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Talkspace Get Online Therapy at Your Convenience and Discreetly

There are so many people in the world who continue to move on with life even when they are suffering from mental health issues. They do not go for treatment as it is not covered by medical insurance and they cannot pay for the mental health treatment from their pocket. Talkspace has emerged as the answer to the people who are in need of therapy but can’t afford to pay high fees for it. With so many people looking for treatment for various mental health disorders like depression, anxiety, and more, Talkspace has become just the alternative that people were looking for. Read more reviews at

Michael Phelps is known for his accomplishments in the Olympics and is one of the top Olympians in the world. But that has not stopped him from getting depressed and feeling anxiety a few years back. He did not seek help at the start, but it started to affect his game and also his relationship with people around him. His family encouraged him to get help, but he did not listen. It was then he found online therapy, and it has allowed him to gain his confidence back. He now wants to make other people understand that mental treatment is a must.

Integrating positivity in life is difficult if you are going through troubled times, whether it is losing a loved one, losing a job, failure in business, or anything else. However, mental health counseling can be life-changing, and a therapist at Talkspace would help you get through the awkward phase in life. Talkspace has some of the best mental health therapists who would discuss with you elaborately and provide you the answers you are looking for. The guidance provides by the mental health therapist at Talkspace would provide you with the way ahead and help you move on in life. It has helped many people revive their life and have a positive mental attitude.

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Jason Hope Helping The Medical Industry With Technology

The medical industry is booming with new opportunities. As costs rise, many patients are willing to try experimental treatments to cure various diseases.

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur who is passionate about using technology to improve the lives of others. He has developed a reputation as a philanthropist in his community. He has lived in Scottsdale for many years, and he plans to stay in the area for the immediate future.

Investment Opportunities

As an investor, Jason is continuously looking for new investment opportunities. He enjoys investing in small companies that have a chance to explode with growth. Although he loses money on some of his investment choices, he has made some excellent decisions during his investing career.

Jason Hope uses a specific set of criteria to determine the best investing options. He prefers to invest in business ideas with companies that have minimal debt. Jason has avoided debt for most of his business career. He also likes to invest in companies that offer solutions in the medical industry. Jason believes that the pharmaceutical industry provides an excellent opportunity to make money.

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Jason Hope continually looks for new technology options in his company. He likes to read about the latest technological developments for multiple reasons. Not only does this information help him as a business owner, but it also allows him to teach others about the power of technology.

Jason believes that all devices will eventually be connected to the internet. He has donated money to multiple companies focused on making technology more accessible to everyone.

Giving to Charities

Although Jason has a successful business, he still spends time helping less fortunate people in the local community. Jason Hope wants to help all children have a chance in the future. He thinks that the government should do more to provide educational options to children in Arizona. There are thousands of children who live in poverty.

GreenSky Credit’s Financial Technology

Greensky Credit was established in the year 2006. Its headquarters are located in Atlanta, Georgia in the United States. The company also has a call center in Covington, Kentucky. It was founded by David Zalik who is a genius in nature. He managed to start his company at the age of 14. The company serves as a middleman. It provides technical assistance to merchants and banks in making loans. Unlike other credit companies, GreenSky Credit programs are supplied by state-chartered, federal and federally-insured financial institutions. GreenSky Credit works with over 17,000 retailers. The retailers utilize the loans in home improvement, healthcare and for solar solutions. Home improvements endeavors include roofing and window repair. From the year 2012 to 2016, over $5 billion has been lent through GreenSky credit’s program.

The company is managed by David Zalik, who serves as the CEO. In an interview, he admitted that GreenSky credit is not well-known firm as compared to other credit companies. This is because the organization doesn’t make loans using its capital. GreenSky Credit has partnered with various banks in this project. Some of these banks include SunTrust and Regions Financial Corporate. These banks have made several loans through the GreenSky mobile app to many consumers. These consumers range from merchants and retailers like the Home Depot. Moreover, the company signs up all merchants that purchase and sell home improvement items like aluminium siding, roofing and window replacement. GreenSky is also planning to expand its services to bring on board all elective medical personnel such as doctors nurses and veterinary officials.

GreenSky is comprised of a very hardworking team. It has contributed to providing solutions for all the consumers who visit them. In turn, they have played a part in improving the lives of their customers. The company has also been critical in transforming all small-sized businesses into middle-sized corporates. The team is much dedicated to steer the company forward and achieve more. In the year 2016, the organization recorded the highest profits. However, as a privately owned firm, they are not required to disclose their financial information to the public. With the companies’ penetration into the financial marketplace, it’s going to change the face of the financial industry.

Jason Hope Has New Focus On Aging

Jason Hope has already shown he has the talent and drive to do what’s needed for the world of tech. His ability to give Arizona the success it has enjoyed in the tech industry has certainly been appreciated by those who want to expand the reach of the industry, but he has greater ambitions than that. Hope is a big believer in anti aging research and he is now doing what he can to help bring about a new wave of medicine and technology that will change the way we think about our lives and how we live them.

The anti aging research he’s focusing on is going to change the way that we think about so many of the things held to be dear to use. We value our lives but we don’t think of them in the same context we will when we can finally prolong our lives routinely into the 10th decade. That’s going to add so much to the mix and it’s going to create an entirely new dynamic. People are going to start approaching things they wouldn’t have in the past. We will realize we have the time to do everything that we want to.

The need for this is something that many people understand and are willing to participate in the efforts to bring it about. The SENS Institute shares his interest and his desire to see the technology come to life. They are actively working on ways to bring it about and to give people a practical way to enjoy it. The efforts to bring this technology to life are some of the most amazing of our time and they are ongoing. Technology isn’t an easy thing to develop or research. It certainly takes some time to get things going the right way.

The possibility of this technology is going to change a lot of things. It’s going to make our world very different and Hope wants to invest in the possible beginnings of that. He’s had lots of things going for him the past and he certainly understands when a trend is about to start. Anti aging research is still in its early stages but we have plenty to look at and see promise in. It’s just a matter of making sure that we leave no possibility unexplored. That’s what makes Hope and his interest in this research so important even before we see the results.

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Jorge Moll – Bringing Understanding With Brain Imaging and Research

Jorge Moll, MD, Ph.D. is the prestigious Founder and President of the D’Or Institute of Research and Education in Rio de Janeiro. He also heads the Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience Unit. His main topics of neuroscientific research are in the field of mental, intellectual, and social actions or non-actions. In this neuroscience field is a myriad of research subjects that Dr. Moll is globally known for, which includes pro/anti-social behaviors, decision-making, neural bases moral emotions, MRI imaging, and many other aspects of neuroscience (ReginaDiass). He is a member of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences and a member of the International Neuromodulation Society Board.


Dr. Moll has achieved grandeur acclaimed in the field of neuroscience. His educational background is just as impressive. In 1994 he attended the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and in 1997 at the same school he completed his Neurology residency. In 2003, Dr. Moll received his Ph.D. in Experimental Pathophysiology at Sao Paulo University. Between 2004 – 2007, he became a post-doctorate research fellow at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland in the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke Unit within the Cognitive Neuroscience Department.


Dr. Jorge Moll believes in medical imaging and clinical studies that show there are regions of the brain that is involved in moral cognitive thinking. These neuro findings are interpreting how mankind reacts to social and individual situations. There is also new research information on brain dysfunctions or psychiatric disorders and how patients can be helped. Dr. Moll conducts research in areas of moral conductivity for cognition, emotions, and social values. Neuroscience developments effects related fields within marketing, economics, and medical research.


Dr. Moll travels throughout the world in a forum that encourages exchanging ideas, speaking on a variety of medical topics as he appears before researchers, students, entrepreneurs, and associates. He also enjoys the collaborative idea of artificial intelligence and the human brain matched together ( Dr. Moll said he is also excited about the developments in regenerative medicine and gene therapy. Dr. Jorge Moll states that the basis of his studies and research is to help others and keeping things simple is how he runs his company.

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Jason Hope: IoT is the New Normal

When you look at your smartwatch do you think about the communications process behind it or do you just check the time? The same goes for when you are using technological smartphone. Are you pondering the information that it must access to show you the latest news in your hometown or are you simply reading the story? The thing about technology is that it can be easy to take it for granted. Many of us are so used to having it that it has become an extension of who we are. That is not a bad thing, in fact, technology is going to play a major role in the future and experts like Jason Hope want to help get you ready for it.

Hope has written an e-book entitled “Understanding the Internet-of-Things Revolution: A Quick Guide for Thriving in the IoT Era” and in it, he discusses the plethora of technology that is using the IoT network all around us. Hope is uniquely qualified to talk about IoT because he has been a tech expert for many years. He has a degree in finance and an MBA from Arizona State University. Building on that, he also holds a comprehensive list of companies that have done exceedingly well under leadership. With all that knowledge, he wants his readers to know that the future of technology will be based largely on IoT.

IoT, or the Internet-of-Things, are the devices that you see all around you that can connect to the internet to obtain data and communicate. If you have one of those voice activated home assistants, that is a perfect example. You prompt it with a voice command and maybe ask it about the weather. The device searches the internet to find the information pertinent to your area. The same happens when you use your smartwatch or cell phone. These devices are communicating with a literal Internet-of-Things to perform required functions.

Hope knows that these are going to be more important in the future. Not only is technology for these devices advancing, but there are new devices coming out every single day. He uses his e-book to try and teach users how to use some of these devices, how to understand IoT, and even security concerns. It is never too early to start boning up on the information that will help you tomorrow because Hope knows that IoT will be the new normal. Purchase his e-book today at for more information.

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Bob Reina: A Fusion of Successful Businessman and Humanitarian

Bob Reina founded Talk Fusion in 2007. The company was born of an idea he had for a program that makes it possible to email videos. Today, Bob is the CEO of Talk Fusion. The company that developed out of Bob Reina’s initial vision offers packages that allow businesses in 140 different countries a means to promote their products through video marketing.


A former police officer Bob’s commitment to bettering the human condition globally is a part of the foundation upon which he established Talk Fusion. Each of the company’s Independent Associates is allowed one Free Charity Account. In order to promote its cause, the chosen charity is granted the use of Talk Fusion’s premier marketing plan.


People are not the only beneficiaries of Bob Reina’s compassion. He is equally devoted to the betterment of the animal condition.


A self-proclaimed animal lover his personal assortment of rescued pets includes Stormy, Presley, and Blue Bell a trio of Bassett Hounds. The other canine members of the Reina family are Bindi who had a leg bitten off by an alligator and Sport a Labrador mix whose head, neck, and leg to body ratio is reminiscent of a giraffe.


Lucky, Mystery, Madison, Chance, and Scrappy compose the feline contingent of Bob Reina’s menagerie.


Even pets that already have homes have been recipients of Bob’s kindness. Blue Pearl Veterinary Partners Chief Executive Darryl Shaw reports that on multiple occasions Bob Reina has covered other peoples’ vet bills.


Still, everything has its limits. A moratorium has been placed on bringing adopted pets into the Reina household because of having to employ two full-time housekeepers to clean-up after the combined total of 11 dogs and cats. This by no means marks the end of Bob’s devotion to animal welfare. Learn more:


Bob intends to add another $750,000 dollars to the quarter-million dollars, he has already given to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. That million dollar gift will go to establish and maintain mobile veterinary clinics. These mobile units will benefit pets whose owners cannot afford proper veterinary care like routine vaccinations, diagnostic services, and spaying and neutering.


Jason Hope Stands Up for Internet of Things Technology

Jason Hope is one of the most unique entrepreneurs in the technological world because he is focused on the future above all else. Most people try to make their mark in the present, but as a futurist Jason Hope has always been more focused on forecasting trends and establishing himself the opportunity to get ahead of the pack. Jason Hope founded Jawa, a mobile communication company, back before people were going all in on mobile technology. That took some clear thinking and gutsy decision making. Now, Jason Hope is going all in on the Internet of Things — or what he calls the most important industry in world.

The Internet of Things is at once a simple concept and a difficult one to define. The Internet of Things is commonly referred to as the way by which the internet and our day to day objects interact. Think about it. Over the past decade or so the internet has become a more intense and complex part of our day to day lives. There are very precious few ways that we AREN’T connected to internet in some point. How many times have you walked into a restaurant only to be stunned by the lack of free public WiFi for your mobile devices? For more info about us: click here.

Now, Jason Hope knows that there is more to the Internet of Things than just being a casual way for people to interact with their luxuries. Jason Hope fundamentally believes that the Internet of Things is here to stay and it is here to make a bigger impact than anyone else is imagining. The Internet of Things, Hope believes, is the next great industry and one that every corporation and tech company should start getting VERY serious about. Hope thinks that if people start taking it more seriously, it could become the next great economic opportunity.

Jason Hope embraces the doubt that people throw his way and he uses it as energy and motivation. Hope has so far been proving everyone wrong. Will he prove them wrong about the Internet of Things as well? Only time will tell, but we’re on Hope’s side.

Richard Smith Transform Secures Technologies

Securus Technologies provides technology that is used in protecting the society. Public safety organizations, customers, and corrections agencies request the services offered by Securus Technology to investigate and protect laws and social vices. Currently, Securus Technologies specializes in the following aspects in the society; criminal and civil justice technology, provision of solutions, solving and preventing crimes. It is for the efforts of Richard smith and his team that makes Securus Technologies to be one of the leading company.

Richard Smith is known to be one of the most decorated CEO in the world. Currently, he serves as the chief executive officer and the chairman of Securus Technologies. He believes Securus Technologies is a strong investment in assisting law enforcement and correction agencies as they solve crimes and make the society better by providing solutions to the social problems. Read more about Rick Smith Securus on

He is important to the company because of his good abilities, experience, focus and drives in the provision of quality products and services. His leadership skills are fundamental to ensure the company thrives beside having other competing firms. The company is responsible for protecting and serving the community. Richard Smith has received emails in recent past from customers, inmates and even their families appreciating him for making the society safer.

Richard Smith is known to have a good track record of work and an excellent background in his line of duty. He has worked in different areas namely finance, information technology, business, telecommunications, and operations. He pursued bachelor`s degree in engineering from the State University of New York, has the associate degree from Rochester Institute of Technology. Also, Mr. Smith has bachelor`s degree from Brockport state college and Simon Graduate School of Business at the University of Rochester. He holds masters in Mathematics and Masters in Business Administration.

On February 2017 Securus Technologies provided another facility aiming at preventing illegal network access. Collecting and identifying contraband cell phones and providing actionable information to help the correctional agencies in solving the crime cases and preventing the law breaker.

Rick Smith leads Securus Technologies company which is based in Dallas Texas. The main aim is to provide services to inmates, corrections, public safety agencies and law enforcement to North Americans. From Smith leadership Secures Technologies has shown significant commitment in providing emergency response, monitoring, public information, investigation, biometric analysis and inmate self-service to the community.

The direct competitors of Securus Technologies have always been the Global Tel Link. Securus Technologies has the best products and services in the current market. It has a good equipped domestic call center managed by a group of trained and qualified technicians and has become the world`s largest VOIP Corrections calling platform. Under the Rick leadership, Securus has invested in technologies, patents, and acquisition of the resources.


ClassDojo Is Looking To Change Teacher-Parent Communications Forever

While there are all kinds of different video chat applications out there in the world, there are very few that are ever really considered revolutionary. ClassDojo could become one of those applications that really does change the market in a very big way and it will be able to do this in no small part because of a new round of series B funding the developers just secured.

In this Series B funding round, the creators of ClassDojo were able to haul in an impressive $21 million. That could mean the difference between fading into the background and being just another video chat application and being an application that changes the way teachers and parents are able to communicate with one another.

ClassDojo can be used for teachers to set up a kind of class schedule that can not only be seen by the students who are going through the curriculum, but can also be seen by the parents of those students. The teachers will usually update these schedules on a daily basis, allowing interested parents to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to knowing what their children are doing.

The application will also allow teachers to take pictures and video of the class and send them to parents in order to once again allow those parents to see what is going on through the school day. Because there is also an option for quick communications between the parents and the teacher, there is real interaction between the two parties.

Not surprisingly, the creators of the application believes this is something that could genuinely change the way parents and teachers communicate now and in the future. According to the company, this technology is used in more than 85,000 classrooms around the globe. The classrooms where these are used apparently range private and charter schools to the largest public schools in the country.

ClassDojo founder Sam Chaudhary talked to TechCrunch about what the end game for this application truly is, “The idea is to help parents guide conversations at home and support or enhance the learning and development their kids are doing at school.”