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Jeunesse Global takes on the international energy drink market with Nevo

Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis built their career as a health-and-beauty power couple over the course of decades. The couple had founded dozens of the top businesses in the direct-marketing, health and beauty industries, growing them from scratch into dominant enterprises and sharpening their entrepreneurial claws in the process. Both Ray and Lewis had a deep passion for what they did, and it readily showed in the pride they took and the skill they deployed in their work.

When Ray and Lewis finally decided to retire in 2009, they believed that they could walk away from the business that they loved so much. For those who knew the couple well, it may not have been surprising, then, that they only made it a couple of weeks before quickly deciding to retire from retirement. Ray and Lewis, beset by boredom, started selling a few beauty products out of the couple’s sprawling Florida mansion. Before long, they were each spending in excess of 50 hours per week on their fledgling company. They called it Jeunesse Global.

Now, nine years later, Jeunesse Global is rapidly becoming one of the most important direct marketers of health and beauty products in the world today. The company has been phenomenally adept at finding unmet market gaps that the big names in health and beauty have neglected, then filling those gaps with some of the most effective and innovative products that the world has ever seen.

One such product is the company’s Nevo energy drink. Unlike most of its competitors, Nevo is made from all-natural ingredients. This gives the energy drink a flavor more akin to freshly squeezed tropical fruit juice than the chemical-infused metallic taste that so many energy drinks yield. But Nevo doesn’t sacrifice any of its punch at the all-natural altar. On the contrary, the energy drink delivers a clean, smooth energy boost that often feels more like the natural high one might get from exercise than the jittery angst one gets from a pure caffeine jolt.

Nevo is a drink that strongly appeals to the health conscious. With its all-natural ingredients and great taste, Nevo is tough competition.

CTCA Offer Many Job Opportunities

Cancer is one of the most serious illnesses in the world and its variety of related illnesses will affect almost everyone in some way. For those that are looking to dedicate their lives to helping others and reduce the devastating impact of Cancer, working for the Cancer Treatment Centers of America would be a great career option. There are many different types of jobs that Cancer Treatment Centers of America offers to people today.

Direct Care

One of the most important types of jobs that Cancer Treatment Centers of America offers are direct care jobs. Cancer Treatment Centers of America will provide direct medical care to those that are struggling with the disease. The CTCA will often need to hire physicians, nurses, nursing assistants, and other skilled individuals to help treat and comfort those that are struggling with the disease.


Another very important type of jobs that Cancer Treatment Centers of America will typically hire for is research. Much of the budget that the organization has will be spent on trying to develop new drugs and methods to treat Cancer. The Cancer Treatment Centers of America will often hire individuals that have a background in research, pharmaceuticals, chemistry, and other sciences. This can include hiring scientists, research assistants, and a variety of other technicians that are necessary for the improvement in the CTCA research efforts.


Similar to any other type of medical company in the healthcare field, the Cancer Treatment Centers of America has a strong need for administrative help. With the continued challenges and complexities that come with dealing with insurance companies and other entities, the CTCA will need a lot of back office and support services in place to help the organization thrive.


The CTCA is also heavily focused on improving its marketing efforts. Cancer Treatment Centers of America relies heavily on its ability to raise donations from a variety of companies and individuals. When the CTCA is looking to raise more funds from these sources, they will need to go through a standard marketing process to ensure they are keeping their donors informed of what is going on. Because of this, the CTCA frequently will spend time hiring individuals that are skilled in marketing and can help the organization to raise more money that they will need to continue to provide the same services to the public.While Cancer Treatment Centers of America does provide you with a lot of meaning in your work, there are other benefits as well. The CTCA is well known for offering competitive salaries, benefits, paid time off, and other perks. This can help to make the CTA a great place for anyone to work and build a valuable career.


OSI group is an American privately owned company that is leading in providing quality products for the food industry. It manufactures and sells meat products such as bacon, hot dogs, sausages, raw chicken, sausages, meat patties, sandwich assembly and smoked products. Its headquarters is in Illinois, United States. It has more than 65 facilities and over 20,000 employers in 17 countries.

Due to its expansion, OSI has increased its total production capacity to more than 45000 tons of beef, chicken and pork products in Spain, chicken products have contributed to up to 12,000 of the total tons. This is due to an increase in demand for chicken products which will additionally lead to an increase in new jobs.

The company’s security has been improved by the installation of additional surveillance cameras and putting in place several firefighting systems. The introduction of some equipment has also helped in the reduction of electricity consumption up to 20%. These equipment include the cogeneration system and the refrigeration units, which will help to improve the energy consumption.

In 2016, OSI food solutions were awarded a globe of honour award, which was presented at the Draper’s hall in London city on November 25th, for the exemplary management of environmental risks. The company had managed to get maximum five stars in British safety council’s ecological management audit scheme, which was one of the requirements to win the award.

OSI group has purchased a storage house and a food processor in Chicago, which was formerly managed by Tyson Foods. The facility is meant to provide infrastructure, which will highly contribute to the development of the business. The group also purchased the flagship Europe, which aids in supplies food services including poultry, Oliver James pies and sauces and dressings, across the UK.

OSI group is offering over 80 job opportunities which include room attendants, division managers whose role is to manage assigned departments and its functions. Also shift’s supervisors, responsible for ensuring normal operations of the department, hot dog smokehouse supervisors, human plant resource manager, general utility back up machine operator maintenance mechanic, and product development manager and many more. The jobs will be given to qualified applicants without any form of discrimination.

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Dr. David Samadi : SMART Prostate Surgeon

Dr. David Samadi is a leading prostate surgeon in New York and a member of the American Urologic Association as well as the American Medical Association. He was born and raised in Iran, in a Persian Jewish community. After the Iranian Revolution he had to separate from his family and moved with only his brother to Brussels, London and then to Roslyn, New York, to finish his education. He then graduated from the University of New York and studied various cancer treatments at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. Dr. David Samadi then modified the robotic technique in surgeries, making it easier to spare the nerves that affect sexual function. This process is called SMART (Samadi Modified Advanced Robotic Technique).

Dr. David Samadi is unique in that he is trained in robotic surgery, laparascopic surgery, and open surgery. This is unique because he is one of the few uroogic Oncologic surgeons with this vast amount of experience in the United States. He has received awards for Robotics Expert for Prostate Cancer and New York Magazine named him Best Doctor. Dr. David Samadi has been a medical contributor on the Fox News Channel for many years, and now hosts the Sunday House Call, a medical TV show on Fox News that airs once a week, every Sunday at 12:30 pm. Dr. David Samadi has an active social media platform, including Facebook, Twitter and Youtube, where he shares health tips about prostate cancer and many other health related topics to his viewers.

Dr. David Samadi is the only surgeon to use his SMART surgery technique with robotics and has preformed 7,000 prostate surgeries using robotics. He uses the DaVinci robotic system to perform prostate surgeries. The DaVinci robotics is known as the future of surgeries. Using robots allows surgeons to make the incisions much smaller, which makes the impact of the surgery is far less. The usual side effects of non-robotic prostate surgery are possible loss of bladder and sexual function, infection and blood loss. Smaller incisions mean that the surgeons can save the sensitive nerves that affect sexual function and bladder control, and the risk of infection is far less, as is the blood loss. He has changed the way prostate surgeries take place, and by using his connection to Fox News, he has been able to influence more than just the patients he sees.

Is PSI’s PayPass safe?

Every customer that has gone to a bank has had to wait in a long line and fill out a check slip to deposit money. Every customer has had to wait in a line and shuffle their exact change to get a cup of coffee. PSI Pay has come up with a revolutionary process to save customers time and the hassle that you get with an ordinary banks. PSI Pay is a bank that is located in the United Kingdom. Their main office is located in Horsham, United Kingdom. The company was founded in 2007 and have had Electronic Money Institution License since 2011. One of the most notable products that PSI offer, is a contractless program called PayPass. This program is changing the way that customers can access their money online without the hassle of going to a bank or atm. Customers might have many a couple of questions.

How does it work? Is it safe?

PayPass allows customer to access money through their smartphone app, a card, smart watch or a key fod. When a customer wants to make a purchase, the customer will open the app or using a device and tap it on a machine to complete the transaction. How does information get from your device to the machine? The device has a antenna that transmits encrypted radio signals to the machine, where it is read. After the information is processed, it is sent to PSI Pay and the bank makes the transaction of funds from your account with them. It is quick, fast and easy.

PSI Pay Ltd is a company that can be trusted with a customers’ money. They are affiliated with Mastercard Worldwide. Customers can feel confident that they will not close their doors anytime soon. The company is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Any transaction made through Paypass uses a encrypted radio signal, so thieves will have a very hard time to steal your information. PSI Pay is dedicated to keep the accounts in their bank safe and secure as well. To further protect customers, Paypass requires a signature for purchases over 40 dollars. PayPass recommends that customers keep their devices safe and on you at all time. In case, a device is stolen or lost, the customer to report it to PSI-Pay Ltd., so a new device can be sent and the misplaced device deactivated. Paypass has become one of the biggest financial in the United Kingdom due to their dedication to keeping their customers’ money secure and safe.

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Talkspace and How it Relates to Therapy

Being able to go and see a therapist is important, especially if you have mental health issues like anxiety, depression and bipolar. If you’ve been forgoing seeing a regular therapist because of the inconvenience and cost, Talkspace is a far better option and choice for you. Talkspace is actually an app that you will download to your mobile device, whether this is your phone or tablet. The key behind Talkspace is that it gives you 24/7 access to a therapist who is able to walk you through the different issues you’re facing and offer sound and solid advice to you.

What sets Talkspace apart from a lot of other therapy options is the price involved. Therapy can be downright expensive, and if you don’t have insurance to help cover the costs, you’re left holding the entire bill. With Talkspace, you pay weekly just a few dollars and you can cancel at any time. There are no commitments to this particular service, so you can come and go as needed. Some people download and use Talkspace when they are going through a rough patch in their life and then get rid of the app when they’re feeling better.

There are thousands of different people from all over the world making use of Talkspace, and it’s worth taking a look at if you need therapy right now. Instead of contacting a local therapist and hoping that you can get in to see them relatively soon, just download the Talkspace app and create your own account. This way, you can begin getting help when you need it and know that this is something that is going to help as much as it can. Once you begin to use Talkspace, it is a good way for you to feel confident about your decision to get help.

21st Century Cancer Fighting Medications & How Dr. Clay Siegall Has Revolutionized The Game

There are various forms of cancer treatments as well as cancer fighting medications. There are also numerous institutions that produce these advanced medications. Seattle Genetics of Bothell, Washington, is one of the premier oncology biotech companies that specialize in the commercialization and the development of targeted cancer therapies. It is also the biggest oncology company in America’s Pacific Northwest with its nearly 1,000 employees. CEO Clay Siegall is the mind and the muscle of this company, and he has been producing great results ever since the company was birthed. Siegall is also the president as well as one of the co-founders.

This extraordinary guy has worked with many of the biggest brands in the medical community. This includes the National Institute of Health, Bristol Myers Squibb and the National Cancer Society. His career spans for more than 30 years. Siegall’s passion is like none-other, especially when being compared to his counterparts. The guy has a genuine heart of gold for helping people as well as for bettering society. Siegal also has a first-hand account of how brutal cancer treatments can be. In previous years, these treatments were taxing on the human body. If the cancer was really aggressive, cancer patients would sometimes need radical treatments and amputations. Of course, there had to be a better way of treating the illness without making the body sicker and this is how antibody-drug conjugates came to be. These advanced medications produce much better results than chemotherapy and other cancer treatments. The medications are so successful to where the company’s stock has roughly tripled in five years.

Siegall has a firm understanding of what it takes to produce top-of-the-line medications thanks to his brilliant background in Genetics and Zoology. He has written up to 70 medical publications, and he has control of at least 15 patents to date. In the end, Dr. Clay Siegall will surely go down as an American Icon.

Leadership, Guidance & Innovation: Dr. Clay Siegall

Dr. Clay Siegall, and his guidance has transcended cancer research. This once secluded sector of business has grown into an affluent sector of business. The 21st century has brought many new technological-advancements, which has helped medical professionals with discovering better and more efficient ways for eradicating cancer. Antibody-based therapies has taken over the game in more ways than one. These powerful cancer fighting medications are in a league of their own. These are some of the most progressive-acting medications for treating this deadly disease and Seattle Genetics produces the very best. Seattle Genetics is a top-level oncology company that is headed by Dr. Clay Siegall. Lets take a closure look at to why this man is so important to the industry.

Dr. Siegall is well-informed, is well-respected and is well-established thanks to his understanding of fighting cancer. He also has first-hand experience with the disease and this has only fueled his ambition. Dr. Siegall is well-educated with a Ph.D in Genetics from George Washington University, and he has attained an undergraduate degree in Zoology from the University of Maryland. He is also the winner of multiple industry-related awards. Trying to find a more productive individual than this man might be impossible to some degree. Dr. Siegall just so happens to be a founding member of the company as Seattle Genetics came into inception back in 1998. Being so business-minded, Siegall has been able to secure deals with multiple pharmaceutical companies. These deals have allowed Seattle Genetics’ therapies to be used worldwide.

The accomplished doctor and scientist has led the company straight to the top of the industry. His guidance can’t be questioned and there are hundreds of people who will backup all claims. Saving lives and introducing newer, more sophisticated medications is what he has brought to the game. All in all, Dr. Clay Siegall is an American hero as well as an American icon.

Doe Deere is Interviewed About the Success of Lime Crime

Doe Deere is affectionately known as the Queen of the Unicorns. Her company, Lime Crime, has the mascot of a beautiful unicorn. The goal of the unicorn expresses how dearly Doe Deere wishes for Lime Crime fans to feel comfortable standing out in a crowd. Her makeup was designed to allow people to express themselves through the power of cosmetics. The goal of the company is that beauty should make you feel wonderful about yourself.


Doe Deere has always seen the power of self-expression. She has always had a flair for the outlandish in terms of her style. In fact, she is best known for her wonderfully dyed hair that varies wildly. She has been seen rocking blue hair, orange hair, red hair and her signature blonde hair. She expresses herself through the power of cosmetics and had since she was very young.


She founded Lime Crime in 2008 with those very same goals in mind. She founded the company during an era when nude makeup was all the rage. Doe Deere has always liked to express herself through makeup and she had trouble in locating the bright shades she wanted such as blue and crimson red. She prides herself on using only the highest quality of ingredients and did not want to wear a brand that did not confirm with her ideals of what cosmetics should be. That is how she came up with the idea to found Lime Crime.


Ironically, at the time when she founded Lime Crime she was studying to work in the world of the highest of high fashion. She was studying at a school for fashion. However, she found herself routinely questioning whether the fashion and clothing design world was the path she should take in life and with her career. She ultimately realized, after much thought, that cosmetic design was the path she would take. She stated in a recent interview with Inspirey (an online publication) that she realized Lime Crime was meant to be a cosmetic company rather than a producer of clothing. It was right then that she decided to drop out of school for fashion and start her own company.


Lime Crime was born out of her true and deep passion to express herself through cosmetics. She knew it was her life’s calling shortly after she started the company. She transitioned Lime Crime’s website to promote her small collection of beauty products. The small line offered lipsticks, eyeshadows and a few other items. She also had an eBay store where she sold her cosmetics.


She used the good, old-fashioned power of referrals to slowly grow Lime Crime over the first year. She also launched a fun line of video tutorials on makeup application that allowed fans to engage with her and learn more about her personality. The videos were hugely successful and also helped build her base of customers. Today, Lime Crime has over 3 million Instagram followers and does business all over the world. The company’s growth is unprecedented and it will be great to follow the continued growth. Learn more:


What can I Expect from the OSI Food Group Services

Customers Ask Who Is OSI Industries Inc.

OSI Food Processing is a trusted and accredited food network based in Zürich, Illinois. They have been proudly established since 1993 and serve many popular restaurants, delis, and eateries alike. Their priority is giving their customers the exact information on what’s in their diet and providing a nutritious meal. You can learn more about their nutritional value from the online site designed for customer interaction. In fact, their services have become very popular for being performed by the industry’s top trained food technicians and food processing professionals. They contribute significantly to the food industry with truly trusted services and features.

OSI Food Processing CEO: David McDonald

Surprisingly, OSI Industries is proudly spearheaded by professional and CEO, David McDonald. He received his degree from the University of Illinois business school. He has over 16+ years experience in the food industry with his education and experience combined. He also says, he is proud to design ideas for OSI alongside COO, Sheldon Lavin. Together they have created an initiative for international expansion and overseas portfolio growth. Their success has led to great partner deals for the OSI group and continue to stand out as industry leaders.

What Services To Expect From OSI

OSI is known for processing large quantities of food throughout their network. For example, their food services allows them to produce large quantities of food products for their customers in their EU food industry. Their highly trained professionals are able to handle a large scale food production facility. For instance, their successful bid has helped them relaunch a Tyson Chicago food plant. They have made it possible to continue processing their food products under the Tyson name including a portion of their own food products and organic vegetables.

More About OSI

Get meat patties, pies, gourmet desserts, sandwich filling, organic vegetables, hot dogs, and frozen poultry. They’re responsible for a nutrious meal that serves millions of families worldwide. You never have to guess what’s in your food or if, it’s being processes by the industry standard in governmental health standards. You can also find a great career opportunity with OSI industries with room for advancement. They offer their applicants skilled, executive, and diverse field employment. Get the most out of your diet by choosing to feed your family or customers a trade OSI Industries Inc. food selection.