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Richard Liu, the Reputable Chinese Businesssman

Richard Liu Qiangdong is the chief executive officer and the founding principal of the Chinese leading e-commerce company. He originates from China and was born in a province known as Jiangsu Province. Liu was raised in a humble family where the breadwinner, his father used to work as a coal shipper in the coastal region of China. Mr. Qiangdong, Richard’s father, invested his little salary into the education of his beloved son.

Richard Liu attended the China University after completion of his high school education in Jiangsu. He studied bachelor’s degree and sociology in the institution. While pursuing his undergraduate studies, Liu started falling into love with computer programming, and he ended up attending some computer classes during his free time. After gaining the knowledge, Richard began to work as a part-time employer in a local company within the university region. The little cash he earned from his job, Liu invested it in a hotel business which unfortunately collapsed before completion of a lunar.

Richard Liu continued with his studies, and after completing bachelor’s degree, he joined the international University of Europe and China where he pursued his master’s degree in Computer Science and Programming which was his passion. After completing his studies, Liu worked in a Japanese health product company in Beijing as a director of computers and business.

Liu worked in the company for some years and later resigned and decided to start up his own business. Together with his wife, they ended up starting a mall in 1998 which used to be the only supplier of magneto-optical tools in the region. His business thrived and by 2002 Liu had opened 20 other stores across the country.

In the year 29003, his business was affected by the SARS epidemic which had hit the country forcing clients and staff not to leave their houses. Richard Liu designed a website for his business, and by 2004 he shifted the business into exclusively an online one. His online company was named or the JingDong Mall. Liu today is highly reputable entrepreneur in China and Asia at large.

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Talkspace Get Online Therapy at Your Convenience and Discreetly

There are so many people in the world who continue to move on with life even when they are suffering from mental health issues. They do not go for treatment as it is not covered by medical insurance and they cannot pay for the mental health treatment from their pocket. Talkspace has emerged as the answer to the people who are in need of therapy but can’t afford to pay high fees for it. With so many people looking for treatment for various mental health disorders like depression, anxiety, and more, Talkspace has become just the alternative that people were looking for. Read more reviews at

Michael Phelps is known for his accomplishments in the Olympics and is one of the top Olympians in the world. But that has not stopped him from getting depressed and feeling anxiety a few years back. He did not seek help at the start, but it started to affect his game and also his relationship with people around him. His family encouraged him to get help, but he did not listen. It was then he found online therapy, and it has allowed him to gain his confidence back. He now wants to make other people understand that mental treatment is a must.

Integrating positivity in life is difficult if you are going through troubled times, whether it is losing a loved one, losing a job, failure in business, or anything else. However, mental health counseling can be life-changing, and a therapist at Talkspace would help you get through the awkward phase in life. Talkspace has some of the best mental health therapists who would discuss with you elaborately and provide you the answers you are looking for. The guidance provides by the mental health therapist at Talkspace would provide you with the way ahead and help you move on in life. It has helped many people revive their life and have a positive mental attitude.

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ecoPayz Online Wallet Integrates Western Union into PSI Pay Payment Options

A partnership between two major financial institutes is always admirable since it paves the way for many opportunities. Well, in this case, ecoAccount is an online wallet platform that has decided to partner with Western Union. The partnership will enable the ecoAccount online wallet users to top up funds through Western Union. Western Union is present globally, and the successful integration by the ecoPayz platform will be of benefit to many individuals.


Background Information


Western Union is a financial institution that operates on a global scale, and they deal in many currencies thereby showcasing a form of convenience. The ecoPayz products are offered by PSI Pay limited. PSI Pay limited provides secure, instant, and convenient payment services to businesses and customers and by partnering with Western Union, their online wallet services will also be available in the U.K.

The ability of ecoPayz customers being able to top up funds through the Western Union platform is quite advantageous. Keeping in mind that Western Union is available in over 150 countries globally, ecoPayz was wise enough to enter into this partnership. Additionally, people in the U.K. will be able to send money both in the U.K. and internationally through their online ecoAccount wallets.

Additional Information


The financial ecosystem is evolving day in day out; that is why Western Union has decided to integrate some of the business functionalities of the ecoPayz platform with third parties so as to tap into various opportunities that may arise in the process. By doing so, PSI Pay and Western Union will be able to reap tremendous benefits.

With that said, Western Union has welcomed ecoPayz with open arms to their multinational network. Since it is the first time that Western Union has decided to incorporate the use of online wallets in the U.K., they have made a wise choice since the financial eco-system is also evolving digitally.




Convenience matters a lot. By working together with Western Union, ecoPayz has enabled users to have the ability to send money globally to the various countries that Western Union offers their financial services. Even though this feature is only accessible to the U.K. at the moment, the service might also be available in other countries with time.