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A Recap of Steve Ritchie

Steve Ritchie is the CEO and the president of Papa John’s International Inc. He became a Papa John’s franchise operator and owner in the year 2006. In 2010 Steve Ritchie started serving in the increasing positions of the company’s leadership until his promotion to the Chief Operating Officer in the year 2014. After his nomination as the Chief Operating Officer of the company, Steve Ritchie provided a smart move as the CEO and the president of Papa John’s company.

What He Addressed Through the Letter

Steve Ritchie in the letter said that the week before was the hardest in his career and he knew what the company’s customers were going through at the moment. In article from, it mentioned that he also said that the company is larger than anybody else and it is committed to providing better services to the community. In the letter, he provided an outline of what the company is going to do in order to restore the trust of its customers. Steve Ritchie said that the company is in the process of hiring new professionals from outside to help it in the auditing of its diversity, culture and other practices.

As per, this was a good move for the company since it will help it in identifying the weakness and strengths. Also, the company’s management experts will be on their way listening to the company’s employees, customers, and franchisees while obtaining their feedback about the issue and how to move forward. Steve Ritchie will also be part of the team that will be collecting the feedback since he knows there is nothing essential for the company at the moment. He finally said that he will do his best to regain the trust of the customers.

The Importance of the Letter to the Customers

Through the letter, Steve Ritchie offered a direct apology to the customers on behalf of the company, and he said that they should know that Papa John’s is larger than anybody else. He also pointed out unique actions they will be using to address the inclusion and diversity that is in the company at the moment. Steve Ritchie will personally lead the efforts to achieve these values. See the latest from Papa John’s on Facebook.

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How Stream Energy is Practicing Corporate Social Responsibility in Dallas, Texas

How Stream Energy is Practicing Corporate Social Responsibility in Dallas, Texas

Corporate social responsibility has always been part of a self-indulging business model that assists a corporation to be socially accountable to the public, stakeholders, and its management. Through participating in corporate social responsibility, companies win client’s hearts because more often than not, it has been proven that millennials like to be part of a business that supports the community. Lately, one company that has indulged in corporate social responsibility is Stream Energy.

About Stream Energy

In 2005, Rob Snyder joined Pierre Koshakji to establish Stream Energy. At first, the firm provided energy services strictly in Texas. This was during the deregulation of electricity in the area. After three years, the firm expanded to Georgia then Northeast. It also started selling electric as well as gas energy services across ten states. Washington, DC was one of the states. In 2015, the company began providing mobile phone services. This unit of services was known as Stream Wireless.

Growth and Development 

In 2017, Stream shifted its office to Tollway Center. Since then, the company has signed up with different independent investors including those who are interested in joining the multi-level marketing branch to supply energy services and products to the community. Aside from that, Stream indulges in community projects. If you remember Hurricane Harvey, then you are probably aware of the damages it caused to the people of Dallas. Not only did some lose their loved ones but also property. While some companies came forward to support victims, Stream Energy’s contribution stood out from the rest. The firm called upon its management to rally contributions from employees and business associates.


In an article posted on Patch, Stream stands out as a philanthropic company that cares for the society. In the past, it founded an organization called Stream Cares. Through this firm, the management has offered useful charitable services to those who need physical and emotional support. Typically, corporate giving is part of Stream Energy’s DNA. The company dedicates part of its income to creating programs that support the less fortunate. Through these programs, the firm has attracted clients and stakeholders from different walks of life.

Hussain Sajwani’s Journey to the Luxury Real Estate Sector

Hussain Sajwani is the founder and chairman of DAMAC Properties. He is also the majority shareholder of the company founded in 2002. DAMAC property is a luxury real estate development company that has proved to be a leader in designing some of the world’s most iconic structures. The company provides out-of-the-world living experiences in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates. That has earned it a reputation in offering luxury and quality that has seen them expand its services to the broader Middle East with bigger projects to the GCC as well as the United Kingdom. Sajwani is passionate about quality, luxury, and design and has transformed his passion into some of the most excellent and memorable works.

Hussain Sajwani graduated from the University of Washington and started his career as a contracts manager for a subsidiary of Abu Dhabi National Oils Company (ADNOC) by the name GASCO. He ventured out to start his business shortly after and started his catering company is 1982. The catering venture took off, and it has grown into a thriving business that is a market leader providing its services in the Middle East, CIS, and Africa. The company serves approximately 150,000 meals a day and manages more than 200 projects. The catering division offers its food services to five-star hotels, army camps, educational institutions, construction sites, and on-shore and off-shore locations. It also provides supplementary services, such as workforce supply, maintenance and camp management.

Hussain Sajwani was among the real estate development expansion pioneers in the Middle East. Since the 90s, the number of visits to the Emirates has increased. Sajwani built several hotels to accommodate the people and noticed that there was an opportunity in the sector. He then founded DAMAC Properties, which has been a success to date. DAMAC Properties is listed as a public company with its shares being traded on the Dubai Financial Market. It has about 2,000 employees and has developed more than 21,700 units since its formation. The company has also partnered with recognizable brands in the lifestyle & fashion industry to design luxury projects. Some of the projects are Bugatti styled Villas, Versace Italian styled Homes, and a Tiger Woods-themed Golf Park.

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Explore A Hidden Paradise In Fagali

If you are looking for that hidden gem for your next vacation getaway, look no further. Fagali just might be that perfect destination you have been hoping to find. Gorgeous sunsets, palm trees and tropical breezes await on this picturesque piece of paradise. Fagali is easily accessible by plane. ]

The accommodations range from your basic budget rooms to five-star hotels and are much more affordable than most travelers are accustomed to according to The beautiful scenery of the island was even used to film Return to Paradise, starring Gary Cooper. Nestled on the island, Upolo, in the South Pacific, Fagali is a quiet community that is proud to celebrate and share the cultural heritage of their paradise with tourists.


There are more than enough activities to participate in Fagali island to keep you entertained for as long as you want to stay. You’ll want to make a point of checking out their premier restaurant, The Deck Restaurant. There, you will be impressed with great service, amazing food, incredible views, and even a pool next to the bar. Also be sure to include on your itinerary celebrating their Fiafia night where you can appreciate their culture by watching local performances with fire dancing and live local music. Their beautiful beaches with give you access to some of the most captivating and wondrous scuba diving and snorkeling as well as those amazing South Pacific tanning spots. You can take guided tours or venture on your own and discover all the natural wonders the island has to offer from their lush jungles to their freshwater Piula wave pool to their hidden natural wonder, Papapapaitai Falls according to Make sure to include a visit to Papaseea Sliding Rock where you get to climb through the lush jungle to the top of a naturally formed rock-carved water slide. There’s even Club X for those looking for a little night life and dancing with great local bands and spirits.

Fagali is the perfect spot for almost any traveler. It’s a great spot for a honeymoon, family trip, anniversary celebration, or just because you deserve to be pampered. Enjoy your adventure!

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NewsWatch TV Program Review

NewsWatch TV is a trusted source for providing viewers with the latest information about travel, technology, and entertainment. This program is shown on a weekly basis on the ION Network and is shown twice a month on AMC. The host of the show is Andrew Tropeano and there are reported provided by Eric Forrest, Susan Bridges, and Amanda Forstorm.

NewsWatch TV has won several words for their excellence in programming. They have won the Platinum and the Gold Awards from the Marcom Awards. They also won an award for excellence in Videography. This is one of the most respected awards in the video field. This show has won the award for their national news reporting such as the Silver Telly Award. People turn to this show to catch up on the latest happenings and trusted the reporters.

The NewsWatch TV program is on the air for 30 minutes. Every time it airs more than 96 million viewers tune in to get their news. The news is taped in the Washington DC area and is shown all over the country. NewsWatch TV has been on the year for the past 25 years. During this time, it has been viewed by over 700 million viewers. This has made Newswatch TV one of the most successful independently produced news programs that are aired over the television. The show first hit the air in 1990 and recently taped the 1,000th episode. The news has covered over 10,000 stories and is always keeping up to date with the latest happening in the world.

The Positive Growth Curve of OSI Group

Embracing change comes in handy at times. Well, speaking if change, OSI Group has been in the food manufacturing industry for more than a century. For a company to stay afloat for more than a century, there must have been various strategies that were put in place among other things.

Background Information

Well, many know that OSI Group was once a butcher shop. The shop was solely owned by Otto Kolschowsky whose roots can be traced back to Germany. Kolschowsky among other immigrants decided to settle in Chicago, Illinois. From the look of things, the population was huge enough to form a community. Far from that, a community always brings about a vacuum that needs to be filled in terms of growth. In this case, Otto contemplated about the suitable business that he would establish in order to sustain himself and his family while residing in Chicago.

Otto decided to settle for the retail meat market as his business of choice. With time, the business was experiencing some form of growth since Otto was also able to launch a branch in a Chicago Suburb known as Maywood. Business went on smoothly, and Otto even introduced his sons into the business thereby changing the entity name to Otto & Sons.

Additional Information

The McDonald’s restaurant was a renowned fast food joint that dealt with products such as hamburgers. Well, since the restaurant was in need of massive quantities for fresh meat, Otto & Sons became the company’s supplier. Business was flowing smoothly thanks to the relationship between the two enterprises. Nevertheless, some challenges come about at inappropriate times but finding a solution is the only way forward. As for Otto & Sons, they were not able to transport processed meat to some of the McDonald’s joints since the distance was the main issue.

Fortunately, Otto & Sons found a solution to the problem. The solution involved the use of liquid nitrogen to keep the meat products in a frozen state. While the meat was in that state, it was easy to deliver to the various McDonald’s restaurants regardless of the distance. Far from that, the company was still growing, and to a certain point, the sons of Otto had to let go of the company’s leadership. Before handing over the leadership of Otto & Sons, the company’s name was changed to OSI Group.


OSI Group is currently a company that is operational internationally. The company has been headed by leaders such as Sheldon Lavin among other individuals who have a positive vision for the company. Well, Sheldon Lavin has been the CEO of the company for more than four decades, and under his watch, the OSI Group has been able to embrace various changes that have even brought about a more positive impact.


Papa John’s CEO Direct Letter to Customers

Papa John’s, one of the most significant pizza outlets, has taken what would be a wise move to restoring its brand’s image. Soiling of their image resulted from sentiments of racism and insensitivity which the firm was keen to overturn. This has seen the top executive team of the company led by Steve Ritchie took its strategy of getting through customers’ hearts through an emotional letter to the clients.

Steve Ritchie, Papa John’s CEO, stressed that the pizza giant would no longer tolerate any offensive language from its executives and employees. His remarks might be part of a wise step to restoring its image and rebuilding long-lasting relationships with its global collaborators totaling 120,000.

The importance of the 120k member team in Papa John’s community cannot be overemphasized; these are the ones responsible for the provision of better services and quality pizza to Papa John’s clients. Thus, Steve Ritchie’s move to first acknowledge the team is a prudent step in ensuring the team continues to provide quality services.

According to Steve Ritchie, the company’s current focus is to rebuild its trust among customers. This will see Ritchie lead an effort through multiple ways to regain the confidence. First, Papa John’s is preparing to bring on board outside professional auditors to audit the company’s culture, diversity, and practices. The goal of this auditing is to identify the enterprise’s weaknesses and strengths and set practical ways to better their services.

The letter by Steve Ritchie also revealed that the enterprise is setting a ground team to collect views from employees and clients on how to move forward. The unit will comprise of senior members of Papa John’s management. Besides, the team and the company will maintain transparency and accountability during the whole process.

The direct letter by Steve Ritchie to customers carried empathy and apology. Though not showing enough compassion, Ritchie’s tactical approach of pinpointing specific measures that will rebuild the firm’s trust is commendable. The indications are that the letter carries determination and sincerity needed for recovery. On the other hand, Steve Ritchie Papa Johns pointed out that Papa John’s is more than one individual, thus, needs joined hands for the recovery.

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Herbalife Product Reviews

Herbalife offers athletes a host of products that are helpful for providing the body with optimal nutrition, whether pre-workout, during a workout, or post-workout session. All of the products sold by Herbalife undergo rigorous testing and are developed according to Good Manufacturing Practices.


Athletes desiring a product that can keep their body fueled to power through weightlifting, swimming, or triathlons may be interested in the Formula 1 Sport. This supplement provides athletes with protein and energy to sustain their pace, and it additionally helps pack on muscle mass.


As a replacement for a typical meal, athletes can enjoy consuming the Formula 1 Sport anytime for quality nutrition that contains L-Glutamine, milk protein, and has antioxidants for supporting a healthy immune system.


Formula 1 Sport is available in delicious flavors like French Vanilla, Cookies and Cream, or Mint Chocolate Chip. The supplement blends well with almond milk or other liquids and doesn’t leave athletes with a chalky taste or texture.


Molto successo in Italia, @Cristiano! Proud to fuel the world’s top ⚽️ player, spreading the message of good nutrition everywhere.

A post shared by Herbalife Nutrition (@herbalife) on

After powering through an intense workout, the body will need time to replenish energy stores and return to its pre-workout levels. In order to do so, athletes may want to grab Herbalife’s Restore nutritional supplement.


Restore was specially formulated with ingredients like Elderberry and Curcumin to help the body recover and jumpstart cellular restoration of body tissues to combat inflammation. Antioxidants are also added to the Restore formula, utilizing the natural properties of vitamin C and beta-carotene to boost the immune system.


Whether engaged in running, climbing, cycling, or undergoing a grueling training session, professional and amateur athletes alike trust Herbalife to give them the energy they need to succeed.


World renown athletes like Cristiano Ronaldo and Heather Jackson are both champions of high-octane sports, and value the quality of nutrition that satisfies hunger and sustains energy levels when training and competing.

DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani Believes in Investing in the Young People for the Bright Future of the Country

The real estate scene in Dubai is famous across the globe for its skyscrapers. The boom in the real estate scene of UAE came when the government passed a decree that allowed foreigners to buy land in the country. As the government was encouraging of the booming real estate development that was taking place across the nation, many real estate firms emerged. One of the real estate firms that managed to become one of the pioneers during this time is DAMAC Properties, founded and owned by Hussain Sajwani.

DAMAC owner Hussain Sajwani comes from a humble background and as per his parents always had the entrepreneurial spirit in him. Even though his father owned a watch business, he always wanted to do something of his own. He went to the United States soon after completing his schooling to join college and complete graduation. He studied economics and industrial engineering from the Washington University. Even though he did a couple of jobs after completing his studies, Hussain Sajwani was never interested in doing a job, and thus, he soon left to start his own catering company. The catering company that Hussain Sajwani started was named Al Jazeera Services, and it went on to be highly successful bagging contracts from some of the leading companies in the country. DAMAC owner Hussain Sajwani is an opportunist and looking at the opportunity that the real estate business in Dubai presented, he moved back to his homeland and invested in purchasing an estate in the suburbs of the Dubai city. Hussain Sajwani knew that there is a market for luxury residential and thus, he designed a luxury residential project that he managed to sell within a week before even the project went into construction.

DAMAC owner Hussain Sajwani believes that they are in an era where they cannot ignore the importance of digitalization in every part of our lives, and it is why it is essential for the growth of any country. He sponsors the One Million Arab Coders initiative that was launched by the UAE Vice President, Prime Minister and the Ruler of Dubai that would promote youngsters to learn coding and programming that is a necessity for the future of the country.

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ecoPayz Online Wallet Integrates Western Union into PSI Pay Payment Options

A partnership between two major financial institutes is always admirable since it paves the way for many opportunities. Well, in this case, ecoAccount is an online wallet platform that has decided to partner with Western Union. The partnership will enable the ecoAccount online wallet users to top up funds through Western Union. Western Union is present globally, and the successful integration by the ecoPayz platform will be of benefit to many individuals.


Background Information


Western Union is a financial institution that operates on a global scale, and they deal in many currencies thereby showcasing a form of convenience. The ecoPayz products are offered by PSI-Pay limited. PSI-Pay limited provides secure, instant, and convenient payment services to businesses and customers and by partnering with Western Union, their online wallet services will also be available in the U.K.

The ability of ecoPayz customers being able to top up funds through the Western Union platform is quite advantageous. Keeping in mind that Western Union is available in over 150 countries globally, ecoPayz was wise enough to enter into this partnership. Additionally, people in the U.K. will be able to send money both in the U.K. and internationally through their online ecoAccount wallets.

Additional Information


The financial ecosystem is evolving day in day out; that is why Western Union has decided to integrate some of the business functionalities of the ecoPayz platform with third parties so as to tap into various opportunities that may arise in the process. By doing so, PSI-Pay and Western Union will be able to reap tremendous benefits.

With that said, Western Union has welcomed ecoPayz with open arms to their multinational network. Since it is the first time that Western Union has decided to incorporate the use of online wallets in the U.K., they have made a wise choice since the financial eco-system is also evolving digitally.




Convenience matters a lot. By working together with Western Union, ecoPayz has enabled users to have the ability to send money globally to the various countries that Western Union offers their financial services. Even though this feature is only accessible to the U.K. at the moment, the service might also be available in other countries with time.