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Ryan Seacrest Is Happy With How His Career Is Going But Still Holds Himself To A High Standard

Ryan Seacrest is a name that virtually anyone would recognize today. Not only is he famous as the host of the world famous talent competition American Idol but he is also well known for a number of other media activities. These activities include hosting a radio show that is one of the most popular going today and syndicated nationally. The name of this program is On Air with Ryan. Ryan Seacrest is also known for spending a large amount of his time working in the area of charity. He has his own foundation to this tune that is called the Ryan Secrest Foundation. This critical charity organization dramatically improves the lives of hospitalized children. If these things weren’t enough, Ryan Seacrest is also a player in the fashion industry and has his own men’s fashion range called Ryan Seacrest Distinction. The line pairs with his men’s skin care products that go under the label Ryan Seacrest Polish.

Then there is Ryan Seacrest’s newest project – Live With Kelly and Ryan. This great morning show is the latest instalment of one of the longest-running programs in the business. TV host Ryan Seacrest has become very confident that he made the right decision when he chose to join the show’s co-host, Kelly Ripa. For her part, Kelly seems to be having a great time working with Ryan and getting to play off of his outgoing personality. Ryan Seacrest is happy with how the first season went with Live With Ryan and Kelly but he is equally excited and obsessed with the second season. Ryan Seacrest is known for his high standards and he expects plenty out of himself for season two. There are some major stars slotted to appear on the upcoming season and Ryan Seacrest (@ryanseacrest) plans to be ready. He has proven over the years that he is always out to out-do himself. Connect with Ryan Seacrest on Facebook.

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Marc Beer Begins Women’s Health Startup and Successfully Gains $42 Million in Funding

Allison DeAngelis wrote an article for BizJournals, a Boston website that publishes the latest business news in the area, titled “Ex-Aegerion chief Beer Raises $42m for Women’s Health Startup.” The article reveals how Marc Beer co-founded the startup Renovia Inc. The biotechnology company is based in Boston and helps women find solutions for their pelvic floor disorders.


The MedTech company provides diagnostic and therapy solutions for women who have pelvic floor issues like urinary incontinence. This disorder affects more than 250 women around the world.


The company has received a variety of investments for the second Series B round. One company called the Longwood Fund has invested in the company to help them test and develop more products and medicines to help women with pelvic floor disorders. It received nearly $32 million in funding with $10 million for venture debt.


One such product is the Leva device, a training product that helps women train their pelvic floor. A probe is inserted into the vagina while the women perform Kegel exercises to strengthen her pelvic floor. The probe is then connected wirelessly to the Leva app available on Apple products. This will help women train and rehab their pelvic floor muscles to treat mild or moderate urge incontinence. The device allows women to treat their pelvic floor disorders without all of the risks involved in surgery or medication.


Leva is the first product developed by Renovia that has been approved by the FDA. They received the approval in April to help women deal with weakened pelvic floor muscles. More than 61% of women experience leakage after childbirth because the muscles have been weakened. This will often cause leakage, but like any other muscle, the pelvic floor can be strengthened with exercise. Many women simply believe doing Kegels will strengthen their pelvic floor, however, many women are actually performing the exercise incorrectly. The proper way to strengthen the muscles beneath the bladder is to lift and squeeze the entire muscle set instead of creating a downward pushing motion.


Leva provides visualization technology that helps women focus on targeting the proper muscles. With a motion sensor technology, the patient will see the profile both at rest and in movement with real-time interactive visualization through the app. Many patients are able to complete the exercises in under five minutes anywhere that is private. Then they can review their data and track their progress.


Marc Beer is the Chairman, co-founder, and CEO of Renovia who has more than 25 years in biotechnology and pharmaceuticals. He created Renovia with Ramon Iglesias and Yolanda Lorie two years ago. He went through the first Series A round of financing and successfully completed the Series B round. He has been the leader in a variety of other biotechnology companies like ViaCell, as well as working with Genzyme. Learn more :


Madison Street Capital‘s advisory role in Majority Recapitalization of Professional Pipe Inc. by KJM Capital, LLC.

Madison Street Capital is a globally recognized banking firm based in Chicago, Illinois. It is associated with the provision of various services to businesses. The services offered include; corporate financial advice, venture capital services, corporate tax scheduling services, mergers and acquisitions, valuation services among others. Its primary goal is to ensure its clients achieve success in the international marketplace. Recently, Madison Street Capital served as a chief consultant to Professional Pipe Inc. (PPI). The business deal was declared by the CEO of Madison Street Capital, Charles Botchway and headed by Lester Jay Rodgers, the senior managing director. However, the terms of the deal were not revealed. PPI is a company associated with the provision of piping installation and equipment to various industries, among them being the state’s leading poultry processors. Having been founded in 1972, its main focus initially was food processing firms. However, it later evolved to provision of piping installation, renovation, and overall facility maintenance services in its customers’ facilities. In the deal above, PPI was seeking to partner with KJM Capital, LLC for recapitalization. KJM Capital is a company whose main venture is partnering with market companies to facilitate the provision of adequate operational proficiency such as software applications and accounting. This company was founded by Kenneth Meister with a mission of forming partnerships with low to middle-level firms that serve business people.


Madison street capital‘s transaction with PPI was successful as the PPI President, John Tyson, was greatly impressed by the council and guidance provided. This successful transaction has greatly improved the Madison Street Capital reputation in the international marketplace. Kenneth Meister, the founder of KJM Capital, LLC was greatly pleased having acquired an opportunity to partner with PPI. He promised to ensure that their partnered company achieved great success aiming to be at the top. He also congratulated PPI for their undying consistency and great performance in the textile industry.


Apart from the provision of financial advisory services to companies, Madison Street Capital aims at building well-established businesses throughout the United States. Its team of professionals is greatly dedicated to individual client needs thus diligently serving clients according to their needs. It has been rated among the leading middle market banking firms.


Madison street capital has its main focus on emerging markets since this is the core part that has driven the universal growth of their clients. Their high level of professionalism in their day to day dealings has earned them the trust of their clients. This has enabled them to forge long-term relationships with clients who in turn reciprocate by giving referrals. This has greatly contributed to the overall success of Madison Street Company.


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OSI Group: Fruits of years of innovation and management

The OSI Group is currently perhaps the largest food processing and logistics company in the world employing over 20,000 employees and with 65 facilities scattered in 17 countries globally. The company’s rise to its current position in the food logistics industry is owed to a series of numerous innovations and management decisions that have helped expedite its growth in the competitive world. Tracing its roots back to the 20th century in Illinois, Chicago, the company started off with a meat outlet shop from where demand shot up, fronting the management to increase production and expand its presence in the United States.

Since then, the family-based company has managed to weather significant hurdles in the corporate world and establish itself as a major supplier of food ingredients. One of the milestone achievements that the company has managed to make was its association and partnership with the McDonald’s Company. The association between McDonald’s and the OSI Group propelled the company into a suitable stage from where growth tremendously shot up.

As demand for meat supplies and other vegetable ingredients increased round-the-world, the company targeted expanding its business globally through franchises as well as mergers and takeovers which proved to be categorically helpful. To meet the global demand, the company also invested in cutting-edge technology by building modernized food processing and handling plants capable of storing and processing large quantities of meat. One of the concepts that the company invested in was the process of food storage for which flash freezing and cryogenic food processing methods came in handy.

In this regard, the OSI Group was able to meet customer demands while conquering food processing-related challenges such as food spoilage and the tight schedule of logistics required to maintain the supply chains in the food industry.

For the last one decade, the OSI Group has achieved tremendous development and growth as far as product diversification, consolidation, and expansion is concerned. The company has acquired new facilities at strategic locations around the globe such as in Spain to target particular markets that remain untapped. The new facilities have also been incorporated with new food processing technology through the incorporation of nutrition concepts that have enabled the OSI Group to develop food products fit for both meat lovers and vegetarians.

Also, the company has also maintained its dominance in the market by making numerous business decisions such as aligning its operations with the environmental demands that the modern day world craves for. The company’s progress, growth, and development in this regard have been featured and recognized in numerous awards that it has earned over the years.

How Bruce Katzen became one of the best

Bruce Katzen is today considered among the most effective corporate attornies. He has been practicing since 1984 after he graduated from the University of Miami School of Law, with a J.D., and was awarded the magna cum laude, Salutatorian. He had always wanted to be a lawyer, and despite graduating from the Boston University summa cum laude in 1980 with a bachelors of science in Business Administration, he was still aware of that calling that drew him into doing law. He was an academically gifted student, but many attest that he was also a curious student who was willing to put in the work. At the same time, he had an interest in finance, which would see him become a Certified public accountant.

With all this education it was important for Bruce Katzen to find a way of merging them and making them work to his advantage. This he would achieve by going into finance fraud. He quickly realized that he could use his CPA skills to go through financial documents that most of his colleagues could not make out and apply his law skills to advise clients on the best way forward in any circumstance. Within this time Bruce Katzen also realized that he needed to learn corporate law a lot of what he was doing was tied to the corporate law side of things. This was his next area of specialization. Over the years he has been able to bring all these areas together and become one of the best in the said areas.

Today Bruce continues to advise clients on the said areas, even as he continues to win awards for his exemplary work in these areas. Between 2011 and 2016 he was named among the Best Lawyers in America in the Securities/Capital Markets Law category by the U.S. News and World Report.

The Chainsmokers Join Forces With “Riverdale” Star For New Video

The darker tone of the last few releases from The Chainsmokers has been left behind with the release of their new single, “Side Effects.” The single sees The Chainsmokers reconnect with their regular collaborator, Emily Warren and their infectious form of party pop. The Chainsmokers have been at the top of the electronic dance music genre for the last few years since the arrival of Andrew Taggart in the DJ duo founded by Alex Pall.

In the last few years, The Chainsmokers have burst onto the mainstream music scene with a brand of infectious dance music released every six weeks throughout 2017. The Chainsmokers have spent much of their time in 2018 trying to build a new way of performing with their live band as they look to maintain their appeal to their expanding mainstream audience. The return of Emily Warren as the guest vocalist on “Side Effects” sees the band turn away from the darker sound they have cultivated over the course of 2018.

The lighter tone achieved by the duo with the release of “Side Effects” has been reflected in the promo associated with the song, which stars “Riverdale” actress Camilla Mendes. In the promo, Mendes plays a hotel worker, Riley, who is informed her boss needs her to work over the weekend in a phone call. Riley then spends the rest of the video dancing around the hotel to the sounds of The Chainsmokers as she makes up for missing out on her hard-earned weekend.

Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall have been working as The Chainsmokers since 2012 when Pall was left by his original DJ partner after achieving success in the clubs of New York City. The addition of Andrew Taggart added another layer to the abilities of The Chainsmokers with Alex Pall bringing his skills to the image of the duo. In the late Summer and Fall of 2018, The Chainsmokers are touring with their EP, “Sick Boy”, which will be turned into a full-length album over the course of the year.

William Saito Talks About Russian Tech’s Future Potential

Who Is William Saito?

William Saito is an entrepreneur and consultant in the tech sector. He has worked in Silicon Valley and served as an adviser to the governments in Japan and Russia in technology matters. Saito was invited as a guest to Russia by Russian tech giant, Renovo. His insight into the future of technology has helped Russia establish its own version of Silicon Valley called Skolkovo. Mr. Saito is also the author of a memoir book called An Unprogrammed Life: Adventures of an Incurable Entrepreneur.


What Does William Saito Think About Russian Technology And Its Future?


Saito says that Russia has a strong history in scientific and technological developments. He points out that the periodic table of elements and the radio were created in Russia. Who can also forget the first satellite launched in space called Sputnik? This was done in Russia and helped start the space age and space race between the United States and Russia. The Russians have also sent the first animal and person in space. This is a feat that will stand in the echelons of history forever.


Today, Russia is a leader in cybersecurity. Its most famous technology company is called Kaspersky Labs. Eugene Kaspersky founded the firm.


Despite being world-renowned for its cybersecurity, Kaspersky Labs is now seeing plummeting sales in the United States and across the world. This is due to political events which are resulting in renowned tension between the United States, Western Europe, and Russia. William Saito says that politics has often disrupted the development and spread of Russian scientific and technological developments to the rest of the world.


Saito warns that Russia must not persecute its own green tech founders such as Dmitri Trubitsyn for internal political reasons. Trubitsyn was jailed for posing a possible threat to the government in charge at the time in Russia. The United States States and West must also keep an open mind when it comes to Russian tech innovation. If the West blocks out Russian technology and science, then they might find themselves losing out on significant new developments. They may even find themselves lagging behind the Russian bear in technology and science in the future.

Gareth Henry fled homophobic violence in his native Jamaica and helps others do the same

Being a queer person in almost any society is fraught with complications and often means experiencing some level of violence, but the ground reality is far worse in some countries than in others. 76 countries around the world still criminalise homosexuality (though some that do are actually still safer than some of those that don’t, due to the contrast between homophobia and irregularly enforced laws), and Jamaica remains among them as well as a hotspot for homophobic and transphobic violence. Gareth Henry is indeed one queer person who fled this violence and ultimately ended up as a refugee in Canada, after being involved in activism work as the co-chair of J-FLAG and facing extreme violence and death threats not only from his countrymen but the police themselves.

Back when he still lived in Jamaica, Gareth Henry helped many other queer Jamaicans report the hate crimes they’d faced to the police. This violence is normalised though, and over a dozen of his friends and acquaintances were killed in instances of homophobic violence. Henry himself was not immune to such violence, and it became even more acutely obvious to him in 2007 when a group of policemen beat him in front of a mob of onlookers who offered no sympathy. This was not the first time that he’d been attacked, but it caused him to go into hiding as his life was in danger. Not too long after that, a traffic cop approached Gareth Henry at a signal and indicated that he was being watched and would soon be killed. Henry filed for refugee status and fled to Canada, which he himself understands does not address the problem of homophobic violence but was a necessary step for the sake of survival.

In the time since then Gareth Henry has helped a number of other queer Jamaicans find refuge abroad, and this led to increased threats against his family back home. His mother, sister, and nieces all had to seek asylum in Canada – which certainly isn’t the happiest reunion but should highlight the situation. Henry’s work on the Rainbow Railroad is emotionally taxing, and he knows of a number of stories of extreme violence ranging from gang rape to brutal cases of attempted murder. Sometimes it’s not even queer people themselves who reach out, but parents who understand that their child could well be killed. Eve then, the situation remains bleak and of course suicides are also a reality when the funds for someone fleeing Jamaica remain elusive.

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A Recap of Steve Ritchie

Steve Ritchie is the CEO and the president of Papa John’s International Inc. He became a Papa John’s franchise operator and owner in the year 2006. In 2010 Steve Ritchie started serving in the increasing positions of the company’s leadership until his promotion to the Chief Operating Officer in the year 2014. After his nomination as the Chief Operating Officer of the company, Steve Ritchie provided a smart move as the CEO and the president of Papa John’s company.

What He Addressed Through the Letter

Steve Ritchie in the letter said that the week before was the hardest in his career and he knew what the company’s customers were going through at the moment. In article from, it mentioned that he also said that the company is larger than anybody else and it is committed to providing better services to the community. In the letter, he provided an outline of what the company is going to do in order to restore the trust of its customers. Steve Ritchie said that the company is in the process of hiring new professionals from outside to help it in the auditing of its diversity, culture and other practices.

As per, this was a good move for the company since it will help it in identifying the weakness and strengths. Also, the company’s management experts will be on their way listening to the company’s employees, customers, and franchisees while obtaining their feedback about the issue and how to move forward. Steve Ritchie will also be part of the team that will be collecting the feedback since he knows there is nothing essential for the company at the moment. He finally said that he will do his best to regain the trust of the customers.

The Importance of the Letter to the Customers

Through the letter, Steve Ritchie offered a direct apology to the customers on behalf of the company, and he said that they should know that Papa John’s is larger than anybody else. He also pointed out unique actions they will be using to address the inclusion and diversity that is in the company at the moment. Steve Ritchie will personally lead the efforts to achieve these values. See the latest from Papa John’s on Facebook.

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How Stream Energy is Practicing Corporate Social Responsibility in Dallas, Texas

How Stream Energy is Practicing Corporate Social Responsibility in Dallas, Texas

Corporate social responsibility has always been part of a self-indulging business model that assists a corporation to be socially accountable to the public, stakeholders, and its management. Through participating in corporate social responsibility, companies win client’s hearts because more often than not, it has been proven that millennials like to be part of a business that supports the community. Lately, one company that has indulged in corporate social responsibility is Stream Energy.

About Stream Energy

In 2005, Rob Snyder joined Pierre Koshakji to establish Stream Energy. At first, the firm provided energy services strictly in Texas. This was during the deregulation of electricity in the area. After three years, the firm expanded to Georgia then Northeast. It also started selling electric as well as gas energy services across ten states. Washington, DC was one of the states. In 2015, the company began providing mobile phone services. This unit of services was known as Stream Wireless.

Growth and Development 

In 2017, Stream shifted its office to Tollway Center. Since then, the company has signed up with different independent investors including those who are interested in joining the multi-level marketing branch to supply energy services and products to the community. Aside from that, Stream indulges in community projects. If you remember Hurricane Harvey, then you are probably aware of the damages it caused to the people of Dallas. Not only did some lose their loved ones but also property. While some companies came forward to support victims, Stream Energy’s contribution stood out from the rest. The firm called upon its management to rally contributions from employees and business associates.


In an article posted on Patch, Stream stands out as a philanthropic company that cares for the society. In the past, it founded an organization called Stream Cares. Through this firm, the management has offered useful charitable services to those who need physical and emotional support. Typically, corporate giving is part of Stream Energy’s DNA. The company dedicates part of its income to creating programs that support the less fortunate. Through these programs, the firm has attracted clients and stakeholders from different walks of life.