwatu is “mortar stone,” a name given to the island by settlers in reference to the unique rock formations that ran along the tide. Claude and Petra Graves discovered the island in 1988 when in search of the perfect wave. The visit by the couple provided the inspiration to build a resort that would do nothing to alter the beauty of the island while making it available to traveler’s who could properly appreciate it. The Graves called their resort Nihiwatu in honor of the island’s legacy.

Burch learned of the island’s beauty in 2012 after being informed that Claude needed assistance to complete an expansion to the resort. Burch got in touch with hotelier James McBride of South Africa and requested that he make a visit to the island resort. McBride says he immediately liked the island.

A few weeks following McBride’s initial visit, he and Burch made a visit to the island together. Burch returned a second time to the island, along with his three sons, all of whom are surfing enthusiasts. Burch decided to purchase the property a short time afterward.

Burch committed $30 million to upgrade the property and it has become an attraction to affluent travelers from across the globe. The property owned jointly by Burch and McBride is over 700 acres in size. The men have aspirations of acquiring more.

The resort is also home to a world-class restaurant and also offers guests picnics under waterfalls, visits to a stone age village, hiking through rainforests, horseback riding, and other attractions that keep visitors coming back for more, check

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RECAP: Business Insider Declares Chris Burch’s New Indonesian Resort “Best In the World.”

Christopher Burch is an internationally renowned fashion mogul, investor, and businessman. He is a co-founder of Eagle’s Eye, a sweater company he sold for $60 million, and co-chair of the Tory Burch fashion label. Burch eventually launched Burch Creative Capital in 2008. With Burch Creative Capital being Burch’s main enterprise, its principal purpose is to incubate new brands and manage his investments. Burch Creative Capital has been lauded for merging creativity with productivity.  Visit their website for a glimpse of this merging of creativity and productivity, check

In 2004 and 2005, Burch delved into the world of real estate, developing a hotel in Buenos Aires in addition to buying, renovating, and selling luxury homes in New York. In 2006, he founded J.B. Christopher, a supplier of real estate construction materials. Burch’s other investments have involved the telecommunications industry. This includes Burch’s role as producer of the romantic comedy Watch It, which received a favorable review from the New York TimesRefer to for an additional article.

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A Business Insider article published in March notes that Burch has recently returned to the realm of hospitality. Now, he expands his empire to include the newly-built resort he calls Nihiwatu. The resort was named after a rock formation on the tide, as Nihiwatu translates to mortar stone.

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In 2012, Burch began turning a simple island hostel into a luxury resort with hotelier James McBride. Located on Sumba, a remote Indonesian island, the pair spent $30 million renovating the hostel. According to Business Insider’s article, Burch and McBride reopened the hostel as a 5-star resort in 2015, and it was voted “best hotel in the world” by Travel + Leisure in 2016.  More of its awesome features on

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A Tale Of Success

Warren Buffet is by far one of the wealthiest men in the world. In addition, he is one of the wealthiest men of all time. With that being said, he has a lot of money. Fortunately, Warren Buffet did not succumb to the greed associated with being wealthy. In fact, Warren Buffet is so much more than a rich investor. He is a philanthropist. With that being said, Buffet put up 1 million dollars for charity if he failed to achieve an improved return on investment. With Buffet being the investment guru he is, the chances are he will achieve his desired investment goal. If there is one thing Buffet knows best, it is how to invest. In spite of any economic threat he has seen in his lifetime, Buffet has always held his own. This is why he will go down in the history books as one of the most successful people of all time.

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In parallel, Tim Armour is also one of a kind. His business skills have earned him the esteemed position of CEO at Capital Group. For 32 years, Armour has flared his professionalism in the sky. His long yet varied successes include being an equity investment analyst. Also, Tim Armour hails from educational prestige. While in school, he earned a Bachelor’s degree in economics from Middlebury College. Aside from his accreditation, it is easy to why Armour is the man he is today. In addition, Tim Armour has paved the way fro several other upcoming business leaders.

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About Richard Blair


Richard Blair who is the founder of Wealth Solutions started this firm with his main goal being to make significant and positive impacts in people’s lives and businesses. Richard grew up in an environment that made him have high interests in education. His grandmother, wife and mother were teachers and this made him witness firsthand that it is only through education that one can build their confidence and knowledge. Having a natural aptitude in the financial sector, Richard felt that he could assist people with their investment and financial planning. In 1993, after his graduation, Blair joined the financial service industry and later on in 1994, he founded Wealth Solutions which is an independent firm. This firm was established to ensure clients get unbiased and objective advice with all considerations taken into account.


Basing on clients financial objectives and risk tolerance, Richard Blair develops a diversified portfolio that is aimed at allowing his clients participate actively on the markets without having worries on the unnecessary risks. Since clients have different unique and personal goals, Mr. Blair takes his time to listen to them then analyze the goals before coming up with a customized plan that will enable the clients pursue their set objectives. As a client seeking advice from Wealth Solutions guarantees you success because you are informed of the latest insights from legal, tax, estate and financial fields therefore enabling you maintain the right paths.




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Stephen Murray the cofounder of CCMP Capital

CCMP Capital has come a long way over the past two decades, the company which was founded in 1984 was formerly known as Chemical Venture Partners, and its primary aim was to function as Chemical Bank private equity and venture division.

After Chemical Venture Capitalist had been acquired in 1996 by Chase Manhattan Bank, the name chemical was dropped, and it was now known as Chase Capital Ventures. Correspondingly, in 2000, after the firm had acquired J.P. Morgan & Co. and formed the JP Morgan Chase, the group changed its name to JP Morgan Partners.

In March 2005, JP Morgan Partners announced a spin out and completed the split-up from JP Morgan Chase. The spin out was effected the following year on the 31st of July. JP Morgan Partners then decided to adopt CCMP abbreviation which was a reference to its predecessor entities which were chemical, chase, and JP Morgan Partners.

The private equity investor and philanthropist Stephen P. Murray was the President and Chief Execute Officer of CCMP Capital, which was a private equity firm that dealt primarily with growth and buyout equity transactions.

Murray graduated in 1984 with a degree in economics from Boston College. After attaining his degree, he joined Manufacturers Hanover Corporation and came to be part of credit analyst training program.

He later on managed to earn his master’s degree in Business Administration from Columbia Business School in 1989 and joined Manufacturers Hanover Equity Corporation. In the year 2005, Murray was made the head of buyout business at JP Morgan Partners.

In August 2006, he co-founded CCMP Capital, which was a spinout of JP Morgan Chase. He became the Chief Executive Officer of CCMP Capital in 2007.

Steve Murray has been the Chief Executive officer since then; it was until last year that he left the company. He passed away this month at the age of 52. According to CCMP Capital, Murray had left the company due to health related issues.

Before he died, Steve Murray held different board meetings as The Chief Executive Officer with companies such as Strongwood Insurance Holdings, Ollie’s Bargain Outlet, Octagon Credit Investors, LHP Hospital Group, Jetro JMDH Holdings, Infogroup Inc., and Crestcom International

Greg Brenneman, the company president, and Murray’s successor, stated that they were very distressed by the news that a person they considered as their friend, partner and former Chief Executive Officer had passed away. The company had sent its condolences thoughts and prayers to his wife’s and son.

Greg also stated that they were very indebted for his positive contributions to the success of CCMP and that Steve Murray CCMP Capital founding partner was a tremendous investor and a deal maker who had spent most of his career in the private equity business.