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OSI Group McDonalds Worked Hand-in-Hand to Scale New Heights of Success in the Food Industry

OSI Group was founded by Otto Kolschowsky in 1909 as a butcher shop. The business grew steadily to move to Maywood and become a meat wholesaler. It has since then made the right steps and grown steadily to become one of the largest food providers in the world.

Otto Kolschowsky named the business Otto & Sons in 1928. Otto Kolschowsky was a German immigrant and no one could have anticipated that OSI Group would become this big over a century later. Mr. Kolschowsky met with Ray Kroc and made a partnership deal that saw OSI Group McDonalds grow together and help each other each step of the way. The deal was finalized and Otto & Sons started supplying the network of restaurants with fresh ground beef. Later, Ray Kroc acquired McDonalds fully and became McDonalds Corporation.

Otto & Sons started straining to keep with McDonalds’ franchising model requirements. The model required restaurants to provide consistent and quality products. In turn, the meat provider was required to supply consistent products. However, in the 1960s, flash freezing technology came in to salvage the situation by reducing costs. Otto’s business upped their game and OSI Group McDonalds partnership continued to grow stronger.

McDonalds decided to reduce the number of its suppliers. Otto & Sons was among the main four groups that were maintained. It continued to supply quality, consistent and affordable products to the ever-growing McDonalds’ chain of restaurants. It even built a plant in West Chicago, Illinois that was dully dedicated to processing McDonalds’ products. In the 1970s, Otto & Sons was rebranded into OSI Group.

OSI Group has grown to an extent that it was pursuing the possibilities of going global. By 1980s, the OSI Group was a two-track company, a level of a full-fledged manufacturer. It was around this time that Sheldon Levine was brought on board to take after Otto’s sons who were almost retiring. Sheldon Levine strengthened the OSI Group McDonalds business relationship further and worked to expand into overseas. He was even offered an opportunity to become a partner in the company. OSI Group McDonalds came together in a joint venture to take their services to Germany.

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OSI Group: Fruits of years of innovation and management

The OSI Group is currently perhaps the largest food processing and logistics company in the world employing over 20,000 employees and with 65 facilities scattered in 17 countries globally. The company’s rise to its current position in the food logistics industry is owed to a series of numerous innovations and management decisions that have helped expedite its growth in the competitive world. Tracing its roots back to the 20th century in Illinois, Chicago, the company started off with a meat outlet shop from where demand shot up, fronting the management to increase production and expand its presence in the United States.

Since then, the family-based company has managed to weather significant hurdles in the corporate world and establish itself as a major supplier of food ingredients. One of the milestone achievements that the company has managed to make was its association and partnership with the McDonald’s Company. The association between McDonald’s and the OSI Group propelled the company into a suitable stage from where growth tremendously shot up.

As demand for meat supplies and other vegetable ingredients increased round-the-world, the company targeted expanding its business globally through franchises as well as mergers and takeovers which proved to be categorically helpful. To meet the global demand, the company also invested in cutting-edge technology by building modernized food processing and handling plants capable of storing and processing large quantities of meat. One of the concepts that the company invested in was the process of food storage for which flash freezing and cryogenic food processing methods came in handy.

In this regard, the OSI Group was able to meet customer demands while conquering food processing-related challenges such as food spoilage and the tight schedule of logistics required to maintain the supply chains in the food industry.

For the last one decade, the OSI Group has achieved tremendous development and growth as far as product diversification, consolidation, and expansion is concerned. The company has acquired new facilities at strategic locations around the globe such as in Spain to target particular markets that remain untapped. The new facilities have also been incorporated with new food processing technology through the incorporation of nutrition concepts that have enabled the OSI Group to develop food products fit for both meat lovers and vegetarians.

Also, the company has also maintained its dominance in the market by making numerous business decisions such as aligning its operations with the environmental demands that the modern day world craves for. The company’s progress, growth, and development in this regard have been featured and recognized in numerous awards that it has earned over the years.

Big Moves In Europe Have Been A Recent Trend For OSI Food Solutions:

Foodservice supply powerhouse OSI Food Solutions is on a roll as of late in terms of major expansions, acquisitions and upgrades. This is business as usual for the top 100 U.S. food company and global leader. Since the 1970s OSI Food Solutions has been on a steady run of growth through valuable partnerships and acquisitions. The company has expanded its reach greatly over the years, going from what was a regional wholesale outlet in the early 1970s to a company with a global reach of 17 counties across the map and 80 plus processing facilities. OSI Food Solutions is a food supplier to household names such as McDonald’s, Subway, KFC and Papa John’s. The massive global growth has been possible by the culture started by OSI’s original founders and continued by CEO Sheldon Lavin and President David McDonald. Over the years, the two executives have facilitated many relationships overseas that have seen OSI’s operations expand to the multinational outfit that it is today. In recent years, the Chinese operations for OSI Food Solutions have been greatly expanded, with Chinese facilities now numbering ten. Europe has also been a particularly exciting market for the growth of the OSI Food Solutions brand.

2014 saw the birth of a valuable partnership between OSI Food Solutions and British company Pickstock, a major beef producer. This valuable relationship garners OSI Food Solutions a big upgrade in their impact on the market in the United Kingdom. A few years later in 2016, OSI Food Solutions acquired the British company Flagship Europe. Flagship is a producer of speciality food products and is another huge boost to OSI Food Solutions presence in the United Kingdom. The company is being rebranded as Creative Foods Europe to fit with the new image OSI Food Solutions plans to project through the operation.

Netherlands based food supplier Baho Food is another outstanding European addition to OSI Food Solutions and its family of brands. Baho Food has a huge reach across continental Europe and this acquisition is a gigantic boost to the OSI Food Solutions portfolio. President and Chief Operating Officer David McDonald is thrilled with the purchase and feels strongly that this move will bring valuable new clients into the OSI family.

OSI’s outstanding reputation in Europe got another huge boost in 2016 when the company’s commitment to environmental management was recognized with the prestigious Globe of Honour Award presented annually by the British Safety Council.

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OSI Group Worsk Hard To Be A Top American Food Company

OSI Group is an American food company that provides customized food solutions for its clients who exist all over the globe. With an extensive and stable infrastructure, the company’s global food supply chain management allows it to deliver its quality products directly to its customers on a daily basis. OSI has over 65 facilities in locations all around the world and more than 20,000 employees who enjoy an unparalleled work experience. One of OSI Group’s greatest offerings have to do with its in-house chefs whom work to create custom menu options and come up with new ideas that make their customer bases happy.

OSI Group was recently named one of America’s top 100 food companies, and it’s no surprise that it was. OSI’s CEO and Chairman, Sheldon Lavin, was pointed to as being responsible for much of the company’s success. Not only did he win a Global Visionary Award, which recognized his hard work over the years and was presented by India’s Vision World Academy, but he also was instrumental in taking OSI from its domestic roots to the global multi-billion dollar food company that it is now. Before coming aboard with OSI, Lavin worked in the finance industry where he found plenty of success. He has taken everything he learned then and what he has learned during his time with OSI and is now working to help the company to continue its expansion in the United States as well as the rest of the world.

One of OSI Group’s most recent expansion moves is its purchasing of a Tyson Foods plant that was in the process of being shut down. As part of the shut down, many employees of Tyson were set to lose their jobs, but OSI came in and offered many of these soon to be ex-employees of Tyson jobs within its new facility. The facility is located in the southside of Chicago, and OSI Group purchased it for $7.4 million. It is expected that the 200,000 square-foot facility will help to expand the company’s offerings and support its other Chicago-based facility. Along with this, the new facility will help to expand what it is able to offer to the United States and the world at-large.

OSI Group expects to continue its expansion overseas and in the United States, and as an American food company, it is looking to maintain the standard of quality and excellence it has been providing for all of these years.

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OSI group is an American privately owned company that is leading in providing quality products for the food industry. It manufactures and sells meat products such as bacon, hot dogs, sausages, raw chicken, sausages, meat patties, sandwich assembly and smoked products. Its headquarters is in Illinois, United States. It has more than 65 facilities and over 20,000 employers in 17 countries.

Due to its expansion, OSI has increased its total production capacity to more than 45000 tons of beef, chicken and pork products in Spain, chicken products have contributed to up to 12,000 of the total tons. This is due to an increase in demand for chicken products which will additionally lead to an increase in new jobs.

The company’s security has been improved by the installation of additional surveillance cameras and putting in place several firefighting systems. The introduction of some equipment has also helped in the reduction of electricity consumption up to 20%. These equipment include the cogeneration system and the refrigeration units, which will help to improve the energy consumption.

In 2016, OSI food solutions were awarded a globe of honour award, which was presented at the Draper’s hall in London city on November 25th, for the exemplary management of environmental risks. The company had managed to get maximum five stars in British safety council’s ecological management audit scheme, which was one of the requirements to win the award.

OSI group has purchased a storage house and a food processor in Chicago, which was formerly managed by Tyson Foods. The facility is meant to provide infrastructure, which will highly contribute to the development of the business. The group also purchased the flagship Europe, which aids in supplies food services including poultry, Oliver James pies and sauces and dressings, across the UK.

OSI group is offering over 80 job opportunities which include room attendants, division managers whose role is to manage assigned departments and its functions. Also shift’s supervisors, responsible for ensuring normal operations of the department, hot dog smokehouse supervisors, human plant resource manager, general utility back up machine operator maintenance mechanic, and product development manager and many more. The jobs will be given to qualified applicants without any form of discrimination.

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OSI Reaches for international markets with new facilities and acquisitions

When multibillion-dollar companies come to mind, very rarely does OSI group get much of a mention. Despite managing to stay out of the public limelight, the company has grown from humble beginnings nearly 100 years ago to a global powerhouse in industry. Despite staying focused on efficiency and productivity, it’s becoming harder and harder to not notice just how signifcant OSI Group has become in the meat and food preparation industry.

Once you realize the beginning of OSI, the easier it becomes to understand the company’s bright success and future. Starting in 1928, Otto & Sons made a name for themselves by providing consistently high-quality meat products to the Midwest United States. This consistent attention to detail and quality got the attention of Ray Kroc, the innovator behind the global restaurant chain McDonald’s.

OSI started out as one of the hundreds of suppliers to McDonalds, but eventually grew to become their sole provider. By focusing on improving processes, OSI was able to introduce technology into their production line, in some cases developing new processes entirely.

Most notably, OSI group use liquid nitrogen in freezing tunnels in order to prepare their beef patties for coast to coast distribution. While many people created the McDonald’s corporation for their effort to maintain the same level of consistent quality in all 50 states as well as across the globe, much of this success was thanks to the innovation brought forth by the OSI group.

Many business leaders might be tempted to stagnate and keep things consistent for their best client, especially that customer happens to be a global giant, but this is not the case for OSI. The same intuitive thinking and focus on technology have led them to be a supplier for other restaurants across the world.

By acquiring companies such as Flagship Europe, the company has been able to get a foothold in Europe. In addition to mergers and acquisitions, the company is has found themselves able to start brand new facilities around the world. This includes opening companies in the Asia-Pacific region, where work culture and local food demand is drastically different from their native home in Illinois.

Altogether, OSI group is a major reason why Western fast food chains such as Subway, Starbucks, and Pizza Hut can compete internationally. By bringing the same processes and efficiencies from home OSI Group has been able to duplicate of success wherever they may go. There are still many meat and food processing jobs left to be done, it’ll be interesting to see which one the company takes on next.


OSI Industries Pursuit of Greatness

The food service field of work is cluttered with food suppliers. Choosing the best company that meets the client’s needs can be challenging. There are plenty of things that has to be in place to make things run smoothly. Unfortunately food suppliers can’t handle this high-demand, but there is one that can take care of each and every aspect of the game. OSI Industries is the company, and it is a revolutionary of its sport. Concept-to-table foods is what it specializes in and no other food processing company can outperform it on a regular basis. This isn’t hype, these are the true facts and this is why.

OSI Industries has been in the game for a long period of time. There is over 100yearsof excellence here and the company has a long resume of success. Though it started out as a meat market, the company has expanded its criteria to work with a full-range of food products. As of today, the amount of foods that can be produced is rather enormous. Cheese, beef patties, onions, cucumbers, tomatoes, turkey products, tofu, meatballs, soups, cooked linked sausage, chili, cookies, lettuce, pies, panini, pizza, chicken fried steak and many more. The options are truly endless. The food-engineering staff has real-world knowledge of today’s markets. This just so happens to be global-food knowledge at its finest. Food quality assurance is “numero uno.” Clients will receive peace-of-mind when dealing with OSI because the company uses strictsafety measures. This includes relentless tracking measures, stringent policies, good manufacturing practice training, sensory evaluations and annual (AQ) audits. Client safety is a top priority here.

Clients are also involved with custom-food design. If you have an idea, then bring it to the table. OSI Industries’ trained engineers will do their best to turn this idea into a reality. There is a long list of satisfied customers/clients that will attest to every word that’s being spoken. What do you have to lose? The answer is very simple because you won’t lose anything. You’ll definitely gain a superior end-product, and you’ll definitely gain OSI’s trust.

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