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Roseann Bennett On Millennials And Mental Health

Roseann Bennett is an experienced mental health therapist who is a graduate of Seton Hall University. In 2009, she co-founded the Center For Assessment and Treatment located in Hackettstown, NJ. Her goal is to help those who need counseling regardless of their ability to pay.

In a recent article, Roseann Bennett detailed the major mental health issues that she is seeing among those of the Millennial generation. Among the mental health problems facing this group is anxiety. Ms. Bennett believes that social media is one of the major factors causing the increase in anxiety among Millennials. According to Ms. Bennett, Millennials are using social media to constantly compare themselves to one another. When they don’t think they are measuring up to others, anxiety increases to perform at a higher level.

A second mental health issue occurring among Millennials is an increase in the level of depression. Roseann Bennett believes that there are two factors leading to this increase. The level of independence within society has increased, and this leads to social isolation. She also believes that Millennials are focusing on money and fame too much, and this leads them to possess unrealistic expectations regarding the outcomes in their lives.

Finally, Roseann Bennett has seen an increase in eating disorders among those of the Millennial generation. Once again, Ms. Bennett sees social media and the comparisons that is produces as a cause of the rise in eating disorders. She also believes that the negative body images given to young people contribute to eating disorders and other related mental health conditions.

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Serge Belamant Takes the Frontline in Transforming the World’s Finance Sector

Serge Belamant is an esteemed personality in the finance industry. He is the expert behind successful companies that develop various technology solutions that have streamlined the world’s banking, blockchain, and financial service industries.

Who is Serge Belamant? Mr. Belamant is a trained computer scientist, information technologist, and engineer. He pursued his studies at the University of South Africa, and Witwatersrand University.

He is the co-founder of Net1 UEPS Technologies and Zilch Technologies. Furthermore, Belamant serves as a board member at Medikredit Integrated Healthcare. Serge Belamant was born in France and raised in South Africa. Visit to know more about Serge Belamant

How has he been transforming the world’s financial sector?

Belamant’s Net1 UEPS technology company has been on the frontline of developing financial solutions that simplify economic activities like deposits, withdrawals, and payments.

In 1995, Belamant’s Net1 UEPS Technologies developed VISA’s chip-enabled debit and credit cards. Today, universal electronic cards are widely used to complete millions of financial transactions.

In 2000, Net1 UEPS Technologies developed a payment system that facilitated the transfer of grants. The digital system was implemented and used by the Russian and South African banking organizations.

Presently, Serge Belamant works as the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Zilch Technologies, a financial service company that helps youths to start and maintain a healthy financial lifestyle.

Zilch technologies use social media to help youths embrace efficient money-saving habits, make educated financial decisions, as well as manage their spending practices. The strategies help youths live an independent economic life.

Unlike other financial advisory firms, Serge Belamant’s financial advisory uses youth-friendly language and research-based information to transform their clients’ financial lifestyle. Youths can access Belamant’s services using their phone.

Apart from cofounding and managing companies, Belamant is influential in the world’s blockchain industry. He is the intellect behind the development of various blockchain software, computer applications, and cryptocurrencies.  See more:



The Newest President of New Residential Investment Corporation: Michael Nierenberg

Mike Nierenberg is one of the most established individuals in the investment management industry and he has years of experience in the most renowned investment management companies in the industry. He has proven his expertise in the industry with all his accomplishments and his valuable contributions in each company that he has worked in.

Mike Nierenberg has worked in these following companies:

1. Managing Director and Head of the Global Morgages and Securitized Products Division at Bank of America Marrill Lynch. Head of All Sales and Trading Activies.
2. Head of Global Securitized Products of JP Morgan. Member of Management Committee of the Investment Division.
3. Multiple Senior Leadership Positions at Bear Stearns. Head of Interest Rate and Foreign Exchange Trading Operations. Co Head of Structured Products. Co-head of Mortgage Backed Securities Trading. Member of the Board of Directors.
4. Service at the Lehman Brothers

Mike Nierenberg after all of these experiences and accomplishments was hired by New Residential Investment Corp. to be their President, Chief Executive Officer and Director. His expertise, knowledge and experience in the investment industry makes him the perfect individual to lead a company like New Residential Investment Corp. Mike Nierenberg is known for being very innovative with the solutions he provides – he will truly be an asset for the company.

Under the leadership of Mike Nierenberg, New Residential Investment Corp. is performing better than ever and they are proving themselves as rightful leaders in the residential real estate industry. Under Mike Nierenberg, New Residential Investment Corp. has brandished the trust that the company has when it comes to managing real estate investment trusts. Mike Nierenberg keeps on innovating new solutions on how they can reel in more significant returns for their stockholders and investors. Moreover, Nierenberg has a very talented executive management team that helps New Residential Investment Corp. in handling their real estate investment trusts. Their executive management team has extensive knowledge on the in’s and out’s of the real estate market and their knowledge and experience on this has continually helped New Residential Investment Corp. build their portfolio up and solidify their reputation as one of the front runners in the residential real estate industry.

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Nick Vertucci is a Multi-faceted Man

Nick Vertucci has written an inspirational book that recounts the steps he followed to reach where he is. The Seven Figure Decision is a book that advises young entrepreneurs on the best trend in the market and how to follow the steps to survive in a competitive society. Being able to set goals, plan on how to achieve the goals, having the will to succeed and the resources are among the decisions highlighted in his book. Nick advises the upcoming business not to make the poor decisions he made in the previous store that saw it fail.

He made poor decisions in the computer business he was operating. He welcomed ill-mannered fellows that came in and ruined his business despite the much struggle he had made to see the company succeed. The collapse of this business rendered him bankrupt and depressed for some time. He encourages other business people to make wiser decisions in their business.

The real estate business

Nick Vertucci has endeavored to do the best in his life. Though he failed in the first business, he had the will to forge ahead and start venturing in other fields. He was introduced to real estate and hence, he decided to enroll in one of the prestigious academies in the region. He worked very hard as a student and learned the secrets of the field. He took sometime before he began investing in this new venture. After garnering enough knowledge, Nick decided to establish his academy, and that is how Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy.

Many students have joined the school owing to its friendly environment. It is also inspirational as it gives practical examples. The course is also affordable for many low-income earners. As the CEO of the Academy, he makes sure that everything runs smoothly. He also buys cheap real estates and sells them when the demand is high hence at a higher price. He encourages entrepreneurs to learn the trends in the market and fill in the gaps as possible.

Nick Vertucci as a poker player

He is also a veteran business advisor basing on the fact that he has thrived in the real estate business for a long time. He advises the other managers to plan before venturing in any industry. They should also have the right resources and skills. He has played poker for a long time now. He has competed with many world champion poker players. He aims to emerge the best in this field also. He has won some trophies so far.

Vertucci has impressed the virtue of hard work, patience always learning the game of the jungle. As he did in the real estate field, he is continuously learning the rules and tactics of poker. He believes in himself and aims to improve his life every day. He as a well-organized person for he knows how to balance between business and games. He also manages his academy well. He has remained an inspiration to the upcoming investors and entrepreneurs.

“Paul Sanders’ Thoughts On Employee Burnout “

Work can be incredibly stressful, and mixed with an active personal life you can quickly become burned out. This can lead to a significant impact on productivity and employees overall work. Because of that, business owners and employers need to keep an eye for the many signs of employee burnout; this is because they can end up having a significant impact on the businesses bottom line. However, Peter Sanders has identified a variety of ways to help avoid this. As the founder and principal of James River Capital Corp, Mr. Sanders has helped grow some thriving businesses. As such, he has been able to enact a few notable policies that have helped avoid employee burnout.


The first thing Paul Sanders has noted is that you should allow your employees to have an element of control over their work. This is because when an employee is closing in on burning out, they can often feel a lack of control that can end up affecting their work. However, by giving them even a modicum of control, and encouragement to take this control, can help to avoid this. A lack of transparency can also be a contributing factor to employees becoming burned out. This can be especially true when it comes to the likes of promotions; many may feel that they’re being overlooked and are underappreciated. However, by being transparent about these choices, as well as everything else that affects employees, can have a positive impact on them. Many employers will be able to see if their employees are at risk of burnout by a shift in their attitude at work.


This can be because of a variety of things, both personal and work related. However, Paul Sanders has noted that if you offer your employees support when you’re able to. You could also suggest new hobbies and more to help them take their minds off of work and help to de-stress. Lastly, Paul Sanders has noted that employees suffering from burnout may end up suffering from a significant lack of confidence when it comes to being able to do their job. As such, this will end up leading to a noticeable drop in productivity, as well as their quality of work. However, Mr. Sanders has noted that helping to build up their sense of confidence can provide a significant benefit to both you and your employee. Because of that, Paul Sanders has suggested working with your employee to set reasonable goals for your employees that they’ll be able to achieve. While this may take a while, it can end up giving them the confidence they need to perform at the level they once were. As such, they’ll not only be happier at work, but more productive too. Learn more:

Vitamin D Is Beneficial For People With Skin Conditions

Dr. Tim Ioannides is a practiced dermatologist along the coast of Florida. He has credited his resume by studying at superior universities and also by fulfilling challenging residencies at well-known facilities. After discovering his passion for helping people feel comfortable in their own skins rather than resorting to cosmetic surgeries, Ioannides has founded his own practice titled Treasure Coast Dermatology, where his team focuses on being proactive rather than reactive.

Having skin conditions can be detrimental to both a person’s physical and mental well-being. A person can suffer from low self-esteem and severed relationships. Contrary to what you may believe, you don’t have to live this way. There are treatments to some of these well-known skin conditions.

Ioannides has seen it all when it comes to his patients and their symptoms. However, some of the more common diagnoses he sees are eczema, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, contact dermatitis, and rosacea. It is important to schedule an appointment with your dermatologist if you see any sudden outbreaks or rashes on your skin. Your dermatologist can not only give you a diagnosis, but can also offer you treatment.

Even if you didn’t know it, one of the most common treatments for skin conditions is to increase your vitamin D intake. This sunlight vitamin is crucial to maintain your health. Not only does it help to protect your bones and teeth, but is also serves as a muscle for your immune and nervous systems. We as humans produce our own vitamin D through cholesterol when sunlight hits our skin, but people can still be deficient. Reasons for this include being overweight, not getting exposure to enough sunlight, not eating enough foods with vitamin D, old age, using too much sunscreen, and having pre-existing conditions. Signs of deficiency can include being sick frequently, being depressed, being tired a lot, having back pain, and losing hair.

Ioannides is big fan of increasing his patient’s vitamin D intake. He encourages exposure to sunlight, while also prescribing supplements of the sunshine vitamin. One of his patients with psoriasis made a full recovery after a few months while taking supplements. Ioannides recommends 10-15 minutes of sunlight each down, believing that this small amount of time won’t hurt the body and also relaxes the mind and body. He states, “I think that this not only helps the body produce vitamin D but has other positive benefits. The evidence for this is tenuous to some, but is has made a remarkable difference in my life.”

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HGGC: How To Choose A Private Equity Firm

If you are thinking about getting advice or guidance on private equity investment matters, it is highly recommended that you choose a reputable firm or professional. There are many professionals that offer investment advisory services but it is important to keep in mind that not all of them are created equal. You need to choose a successful private equity firm like HGGC.
Reputable investment firms have well-trained investment and financial services professionals and are committed to rendering top-notch services to clients. A reliable private equity firm will have systems in place to address the needs of clients and ensure that they reach their goals.
The private equity professionals at HGGC are highly reliable and experienced and are well known for providing outstanding service to their clients. Perhaps you are a beginner and want to enlist the services of a renowned company with a team of highly knowledgeable professionals.
Maybe you want to grow your existing portfolio and are searching for a firm that can help you achieve the success you desire.
HGGC is one of the top-rated private equity investment companies in the industry and has been around for many years. The company and its investment experts are passionate about helping individual investors, organizations and institutional clients to take their investment venture to the next level.
Sourcing for investment opportunities is not an easy task. The process can be difficult, but it is essential to complete it in order to achieve a successful outcome in the private equity industry. An investment opportunity may be sourced through networking, internal analysis, and reaching out to executives at attractive companies. Private equity firms can also find a deal through meeting with various companies, industry conferences, and conversations with industry experts and consultants.
As a global private equity firm, HGGC has clients from all walks of life. Its private equity professionals committed to meeting the needs of its clients appropriately. Having a reliable team by your side will give you confidence that your investment matters are in good hands. You will be provided with advice and guidance you need to reach your goal.

Brace yourselves for 2019, Paul Mampilly tells businesses

While most hedge fund managers lose their credibility and spark when they ditch Wall Street, Paul Mampilly remains a finance house power even after walking away from Wall Street in favor of the main street. In the more than two decades that Mampilly worked in Wall Street, he built a solid reputation as one of the most productive hedge fund managers and also worked for several high profile institutions such as ING, Kinetics Asset Management, and Deutsche Bank.

Today, Paul Mampilly helps the common main street folks to get good returns from their investments and also advise people on the best investment portfolios out there. Mampilly also offers his insight on business and the financial market on popular platforms such as Fox Business News, Bloomberg TV, and CNBC.

According to Mampilly, the year 2019 will witness major changes in business that will disrupt and improve the way business is conducted.

For starters, Paul Mampilly says that more companies will have access to crucial data that will improve their business. Mampilly says that this will be a major shift from the current trend where the cost of accessing data is prohibitive; a scenario that limits small companies and startups to utilize the data to their advantage. With consumer data having become the primary product that sustains businesses in the modern economy, this predicted data revolution will level the playing field for big and small companies to compete fairly.

Paul Mampilly also says that big companies will have to reevaluate their marketing strategies in order to remain relevant to the modern consumer. This is because small companies have revolutionized marketing, inspiring a change from the traditional one-size-fits-all strategy, to a more personalized and consumer-centric marketing strategy. Mampilly adds that big companies will also have to be more innovative in their product manufacturing and tailor the products to cater to individual consumer’s needs.

Paul Mampilly sees the stable political climate to be of favor to most businesses. The current regime is pro-business and has seen many business-friendly tax reforms come into effect, hence, boosting productivity and profits. For this reason, Mampilly says that it is wise for investors to pump their money in local businesses, as they are more likely to get better returns from their investments. Paul Mampilly Has Struck Gold Again

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The Growth and Success of Sandy Chin

With almost a decade of being under the mentorship of William Leach, she was able to gain the right amount of skills and abilities to face the real world. Sandy Chin was able to launch the Tidal Bore Capital with her mentor after six years of working at different firms.


Sandy Chin has expertise in purchasing and selling stocks particularly in consumer level stocks for more than two decades now. She has been working for the Tidal Bore Capital hedge fund company since it was launched last 2016. She is known as the company’s portfolio manager, she manages portfolios that are exclusively focused on bottom-up analysis. Prior to working at the Tidal Bore Capital, she also became a senior analyst for SAC Capital Management, started to manage a hedge fund at the Visium Asset Management, worked at a firm named Moore Capital Management, Bank of America and Donaldson, she has also worked as the senior analyst and Vice President of Neuberger Berman and at Lufkin and Jenrette where she met the man who became her mentor in life known as William Leach. After meeting him, she started to grow by learning, studying, and collaborating with him over the years.

Significance Of Mentoring

Mentoring has played a crucial role in the success of Sandy Chin. It became the key to her success after graduating college at the Columbia Universities Barnard College with a degree in Political Science and her master’s degree at New York University School of Business. During her career, her mentor has helped her earn promotions and various titles while she was attending business school. Sandy Chin mentioned that William Leach was able to help her manage her time and responsibilities while reaching her academic goals as well. Her mentor gave her the ability to stay focused on her short and long term goals in the future and has introduced her to the world of finance, analysis, the stock market, investment, and a lot more that she could not think of.

In addition to this, Sandy Chin emphasized how mentors know the answer to questions about the industry and how to succeed in this world. Most popular and successful entrepreneurs that we know have professional mentors who molded and shaped them into the person that they are today. It is all about working hard and thriving in the industry, it also comes from within.

She also stated that in order to have a stable relationship with your business partners and mentors, you should invest your time in knowing how they work in industry, understanding their short and long term goals, how they see investment and their investors, how they use their cash, and their approach when it comes to running their businesses or companies. To know more about Sandy Chin visit

How the Richest Woman in Africa, Isabel dos Santos, is Striving to Improve the Country

Isabel dos Santos made an address to the European Parliament several days ago regarding the technology emerging in Africa and the significance of technological development in connection to the diversification of the economy and the improvement of sectors like Agriculture and Banking.

A tremendous hurdle for Africa is to know how it’s going to become digitalized. We still do not know this answer. To be ambitious, we must use this technology and we must teach people to use this technology, Isabel dos Santos said.


The chairwoman of a top leading mobile servicer in Angola, Unitel, was asked to address the Africa Summit for 2019. This event is now taking place in Brussels with the goal of extending collaboration and deepening contacts to explore the partnership opportunities among the African Nations and the European Union (Alivenewspaper).


Addressing the panel focused on “Africa and Emerging Technology”, Isabel mentioned that “the ensuing revolution in Africa after the mobile one is going to be the digital revolution. There will soon be much more transactions and sales made using e-commerce than with regular stores. Many Africans will now own a bank account for the first time. This is all thanks to the coming shift toward digital banking”, according to Isabel dos Santos. The surging population expansion and the African Megacities are a huge hurdle. The businesswoman said that “safe, affordable and comfortable public transportation continues to be an unsolved issue for the majority of African cities.”

“It’s crucial to utilize urban planning and technology to create smart cities that enhance the quality of life for our residents and lower costs,” Dos Santos seeks the implementation of wise planning to construct cities that are nice living spaces. “They should be equipped with proper public transport operations. Technology should also be applied where it contributes to the enhancement of the quality of life, better management of environmental supplies, lower living expenses and the best use of our soil,”  she mentioned.

Isabel dos Santos also emphasized in her speech that there are fundamental aspects of Africa like stabilizing the legal framework that should be focused on to attract job investment and creation.

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