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Glen Wakeman Business and Financial Savvy

Glen Wakeman has become one of the most successful business and financial experts in the country. He is the CEO and founder of LaunchPad Holdings LLC. With over 20 years of business experience, he has gained much knowledge and insight in the entrepreneurship world. He has taken what he has learned and taken to his popular social media platforms to share that knowledge with up and coming CEO’s and business founders (YouTube).


Glen Wakeman has launched two businesses that help owners and entrepreneurs launch their companies and brands. Glen Wakeman has taken to his blog and shared some of his insight and wisdom. In one blog post, he has said that business executives can use their social media platforms to do market analysis and research, to help them find the best messaging that will appeal to them.


Glen Wakeman has become known as an accomplished writer, investor, inventor, mentor, global business leader and speaker. He has amassed more than 20 years of experience in the finance and business world. His company LaunchPad Holdings provides revolutionary software that helps new business owners turn their ideas into a plausible action plan.


Glen Wakeman earned multiple undergraduate degrees from the University of Scranton, Pennsylvania. He then obtained his Masters of Business Administration from the University of Chicago. His first experience in the business world was with GE Capital. During his time at GE Capital, he was appointed to be the CEO of GE Money Latin America. He helped GE Money Latin America reach $12 billion in assets while employing 17,000 employees.


During his time with GE Capital, he was able to live and work in six different countries all across Europe, Asia, and South America. He oversaw operations in 30 different parts of the world. As he became successful, he gained world recognition in his field. During his time at GE Capital, Wakeman launched Nova Four, which was influential in making Wakeman successful. Glen Wakeman continues to provide advice to his followers so that he can help them avoid the mistakes that he made when he started. Glen Wakeman continues to look for new challenges.

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